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Chamisa aides flee


A MILITARY-STYLE terror campaign targeting opposition leaders in the aftermath of the July 30 election has reportedly forced MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa’s top aides to go into hiding, fearing for their lives, further delaying their planned court challenge.


Tendai Biti

MDC Alliance co-principal Tendai Biti, party chairperson Morgen Komichi and youth leader Happymore Chidziva are among several party leaders reportedly in hiding following the crackdown by suspected State security agents.

Political tension has been high in most parts of the country since last Wednesday’s fatal shooting of seven protestors in central Harare by soldiers. The protestors had taken to the streets to register their displeasure over alleged rigging by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) in favour of Zanu PF and delay in announcing the presidential results.

Since then, masked soldiers have declared an unofficial curfew in Harare, Marondera, Mutare, Gweru where they occasionally beat up residents without provocation, especially at night.

The suspected “rogue soldiers” have also launched a manhunt for all senior opposition officials or those suspected to have organised last week’s protests.

The night raids at MDC Alliance officials came shortly after police last week said they were looking for Biti and Chidziva in connection with last Wednesday’s bloodbath.

Chidziva yesterday said he would not hand himself to police, but declared that he would continue to lead party youths “to defend our vote”.

“We are clear that the vote will be defended, the people will rise up and take constitutionally permissible actions of rejecting this farce of an election result, something that was cooked by Zec. I am going to remain in Zimbabwe and lead the fight to defend that vote until the winner Nelson Chamisa is declared as such,” he told NewsDay in a telephone interview from his hideout.

“It’s not the police who are looking for me, how do police raid my house in masks, abduct my family and beat them up? It is clear that the police are being used to bring sanity on a crackdown of the MDC Alliance. Handing myself over is like committing suicide. I am not going to do that,” he said.

NewsDay also gathered that Komichi had gone into hiding following a nocturnal visit at his home by a group of plain-clothes security details late on Sunday.

Speaking from his hide-out yesterday, Komichi said:“Four security details came to my house on Sunday evening driving a private vehicle. I have not received any official communication regarding any crime I might have committed. I am advised that they want to charge me with conspiracy to murder regarding the army shooting last week.”

Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda confirmed Komichi was on the run.

“Yes, I have been advised he is in hiding because some people came to his house looking for him in the dead of night. They (authorities) have identified Komichi and myself as the hot-heads,” Sibanda said.

Asked if he had been harassed, Sibanda retorted: “Not as yet. I have no home.”

He refused to disclose the number of party supporters who had gone into hiding from the military, saying doing so would expose them to attacks.

“The purpose of the crackdown is to make sure that the election results declared by Zec are not challenged,” Sibanda told a Press briefing.

“There is a dangerous precedence in the country to block the people from protesting. They cold murdered Zimbabweans last week. A lot of MDC Alliance top officials have gone into hiding and I cannot disclose their names for security reasons, but I can tell you they are many.”

He added: “The victimisation of Zimbabweans is getting to the levels of impunity. There have been some overnight raids on party officials.”

He said Chamisa was concerned by the intimidation and arrest of his top party officials.

To date, police have arrested 27 suspected opposition activists in connection with last week’s violent clashes between MDC Alliance protestors and State security agencies.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba would not be drawn into commenting on the matter.

Meanwhile, an MDC candidate for Chivi Central constituency Henry Chivhanga yesterday took to Twitter, posting a picture of bullet casings found by his wife outside their house.

“My wife found these bullet casings outside our door. I am at the police making a report right now. Maybe this was some sort of warning?” Chivhanga, who is living with disability, tweeted.

Chivhanga, who is chairman of the Disability Amalgamated Community Trust, said he had since reported the matter to the police (case ref 8715/18).

Contacted for comment, Chivhanga said he was now fearing for his life.

“That was a rare parcel and who knows what will come next? I am now fearing for my life,” he said.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Charity Mazula, said she had not received the report yesterday.

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  1. This is all rubish. Just a mater of looking for excuses of failing to prove poll rigging by Zec. Zec has done a good job by publishing all tent based results and i have added and confirmed the totals. So the Mdc Alliance must now bring foward the v 11 forms signed by all parties with diferent and correct figures. Do not try to divert the world’s attention by those lies of being tortured and losing the v11 forms in the process. Nhema dzamunoda kuzotiudza next ndedzekuti makazotorerwa ma v11 forms nemasoja. We are not foolish at all.

      • Because people don’t vote the same. I didn’t vote for a councilors. That’s well within my rights. Some were only there for the presidential vote only, etc. We can’t all be the same.

      • Is it voter turnout or is it number of valid votes for each, Presidential and Parliamentary? Isn’t it conceivable that someone may vote for one and not the other (i.e. abstain)? The real question you should be asking is if the number of Presidential votes plus number of remaining presidential ballot papers + rejected presidential ballot papers = total number of printed ballot papers! That’s saying something…

  2. Save us from that propaganda stuff and go to the courts .I am not a Zanu PF supporter myself but Chamisa your daily complaints is getting into my ears .Maybe you were lying that you have the required evidence .Produce it.

  3. Newsday are you telling us that this is the only picture of Biti which you have ?I think and suspect that you are equally up to no good .Why cant you use his 1998 picture ?You just want to show the world that we are dealing with an ailing person.

  4. Enda kuchikoro iwe. That was not a demonstration for anything. Election results had neither been delayed nor stolen. Chamitiswa is just too shallow minded to accept the reality. He will never succeed in imposing himself on the country as he did on MDC. Iya ndiyo inonzi riot . Hoodlums of the Vanguard terrorist group attacking innocent people & mindlessly destroying property. Toda kuona kuti who will sink ,him or the country. Encourage him to continue with his madness!

  5. It is actually funny to hear that Chidziva is running away from his shadow kkkkkk. Is he not the one who thundered at Mkoba stadium when he said, ” Hokoyo Mnangagwa, Hokoyo…”. At the same rally said hamudyiwi rinopisa muno, ndoridira mavhu kkkkkkkk. Vapfana politics is not for the faint hearted. You have to think before you open your mouth. Do not behave like musicians who change their lyrics once on stage depending on the audience. Politics needs consistence kwete kungotaura just to please someone. You long declared that you had known rigging loopholes but up to now hatisati tamaziva.

  6. Comment…Batai munhu kana anetsa. Happymore Chidziva,Morgan Komichi, Tendai Biti and co, its a question of how long you remain in hiding. You will face the music sooner.

  7. zimbabwean soldiers must learn to behave you are not greater than the nation you leade what makes you strong is the gun in your hand do not force people to have the some gun and face you surely if you keep on no matter how many people you kill people will uprise soldiers must behave as soldiers stop crackdown on opposition we will take it seriously remember history will repeat itself stop the crackdown we know you stole election if you are normal people with bvrains sit down with the opposition and find a solution for your country stop raiding people at night or people will launch a serious remember a soldier is not strong without his community

    • KKkkkkkkkkkk you are so full of hate you people. Surely here in Zimbabwe you think someone can be followed by soldiers? This is a fabricated story just to cause mistrust and hate among citizens. This kind of writing by local journalists will never help this country to move forward. You can like it thinking that this will fix soldiers or ZANU PF but like sanctions we are all feeling them but you used to support them basing on your leadership who said they were targeted. What you are being told can never happen in Zimbabwe. Soldiers have totally nothing to do with the arrest of criminals. Your writer just want to make sure there is despondency among fellow Zimbabweans and appeal for isolation of the country which will make us all suffer except him and his friends in the form of biti and chamisa. Ngwarayiwo maZimbo chii shuwa.

  8. Musangonakirwa nekuukura pano dai ari mai vako akaurawa pasina mhaka ungataura uchidero iwee, kwanai, haikona kupindwa nechiZanu zvokuita matuzvi mudehenya, dai uriwe vapiwa pasuro yenyere idzo vaisazhamba here, remember Mugabe used to brag the same way where is he now, vanotonga nepfumo vachafawo nemapfumo, Mwari vachiri vakagara pachigaro.

    • i agree with you.tell them these people.those who rule by the sword will surely die by the sword…Remember God is always watching

  9. Biti and his accomplices are just lying and seeking for protection they know that they incited violence that caused the death of 6 people so its just a cover up they know soon the law will follow up on them, they think they are so smart that they can fool people like they fooled them into unnecessary demonstrations. they must be brought to book wherever they flee to please help repatriate them so that they face the law. Zimbabweans open your eyes and stop being used by these morons.

  10. haikona kungoukura iwe dai uriwe uchivhimwa semhuka vaizvida iwe? haikona kuita sezvinonzi mudehenya mazara ndove mhani, vakaenderei kuchikoro, kwana.

  11. utter rubbish and nonsense, there are no solders here in Marondera , we have never had any violence or reports of the so called solders beating people , lies lies lies and more lies from these young boys

  12. Phycic: the reverse should answer your question. Why did MDC get less seats when they got 44% votes overall. I have heard this shallow argument from MDC supporters. Constituency votes are limited to each constituency no mater how overwhelmingly you can beat an opponent you can not transfer your excess votes to another constituency. The presidential vote is a popular vote that counts across constituencies. This is why you see that difference or that gain by the MDC in presidential votes bcs it’s the sum total of votes cast for the party/presidential candidate for the whole country.

  13. People should walk in groups and if they come across any Zna soldier, they should attack. Zim soldiers are people’s enemies. If any soldier is found in kombis or anywhere, they must be attacked. MASOJA NGAAMAMISWE!

  14. Chamisa has been before, during and after the elections threatened the people of Zimbabwe with violence and we all expect the state to fold its arms and let him and his cronies do as they want. Why should Chamisa’s rights be the only ones to be respected. A power hungry war monger in the likes of Dhlakama, Savimbi and Odinga should not have a place in the Zimbabwe society. Biti and company have been bragging that Chamisa won the elections without figures and facts. The MDC Alliance has been abusing the social media for its own selfish ends. It has also abused youths whom it bought drugs and alcohol to demonstrate just to cause mayhem. What buffles me is that Chamisa is a pastor and Biti is an Anglica, I wonder which Bible they read that differs from all other Bibles that state that leaders come from God. Did God talk to Chamisa like he did to David that he would lead the people of Zimbabwe. The MDC Alliance is playing to the gallery and want to justify any donations they would have received for the elections which as usual was abused. Now they want to blame the government for their shortcomings. How patheti. I suspect that both Chamisa and Biti are women abusers hence Biti was left alone when the wife migrated to the USA, and Nero, let us check with his wife and close family his behaviour towards his wife.

  15. Judging by the comments i read from all of you guys, I am convinced that as Zimbabweans we need to mature emotionally, socially and politically. I feel often times we are unnecessarily too aggressive to each other as Zimbabweans. This for me, is because for a long time the word “enemy” has been used by our political leaders to refer to anyone with a divergent view from theirs. As a result our society is plagued by failure to respect each other’s opinion. We find it easy to call each other names. And this happens by default or effortlessly.

    Let us learn to grow up and respect each other. Before political affiliation, we are Zimbabweans!! That is more important than the party one supports. Mwari ngaatibatsire.

  16. Comment…listen explain this 700000 plus people opted not to vote for the presidential??? does that make sense to you, if it does then it’s useless arguing with you, you’re already lost

  17. There are state security agents here in Gweru planted by gvt to silence any opposing voice.dont be fooled there is no freedom under a military gvt.

  18. Ngavavabate vavapfigire mujere vorasa makiyi acho. Ane basa reyi Biti akavhimiwa setsuro. Saaaa . Zibenzi ! Aitinhira vana vevamwe kuti vapare mhosva nokuti Chamitiswa arakashwa. Kuonda nezuva rimwe here Nelson
    wadyiwa! Zvino wakadyiwa, uchadyiwazve ugongodyiwazve ED agotonga iwe uchingovukura sembwa ine gwembe. You are very primitive kana usingatendi defeat yakadai. Chero mukadzi wako Nelson akandiudza kuti akavhotera ED

  19. So this Chidziva would rather his family takes the beating for him.. says a bit about the man…..

  20. Comment…let us unite and face the real challenges on rhe ground like ecocash charges and black market because politics without good action on the ground harm us

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