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Chamisa challenges results in 20 constituencies


THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance yesterday said it had gathered enough evidence to challenge electoral results in 20 constituencies, while results in other constituencies were still being analysed as the opposition desperately seeks to overturn Zanu PF and President-Elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in the July 30 polls.

BY Everson Mushava

MDC-T chairperson Morgen Komichi

Mnangagwa received 50,8% of the total votes, just enough to avoid a rerun while his party claimed a two-thirds parliamentary majority votes, but Chamisa has rejected the results announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), claiming they were manipulated.

Chamisa on Saturday met all the party’s candidates who participated in the just-ended polls for a review of the process.

Speaking after the meeting, party chairperson Morgen Komichi said the meeting was part of the evidence-building process to enable them to file a court challenge against the results.

“We have successfully filed with the Electoral Court to challenge results in 20 constituencies, and we are still compiling evidence in some others,” Komichi said.

“President Chamisa had a meeting with all parliamentary candidates on Saturday.

“The meeting was to learn of the candidates’ experiences in the just-ended polls. The meeting also presented an opportunity for the candidates to bring forward some of the irregular practices they observed as part of our evidence building process.”

Komichi could not, however, name the affected constituencies, saying the party would release a comprehensive list as soon as they were done with the process.

He also could not give details of when Chamisa would file his presidential petition.

“We have all the evidence and we will challenge many constituencies as well, apart from the presidential polls,” Komichi said.

Chamisa last week vowed to “defend the people’s votes”, accusing his protagonist, Mnangagwa, of staging a coup against the will of the people.

Last week, Chamisa said he would explore all legal and constitutional methods to overturn Mnangagwa’s electoral victory, claiming his party had overwhelming evidence that Mnangagwa had stolen “the people’s victory”.

Mnangagwa has, however, defended his victory, claiming he had, indeed, according to his promise given the country a free, fair and credible poll. He urged Chamisa to accept the will of the people and work together to ensure a peaceful environment exists so that the country could focus on economic revival, a call dismissed by the youthful leader.

Despite some international observer missions declaring the poll free, fair and credible, Chamisa claimed, his own tabulation of data from V11 forms signed at polling stations gave him a 57% victory against Mnangagwa. Chamisa has challenged Zec to announce constituency-based results of the presidential poll.

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  1. Mnangagwa says he won the support of more than 50% of Zimbabweans. ZANU-PF MPs say they have well over 60% of the people behind them. The nation is facing a multitude of problems that need fixing. So get on with it; start planning your cabinet to solve the problems, as you promised.

    If the MDC Alliance wish to mount legal challenges, that is their prerogative. After all, if ZANU-PF did nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear, right? Let ZEC sort handle that. In the meantime, ZANU-PF and its military faction must stop terrorizing people in the cities; stop wasting tax dollars on media operations trying to recruit the rest of us, the time for campaigns is long over. It’s not as if f they have nothing better to do; start solving the nation’s problems.

  2. Hau Nelson, did you not have reps at these constituencies? Are you discrediting the observers. And as for the “coup” the people marched for the removal of Mugabe. The people did that and why did you not speak out then. You seem to be in a sinking ship and you are grasping at straws to stay afloat. HAAAU NELSON!

    • Hey @Bored, observers are just that, observers. They cannot cover every polling station but every polling station matters. So let the legal challenges go ahead and let’s see what happens next.

  3. Chamisa is just trying to remain relevant. He won’t be in parliament the other principals are now considering forming a party. Vavekuda kutora chinhu chavo chavakatanga Chamisa ari student. They are going to encourage him to commit an offence so that they can get back their party while he is in prison. They know he will win the popular vote so if he is arrested they will blame ZANU PF for his arrest pretend to sympathise with him while they take over the leadership. If Chamisa was smart he would hv known he is being used. Biti knew he would not win an election if he remained outside. If Chamisa is not arrested their plan B is to let him continue with his blunders then they expose him as an inept leader. However they have their money on plan A. Watch the space.

  4. The Zec chair person was largely missing in action during the collating and announcements of election results. She is still out of the picture. Where is she.

  5. we want Chamisa the votes were riged no one in their rightful minds can vote for mnangagwa tinoda chamisa chete chete

    • Kuda kwako hakuzi kuda kwemunhu wese. Harare and Bulawayo are not Zimbabwe, but are metropolitan provinces of Zimbabwe. U fooled yourselves thinking that rural people hate ZANU and ED. I live in Harare but never convinced by Chamisa’s presidential qualities. He does not fit to be the president of even MDC. U thought you would get protest votes forgetting that Zimbabweans are learned.

  6. Comment…guys ,lets just not talk for the sake of talking bt hv facts.If thr is evidence,lets wait for the legal process .After all,this is a building exercise for our country. With a divided nation ,we toil and meddle in dire poverty.

  7. Comment…guys ,lets just not talk for the sake of talking bt hv facts.If thr is evidence,lets wait for the legal process .After all,this is a building exercise for our country. With a divided nation ,we toil and meddle in dire poverty.

  8. Comment…never the less the out come of change in Zimbabwe can only allocated by MDC to be like or not.we ‘re sick n tired of zanu for more than 30 yrs doing nothing but only killing the nation a big NO.

    • Comment…@PTK well chamisa was rigged that’s a fact but without exhibit to support the accusation his endeavors would be be just but mere allegations. @ Polling stations the V11 forms were posted outside in Kariba constituency the results published by ZEC do not tally with those posted @ Polling stations and the ones left with polling agents..Chamisa won with 59% but only to hear from ZEC that he had lost in that constituency… and the disappearance of the ZEC Head highlights a hidden agenda that would not implicate ZEC’s credibility

  9. ZanuPF winning is God’s case no appeal.sorry guys “ED pfee”is terrible but is God’s decision. We all make plans but God has got the decisions. Ini hangu I am tired of voting coz it does not change anything esp in Zimbabwe

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