Court humiliates cheating wife


A MARRIED Centenary woman was last week humiliated at Chief Makope’s traditional court in Nzvimbo, Chiweshe, after she tried to raise false allegations against a whistleblower who had found her in a compromising position with another man.


Zvisinei Bvundura was allegedly caught pants down with another man in a bushy area in the farming town of Centenary by one Tendai Mapiki, who was looking for his missing

Hours later, Mapiki arrived at Bvundura’s homestead looking for her husband, Alfonso Mapiko, who was not around. He asked for Mapiko’s mobile number.

Bvundura suspected that Mapiki wanted to report her to her husband about what he had witnessed and she hatched a plan to nail him by fabricating a story that he was pestering her for sex.

“Mapiko was ill-advised by his wife that Mapiki was asking for sex after she was caught having bush sex with another man. When she gave Mapiki her husband’s mobile number, she thought he wanted to expose her and made false accusations which led to her husband approaching my court,” Chief Makope told NewsDay Weekender.

Chief Makope said he acquitted Mapiki after the latter exposed Bvundura’s shenanigans, which she did not deny before the court.

“After Mapiki revealed the adulterous affair, we asked Bvundura if the allegations were false and she never said a word, hence I acquitted the accused and told the complainant to live in peace with his wife,” he said.

Cases of infidelity are on the rise in Chief Makope’s area and every week, he presides over more than five related cases.