New play gives hope to dejected citizens


A NEW Rooftop Promotions play, Bloom Flame Lily Bloom, is set to inject a huge dosage of hope in Zimbabweans frustrated by their country’s socio-economic predicament and the prospects for a gloomy future.


Written by television star Tendaishe Chitima and featuring renowned dancer Tendai Guzha, the play which was produced and directed by veteran playwright Daves Guzha, was staged at Theatre in the Park on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fusing dance, music and action coupled with digital props, it explores themes of forced and voluntary slavery, while elevating the idea of self-reliance for progress among citizens.

Employing the symbolism of the flame lily, Zimbabwe’s national flower that blooms all year round, the 30-minute long piece is aimed at igniting a sense of belonging.

“When we were coming up with the play, I was tasked to search for a symbol representing hope and remembered that the national flower is the Flame Lilly and I thought that it was a beautiful one to use, so I looked it up and saw that it actually blooms throughout the year,” Chitima said.

“I thought that was very symbolic of what we need to become as Zimbabweans no matter what comes our way, we must remain blooming, hopeful and showing up every single day.”
Chitima, who marked a debut performance on the big stage after finishing her studies back in