MDC Alliance supporters fundraise for Chamisa

MDC Alliance supporters have launched a fundraising campaign for party leader Nelson Chamisa’s legal bills in his failed electoral challenge at the Constitutional Court.
Chief Justice Luke Malaba dismissed Chamisa’s application that sought to overturn President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s marginal victory with costs.


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa had run his electoral campaign virtually on zero budget with his lieutenants reportedly having to sleep in cars when holding rallies outside Harare. This was contrary to the extravagant campaign that the ruling Zanu PF party pulled.

But Chamisa’s supporters locally and abroad, this week launched crowd-funding campaigns to save the youthful leader from possible embarrassment.

In one of the online campaigns targeting £100 000, £9 258 had already been donated to the cause by yesterday evening. Party chairperson Morgen Komichi yesterday welcomed the gesture.

“It was not launched by the party, but there are citizens who have launched the public appeal to help the president with legal bills and as a party we are very happy about the initiative and we are supporting it,” Komichi said.

“It is a citizen’s initiative that has the backing of the party.”

Asked if they could have managed to settle the fees on their own, Komichi said they were a people-centred party and their survival revolved around its supporters.

“Our party is funded by the members and you cannot say we have the capacity without the people. We survive on our members’ subscriptions and those are the people who fund our daily activities.

“We are quite happy and the people that are running (the fundraising campign) have shown progress so far and I would want to thank Zimbabweans that are contributing. It is unbelievable that within a short space of time they have managed to raise what they raised. They obviously have their own targets and what they have raised so far is incredible and we want to appreciate everyone who has contributed,” Komichi said.

One of the contributors, Mutsa Murenje posted on the GoFundMe wall that the funds should go a long way in aiding the nation to achieve democratic rule.

“This is my little contribution to the democratic project. I hope it goes a long way in aiding us to achieve that which we seek: Our complete freedom!” Murenje posted. Ugandan national, Josephine Nsubuga also stood in solidarity with MDC Alliance supporters.

“Together, we will stand to make Africa a greater continent. Keep fighting you will get there in the end. I am a Friend of Zimbabwe from Uganda. We are all going through the same thing apparently. The struggle is real but I as I have already said, carry on fighting for freedom,” Nsubuga said.

South Africa-based Zimbabweans have also shown interest in participating in the initiative. Siphathisiwe Maphala Moyo said: “Thank you Zimbabweans … can someone open a link in South Africa, our R10 will do something.”

Many more Zimbabweans across the world have shown their support to the MDC Alliance electoral fight.

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  1. Guys we in UK fund raised £30 each for the election campaign. What displeased me is the cars that were being used at the election campaign. I saw Chisa arriving in a Range rover vogue followed by twincabs at a rally. I’ve seen a video of one of the MDC deputies driving an official brand Jaguar.
    These are very expensive cars which the monies could have been used to put election monitors in the rural areas, some areas had none.
    Perhaps the leaders should start practising what they preach.

    1. Shut up Muchaneta.

      1. Even if he shut but mazvinzwa. Muchadyira mari nemadzenga aya!!!!!

        1. even if chamisa wants mari yekuno kecha mvana muma avenues kana kuti ku sherwood, i will donate

          1. I will donate too Anonymous even akada mari yakadaro.

    2. Very good and valid point. Leaders who live frugally find it easier to lecture the public or their followers by spirit & action and not just talk. Let’s call a spade a spade.

    3. good observation thank you for raising this aspect

    4. Don’t worry, that was Mugabe’s money

  2. Very sad that the young politician embarked on a court case without adequate financial base and very soon the hordes of supporters will desert him and its going to be every man for himself and the creator for all and such is the stuck reality of life.

  3. hawana kupihwa 1,8 million here vanhu ava, but they are saying they had to fund the campaigns from their own pockets “LIARS”

  4. I find it disturbing to learn that one embarkes on something which he can’t manage financially this guy is selfish and we do not need immature politicians in our society

  5. But Mugabe is there to sponsor them angithi?

  6. kid marongorongo

    so you expected to run the country through begging nxaaaa, this party is so bankrupt that it can not pay for legal bills. God is in it truly taisvikepi dai MDC yakatonga, Mwari ende munoziva

  7. inini ndatosa 200 bucks into that.You silly CIOs on social media platforms,we know your strategy which is to hoodwink people.Manje with me even if Chamisa buys a jet I DHONDI KHEYA.Igamba redu Chamisa iyeye.

  8. I think vakawanda hamusi kuziva zvamotaura if vakapinda mupower will they run a country by begging? Ko mari from taxpayers inenge yaendepi?

  9. aida kupuhwa mari neAmerica kuti izouya yoti sodomizer muno nxaa pasi nemhanduuuu….this is the end of Chamisa as far as politics is concerned ….so we say the voice of people is the voice of God….young boy should learn to respect his elders….chokwadi unotaura kuti ndikadyiwa naED ndomupa hanzvadzi yangu isu tototi tinemutungamiriri anorasa mukanwa kudaro uuuuu pasi newe Chamisa…i think Mwonzvora ngaatore chigaro chekuva cheMDC Presidential candidate for 2023 election

  10. Murikuda kuti vafambe netsoka here? Ivo pachavo vanozvishandira mabasa avo you mean kuti havakwanisi kutenga mota idzodzo on their own? Ko veZanu varikufamba nemabhasikoro here ukwane

  11. chamisa ngaadzokere ambonorava mutemo kuxul kwete zvaaiita zvekurava dictionary izvo

  12. You say pasi nemhandu at the same tie saying people voice is God’s voice utambe uchiziva peguma. You can’t blaspheme God and get by. God’s voice is His own voice. Mhandu ya Mwari ndi satan iwe kana mhandu yako ari mhunhu which God are you talking about?

  13. We will support Chamisa nomater what. Chamisa is a Lawyer who can afford to buy a car. Those guys ve MDC Alliance vairara munota during the campaign period ana ED vachitengera ma chief mota nekutenga regalia ku China vachitadza kupa ma local companies business. #Godisinit #EDisnotmypresident.

  14. Ngatitsvakei Mwari masuwo enyasha achakazaruka vazhinji vedu we will regret and try to serve God bt it will be too late. Siyanai ne politics dzakabva kumakomba erima ndokwadziri kudzokera at the end of this world. Vamwe venyu hamutorina kana Bible mudzimba dzenyu forgeting kuti kuna Mwari tika tika nezvunhu zva satan. Shame on you

  15. Can i have the Zimbabwe link ndikandewo $200 yangu into this cause.

  16. may i kindly have the ecocash details so that i donate to the worthy cause NOW

    1. Ecocash Nelson Chamisa trust Merchant 204861

    2. Ecocash Merchant number 204861 Nelson CHAMISA TRUST

  17. I also want to give something what should I do

  18. blessing samanga

    I support MDC Alliance, I know all what hapenned,but
    Iam encouraging our President Nelson Chamisa to work
    with ED so that people will be happy,economically,financially
    and anything else we expect from you leaders because
    people are suffering,maybe you as a Prime minister and ED as President
    thats what I think will do for the time being till we go for
    elections again,that is my advice,Sir

    1. chematsenganzungu

      chamisa has refused to work with ED,hanzi ndoda mbudzi dzangu….how can he liken us to goats…pwere iyi up or shut up!!!!!

  19. I have since paid my democratic contributions through ecocash on 204861 Nelson Chamisa Trust. Please do your part

  20. Isa mari boys IROHWE naBiti now popularly know as Miguna Miguna!!

  21. Wati….you are a fool.

  22. Zvichaita chete

    why to work with some who stole from you, NO don’t ngatonge na Chivenga why Chamisa now makawina ka na refree wenyu maka pihwa penalt pasina faul,so play on. I will donate the little I have to Chamisa,those who are not part of Chamisa please shut up this is not your project we don’t want anything from from as your hand are full of blood. Thank you

    1. This whole claim about rigging is beginning to irritate. Your lawyers failed to prove it, your president failed to prove it. Do you know something they don’t? Like someone said it was easier to prove rigging using V11s but they opted out because they knew that what was on the V11s tallied with what was in the ballot boxes – in short they knew there was no rigging but here you are displaying your pathetic captured mind still singing the rigging hymn. The sooner you realise that they were lying the better otherwise you will remain mentally captured while others move on

      1. Chamisa toda kutoti aiite mukuru wema youth takaona kuti zvekumanya mumugwagwa unogona kwete president is too younger vanoda kutonga ngavauye ku zanu pf

  23. Chamisa toda kumupa chigaro chekutungamira mayouth ezanu pf takaona kuti demo unoigona uye kumanya mumgwagwa achiratidzira kwete kutonga nyika vatongi varikuzanu pf zimbabwe ndeye ropo babaComment…

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