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Maintaining the look in summer


AS the weather is getting warmer, most women are probably excited about showing off a bit of skin after stripping off all the furs and heavy coats and boots that come with winter and, for others, after a series of workouts during the winter season.


Fadzai Masiya in her beauty studio

The long winter months have not been kind to many a woman’s skin, often leaving it dry and chapped — and sometimes with a bit of some irritation.

Certified beautician and entrepreneur Fadzai Masiya told NewsDay Life & Style one of the secrets to skin improvement was taking in a lot of water, fruits and vegetables.

“Drinking water is a must-do in skin preparation — so is eating lots of fruits and vegetables — (all) which play a big role as they flash away all the toxins in our body, which will definitely show a healthy good skin,” she said.

“Getting facials done once every month rejuvenates one’s skin and makes it glow. It removes all dead skin cells through steaming, exfoliating and extraction, while a mask has an effect of reducing skin irritation, excess oil and making a smooth, calm, moisturised soft skin.”

Masiya, with 13 years’ experience in the beauty industry, urged people to use sunscreen, which she said played a big role in protecting the skin from getting patches caused by direct sunlight.

“Waxing, a semi-permanent way of removing hair by uprooting from the root, is ideal this summer, as it lessens dark marks and takes four to six weeks before the hair grows back and even when it does, it will be soft as baby hair, as opposed to other methods,” she said.

Masiya, who owns The Real Total Beauty Studio in Avondale, said she grew her passion for the beauty industry after her father suffered a stroke.

“I ventured in the beauty industry because I felt that self-grooming, especially for women, was important, but my father was the greatest inspiration. After he had a stroke, I took him for physiotherapy, exercises and massages and I just got to love it,” she said.

The Real Total Beauty Studio specialises in facials, massages, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow tint and waxing treatments.

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