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Chiwenga won’t be fired: SB Moyo


GOVERNMENT has vowed not to give in to international pressure to fire Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga or neutralise his grip on the country’s security ministries amid speculative reports that he ordered the fatal shooting of seven MDC Alliance protestors in Harare on August 1.


Vice president Constantino Chiwenga

Addressing journalists in Harare early this week, Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo said President Emmerson Mnangagwa would not be forced to fire his deputy over an opinion expressed by the influential British parliamentarian, Kate Hoey.

“In fact, what has happened is that instructions from outside basically like what Kate Hoey said do not drive this government and it will not necessarily represent the correct position of what Zimbabwe is. We are capable of correcting our own problems, developing our own solutions and then moving forward and finding each other,” he said.

Moyo was responding to a tweet by the UK parliamentarian who blamed Chiwenga for the fatal shooting which occurred as opposition activists protested over delays in announcing presidential election results two weeks ago.

“There should be no change to EU or UK or American government policies to Zimbabwe government until at the very minimum Chiwenga is removed from his Vice-Presidency and his control of the military,” Hoey tweeted.

Moyo said the opinions expressed by Hoey were not reflective of what was happening in Zimbabwe.

“Kate Hoey is a Member of Parliament and she has got the freedom and liberty to express her own opinions as regards to issues, but that does not necessarily mean that is the official position of Britain per se or the people of the UK.”

“We believe that the UK is a key strategic partner which requires that both of us should iron out issues and the President has invited Hoey, she has been here and she saw a lot of activities. Let me assure you that whatever perception she reflected in her talk does not necessarily represent what is happening in this country,” he said.

Highly-placed diplomatic sources said they had received briefings from government insiders that Chiwenga was behind the deployment of soldiers that quashed a protest by opposition party supporters that had turned violent.

“There is an increasing sense that Chiwenga is the problem in the current government, having been a solider the better part of his life. He is using the army to meddle in civilian affairs, he might even been holding President Mnangagwa hostage,” a diplomatic source said.

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  1. Kate Whore does not have any right to call for the dismissal of another sovereign country’s Vice President. It is mischief of the highest order and Britain is not the prefect of the world even though she and the US frequently want to be considered as such. By dismissing the military strong man, Zimbabwe will most likely slide into a full-blooded civil war as happened in Sudan when Salva Kiir fired his powerful VP, Riek Machar and I am sure Britain would really enjoy the spilling of blood, anarchy and lawlessness that would ensue.

  2. Some people they amaze me, Zimbabwe cannot even manufacture a tooth pick and survive on donor community, by just looking at our roads, water treatment plants, our hospitals, our prisons, our barracks, our govt buildings, they are all in the sorry state. Fools are only people who reject correction, you cant build a nation with people who cannot think, when you see people using force it shows that that’s where their thinking or reasoning ends. And for Chiwenga I really dont understand how zanu pf operates. People like chiwenga thinks like wild animals who always think that violence solve everything and in reality such people are cowards they hide behind a weapon when confronted with the truth, no wonder why they could not outsmart RG Mugabe.

    YOU Stop It: you need help

  3. It was the opposition who started the violence after being incited by their leader to shut down Harare. If anything, the security forces did a good job by containing a very dangerous situation that had started taking root. Chamisa is on record denigrating Ed as a weak president and threatening with all kinds of violence and ultimatums. The president and his minister of home afairs are on record sternly warning Chamisa to desist from formenting anarchy but he went on to carryout the violent acts and the authorities responded accordingly.

    • so you are saying that the death of those poor people was a good example of the security forces doing a good job? By the way, Chamisa is not responsible for how dangerous people reacted to his very relevant cry for help, Chiwenga however is responsible for the army.

  4. “Kate Hoey is a Member of Parliament ..” True, not only is she an MP, she’s a Labour MP and it is the Conservatives in power; it is their opinion that would be most pertinent. As for S. Moyo, he is a former minister of a dissolved cabinet; a new one is yet to be appointed. Clearly there is some other messaging going on here, most likely aimed within ZANU PF circles (hopefully not new factions).

  5. Actually, Chiwenga must go. There won’t be any civil war because Chiwenga has been fired, but rather there would be one if keeps on interfering with things which have nothing to do with him. Yaah, he thinks like a wild animal, violent!!

  6. Pliz utter no nonsense if u dont follow zim politics. You are only focused on 6 criminals who paved way to their distruction. Re visit your meditation capacity, Sir….

  7. @ Farai Johnson Nhire ,wangu unenge murwere iwewe ,musoro wako unoda kuongororwa ,uri kuti the soldiers did a good job ivo vakauraya vanhu nemalive bullets ?asi unogara kumars ?haaaa wakadhakwa ,no wonder why Zanu izere nemhondi,mbavha nevaroyi nxaaaaaaaaa!

  8. Let those European holliguns,solve there on issues,how man people did they kill,how many country’s conflicts did they solved without spilling blood,this is what this useless immature beggary minded Chamisa want to bring to Zimbabwe,who told those MDC holliguns to burn cars,damage properties before even the elections where finished counting,they got what wanted.
    And guess where were Chamisa and Biti,

  9. Iwe Anonymous, no wonder why you do not even know your name. Njere ndidzo dzakadzoka dzonyanyoita shoma. Why do you always rush to put things out of context deliberately? Look at everthing that I said and don’t just qote a phrase. I said the security forces did a good job by their swift intervention to avoid getting the situation deteriorating. Are you aware that the syrian conflict that has now killed a million people started with a few teenagers writing political grafiti on a wall?

  10. Mr Mnangagwa 80% of all the youths especially graduates didn’t vote for you and even the old generation no longer want you in power because their children are suffering whilst your zanupf families are living the dreams at the expense of ordinary zimbabweans.Be carefully you now looking for war.enough is enough

  11. @Farai Johnson Nhire,swift intervention after killing fleeing protesters ?wangu unoreasoner zvakadhakwa,mbavha nemhondi dzevanhu ,manje this time muchasura chando nxaaaa

  12. Fuck Chiwengwa, Fuck ED, Fuck ZANU PF as party,staff and as a motherfucking crew and if want to be down with ZANU PF fuck you too, SB Moyo Fuck you too . All you ED pfee motherfuckers FUCK YOU TOO. Die Slow motherfuckers, I hope your kids don’t grow.

  13. Comment…chiwenga n mnangagwa must go cz day dnt own anything in zimbabwe dey just want seeing us surfer whilst dey ‘re family ‘re enjoying.we dnt like dem at all

  14. Vanhu veopposition makazungaira. Maifunga Kuti Ed akarererwa akakurira musango nevabereki vake nenyaya yekushungurudzwa nemabhunu. He was also tortured nemabhunu, kushungurudzwa paruzhinji nezera remwanasikana wake, kuisirwa muchetura muoffice, kudyiswa muchetura muicecream, kupotswa kuuraiwa negrenade, zvese izvi achingovavarira kuti vamwe vagouya vongoita vanamuchekadzafa chokwadi? Idhongi renyu here Ed wacho? Tikwanirei apa. Vanohumana kuti vanoda hondo musatinyaudza, just carry on. But remember hondo hakusi kurova chete. Kurohwao Zvekare.

  15. Chiwenga is my hero. He removed Smith & now Mugabe. Ko what did Chamisa do for Zimbabwe; he invited sanctions & incited violence. 6 lives lost because his small mind cannot accept that he lost. He lost ! He is a loser. Aiti akapomerwa naTsvangirai & it’s true. Like Save before him he is going to be a serial loser. He must be castrated! Traitor

  16. Whatsup haitongi nyika vanhu ve MDC Imimakapata zvekurevesa tidzikamirei munotipfurirwa nepfutimukafa kasingaperi we inonzi Zimbabwe ino haisi America yengochaniComment…

  17. Comment…VaMnangagwa vakati muHurumende muchava nezviso zvitsvan Nekudaro, zvinoreva kuti, nemashandiro achashandukawo
    muHurumende. Kuti vaMnangagwa vayinyepa? Regayi tiwoe. Nekuti,

  18. Comment…u can’t say chiwenga it’s your hero Abantwana behlupheka no job s no money manje kuyini so ma ufuna ukubona udubo xotshwa lapho osebenza khona u will se life hw iz it lapho uyabe usuthengisa amajiggies ukuze ukwanise ukuphila rent and food school fees

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