Mpofu warns opposition

HOME Affairs minister Obert Mpofu last night issued a chilling warning on would-be violators of the Electoral Act amid heightening tension over results of Monday’s general elections.


Mpofu, who was flanked by top police officers, said party leaders found announcing election results before their official release by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) would be arrested.

“It is against this background that as government we have noted with concern the actions and conduct of some political party leaders, civic organisations, individuals and other interested groups who are openly declaring that they will announce results irrespective of the provisions of the law. I am sure no one wants to provoke the wrath of the law and risk being sent to jail,” he warned.

“The government is equally perturbed by the high level of incitement to violence being perpetrated by certain individuals and some political party leaders who have declared themselves winners even before the announcement of results.”

He said police were already investigating party leaders alleged to have flouted electoral regulations.

“Let me also warn such individuals and groups that no one is above the law, the law enforcement agency will arrest anyone found on the wrong side of the law without fear or favour irrespective of your political stature, gender, colour or creed in society,” Mpofu said. Ads

He urged people to accept the official results as given by Zec and avoid trouble.


  1. thank you mpofu we need peace as ED takes over for a full crisp 5 years

    1. uyu anorwara


    1. a big no

  3. was cabinet not dissolved sir

  4. We will only respond to you Mr Obert Mpofu only when you respond to the Parly led by Mr T Mliswa first. You are not above the Law also. Take note of that also.

  5. kid marongorongo

    anyone who incite violence must be behind bars we need peace

    1. Feldman Bandura

      We need justice before we need peace, Kid. Grow up.

  6. Johannes Sipepa

    The same Obert Mpofu who was known for asking for US$10 000 000 bribes for mining contracts. What cheek Obert!!!!

  7. ko ndiyani akupa bvumo iyoyo iwe mpofu

  8. Is Mpofu still a minister. Thought he ceased after parliament was dissolved.

  9. The person who order the amry to shoot at unarmed civilan should be the one whos supposed to be arrested even in Mugabe Era we never seen the Army shooting at unarmed pple

  10. The one who ordered the Army to open fire on unarmed protesters should be arrested that’s evil even the post Mugabe Ara was not like that

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