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UDA losing presidential candidate rubbishes Mnangagwa win


UNITED Democratic Alliance (UDA) leader Daniel Shumba has joined MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa in denouncing Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent presidential victory.


Shumba, in a statement yesterday, also blasted South African President and current Sadc chair Cyril Ramaphosa for rushing to endorse Mnangagwa’s victory without considering electoral fraud allegations raised by the opposition.

“The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and the current executive refused to attend to the important issues of electoral reforms, and illegal statutes on our books, most of which are benefitting Mnangagwa and his cronies, and Zec doctored the V11 forms to reflect an inflated Zanu PF position countrywide,” he said.

“It is not strange that Ramaphosa has already congratulated Mnangagwa, and the implications of this endorsement means that what is, and would be abnormal in South Africa has been normalised in Zimbabwe. Ramaphosa is part of the broader conspiracy of aiding the Zanu PF regime.”

Shumba described Mnangagwa’s government as “coup conspirators” that were greedy for Executive powers.

“The army was used in November (last year) to remove former President Robert Mugabe, and it has been used again, as an instrument of evil. The world knows the truth. It was deployed in order to threaten, beat and kill dissenting voices against the robbed elections,” he said.

“Who deployed the army without following due process? Whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent civilians once again? It only points at one man and his coup conspirators.”

Shumba said Zanu PF and other State institutions circumvented, and continued to undermine the will of the people through use of force.

“Zec will not agree to a recount of the votes, and political parties will be referred to the courts for judicial pronouncements whose outcomes are unfortunately predictable. The elections were rigged and robbed long before the fact, and it is simply a continuation of the phases that led to the November 2017 coup, when the State was overtly captured by the junta and its proxies,” he said.

Shumba said Mnangagwa played a pivotal and leading role in the execution of many decisions and processes that undermined the rule of law in Zimbabwe over the past 38 years.

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