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Bring it on: ED dares Chamisa


PRESIDENT-ELECT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday dared his opposition MDC Alliance counterpart Nelson Chamisa to prove the vote-rigging claims at the Constitutional Court (ConCourt), setting the stage for a bruising legal battle.


PRESIDENT-ELECT Emmerson Mnangagwa

Chamisa last week filed an election petition challenging the presidential results at the ConCourt.

Mnangagwa, in his founding affidavit submitted to the ConCourt by his 12-member legal team, trashed Chamisa’s application, saying it was not bona fide, but simply meant to delay his inauguration as the duly-elected President and to also find an opportunity to make a political statement in court.

Mnangagwa also dismissed as false claims that the youthful opposition leader had won the just-ended presidential elections, adding Chamisa himself had conceded defeat in his papers before the same court.

“It is crucial to note an important admission made by the applicant (Chamisa), the schedule (which is in fact annexure D) that he refers to shows ‘… discrepancies between the votes announced by Zec [Zimbabwe Electoral Commission] and the actual tallies derived from V11 and V23 data’. In terms of the actual tallies derived from V11 and V23 data provided by applicant, he received 2 151 620 votes equating to 44,4% of the total votes cast and I received 2 455 559 votes, which equates to 50,7% of the votes cast. This is not correct, but even if it was, (which is denied) that would still be enough for me to win the election,” Mnangagwa said.

“… The applicant has not mounted this application for the bona fide purpose of setting aside the results of the presidential election conducted on July 30, 2018. Instead, the intention was to delay my inauguration as the duly-elected President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and to make political statements in court.

“This is apparent from the fact that the application does not comply with the rules of the honourable court and the Constitution. The honourable court must see through this stratagem and dismiss the application. In addition, the applicant must be censured for the grossly childish manner in which he prosecuted this application.”

Mnangagwa said Chamisa made unsubstantiated claims that he suffered overall prejudice of 345 784 votes due to “… polling station specific cases of voter intimidation, voter coercion and/or otherwise potential manipulation”.

The Zanu PF leader said there was nothing in Chamisa’s source documents to support any allegations of voter intimidation.

“In fact, the ‘expert’ in his own report first states that there was an overall prejudice of the applicant of 305 784 votes (which is denied) and then without explanation changes that number some few paragraphs later to 345 784 votes,” he said.

Mnangagwa further said Chamisa’s intention was to create doubt in the minds of people as regards the integrity of the process and, in so doing, “undermine the presumption of a due return contemplated by section 93 of the Constitution, without discharging the requisite onus and, invite condemnation of the court for resolving matters on the technical objections he had deliberately invited”.

Turning to Chamisa’s claims that the V11 forms had been tampered with and figures changed in favour of Zanu PF, Mnangagwa said the opposition leader did not provide proof to substantiate his claims.

“The application is premised on alleged mathematical anomalies which have no factual foundation. The lofty conclusions made by the applicant are unsubstantiated and completely unbelievable. The supposed experts, whose affidavits the applicant relies upon, do not help the court at all,” Mnangagwa said.

“The applicant makes bold and serious, yet unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud, criminal connivance in the alleged forgery or creation of non-existent votes. The principal allegations made are of a criminal nature. The threshold of proof is that of proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said, adding: “The primary and original entries are forms V11. These were made and verified by all candidates’ agents at the close of polling and posted outside each polling station. It was upon the applicant to place before the court complete and regular forms V11 for all the polling stations.

“The applicant thereafter had the duty to tabulate the totals and show that those do not conform to the totals entered in the forms V23 received at the National Command Centre. If the allegation is that the forms V11 relied upon by the 23rd respondent [Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)] were falsified, it must be shown that these differ from the applicant’s own forms V11 signed by all parties at the close of polling at each station.”

Mnangagwa further said the MDC Alliance leader ought to have filed an Electoral Court challenge seeking to reopen the ballot boxes for the purposes of verifying the figures as well as recounting, if his claims that the election was rigged were true.

“The suggestion that the evidence that is not now available will be subpoenaed by separate process is without legal foundation. Steps must have been taken immediately after the closure of polls and the sealing of the election residue to secure the same, and for the reopening thereof for the purpose of an election challenge,” he said.

“The specific provisions of the electoral law to this effect ought to have been invoked. They were not invoked for the obvious reasons that the applicant’s case being contrived, would be disproved by the unsealing and reopening of the election residue. The only court that can order the unsealing of an election residue by specific statutory sanction is the Electoral Court. There is no reason why it was not approached immediately after the declaration of the results in order to unseal the residue and preserve the evidence.”

The Zanu PF leader further said Chamisa had simply filed the court application to stage-manage an electoral fraud, and was merely attempting to draw sympathy from other opposition politicians, who were now allegedly withdrawing from the MDC and going back to their original parties.

“… The MDC Alliance is faced with imminent implosion and disintegration with each party leader taking away what they brought into the coalition and maintaining their original identities. The applicant’s former MDC-T is now firmly in the hands of eighth respondent (Thokozani Khupe) … the applicant has no original identity to revert to. He will be left in that event with no party, no name, no identity, no structures and, no members. He is desperate,” Mnangagwa said.

He said his nemesis would have a tough time to identify the alleged ghost voters, which the latter claims were allowed to vote when they were not eligible.

“The applicant suggests that people who were ineligible to vote were registered to vote, but makes no effort to show who those people are and where they can be found. This is startling, as the registration of non-citizens is a serious matter. The applicant makes reference to discrepancies which are ‘extrapolated’ to leave 650 000 voters missing.
Despite posting this number, the applicant fails to explain why it is that there is no corresponding large number of people that were turned away at the polling stations for not being registered,” Mnangagwa said.

“… The allegation ‘that returns were not posted at 21% of polling stations is one that makes a large part of the applicant’s case. It is also one that sounds, on the face of it, to be quite serious. It is also the one that informs another allegation that after elections, authorities tried to force polling agents to sign blank V11 forms, presumably to cover up for the missing ones.

“Unfortunately for the applicant, this allegation is based on a total and utter fabrication. The lie was started by one of applicant’s surrogates, a Mr David Coltart, who claimed on social media that his source was a report by the Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network (Zesn) … Zesn has disputed this claim.”

Mnangagwa further said he won the election because he had put in place strategies that worked in his favour as opposed to Chamisa, who chose to rely on people who attended his rallies, but did not vote for him.

“The MDC Alliance had no clear campaign message or strategy. It operated in auto blind mode … the applicant got intoxicated by crowd euphoria and conceived that there was only one possible outcome from the election. He boasted that not even a run-off was possible … he had promised his supporters in his campaign that he would quit politics if he lost to me. He was so consumed with self-confidence that he even pledged his sister to me if I got 10% of the vote,” he said.

The matter is yet to be set down for hearing.

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  1. It is common knowledge that the young and bubbling opposition leader is receiving bad advise from certain sources and all is meant to disrupt foreign funding to kickstart the battered economy so that they remain relevant in future Zimbabwen politics but alas this time it is not going to bear fruit ,the incoming administration will not be deterred by this unfortunate development which will expose them to the whole world and the electorate.

    • and you sign anonymous, coward ,just like your murderous leader,there is only one party thinking about the people, zanupf is just protecting 30 years of looting and its crooked army ,the world is smarter than Ngwenya ,watch your back, they take no prisoners.

  2. They now say in Africa if your hear screams of Rigging from the opposition parties it means they have lost an Election and for sure the young man was beaten hands down, poor Chamisa

  3. Who will invest in a country with a government that butchers its people with guns. if you see investment coming to zimbabwe through the so called new dispensation, wake up. You are having a bad dream

  4. If you believe that mnangagwa did not rig then you are very sick in the mind. We are tired of one person hired by ED responding to all stories using different psuedonyms. They think we are foolish.

    • Keep telling yourself that. It looks like you are in denial like Chamisa. Just look at the number of votes ED got in say for example Bulawayo, there are many of us out there,educated and in cities who got disillusioned with Chamisa, the way he took power, poor management resulting in double alliance candidates, down right naivety, lies and display of immaturity. We believed we are better off with ED based on the path he has been taking the country in few months at the helm. If you can’t understand that, tough luck, keep lying to yourselves.

  5. I still haven’t seen in this report where the respondent is said to have proffered proof to back his response. I see more of a rhetoric of merely saying I deny the charges leveled against me. As such the onus will be on both parties to back their words with concrete evidence. To then quickly conclude that that the opposition leader is receiving bad advise is an understatement showing that the reader has just been excited by the legal jargon by the respondents without necessarily nailing the matter as they allege in their many sophisticated words. Those to whom this matter is addressed for determination are not laymen in this field to be fooled by mere words as is the case for most of us.

    • The onus of prove that there was rigging lies with Chamisa at law my friend. An allegation must be supported by evidence not speculation and a person accused is not compelled to volunteer incriminating evidence. If Chamisa had the evidence of rigging why is he asking the court to compel ZEC to produce V11 forms by way of subpoena? Haana nyaya mupwere uyu and the Constitution should be changed not to allow childish characters to contest for President. Presidential candidates should be 50 and above.

    • Your knowledge of what you are trying to say is very limited you better keep everything to yourself. ED never went to court accusing anyone of any wrong doing. So what evidence do you want him to produce when your street kid chanyiswa failed to do so while he is the aggrieved person. Further more if you know that those who will give determination are not laymen it makes better sense that you keep your comment than to pretend to know everything. If you feel you are fooled then it is only you and not most of us.

      • A good lawyer knows some of the the law, a clever lawyer knows all the law but a smart lawyer, knows all the judges and each judge knows which side of his/her bread is buttered. Africa woyeeeeeeeee!

    • @ Chibaba the onus is on the one making the allegation to prove his claims and not for the accused to prove his innocence. It would have been a good idea to recount the ballots like what Magret Dongo did aginst Vivian Mwashita in the 90s. This is just a fishing expedition on the part of Chamisa he is receving a baptism of fire and his comeuppance.

  6. Mnangagwa is a dangerous thug and Chamisa is a childish braggart. Take your pick – but either way, we ain’t going nowhere.

  7. Shut up and sit down Chiguvare. S you are the one dreaming. Nomatter what ED will be president and help Zim rise again. Even when you and your immature and foolish chamisa remain cynical you cant do anything about it except post comments on social media

  8. Its so sad Chiguvare, the same Zimbabweans applauds the rigging of Mnangagwa but Mngagwa will enjoy life and the majority of people will live in poverty very sad in deed. l dont not know how people think? l think its because most Zimbabweans were born in poverty so we are used to it we think the way Zimbabwe is is the best, if those people like Elisha have a chance to go Diaspora and see infrastructure and how other countries are living they could change their minds. its not a matter of making Chamisa the President its a matter of us Zimbabweans, you will be deceived by Zanu PF to love it becauase they gave you a beast of cow or a car? can you think of your family, mostly propbably your old mother father etc they are suffering eating mugaiswa these world, its very sad, potholes everywhere l dont think a person who love Zanu pf is a normal person

    • In fact a person who love mdc is the one who is not normal and does not have a vision. Failing to see the silly and foolish tactics being used by mdc to discredit ZANU PF through making people suffer. In actual fact ED was supposed to have filed a report with the supreme court for contesting an election on a very uneven ground because of sanctions which are meant to divert the peoples’ will in favour of mdc. But whatever the case we love our country and only ZANU PF has the people at heart saka tichiivhotera naPresident wedu.

  9. You have nailed it.In this case I would rather go for the latter because in a few years to come he will be a mature leader.

  10. Chiguvare needs to open his or her eyes and watch closely current world afairs with regard to political but especially economic situation. The world has changed in that regard so much that The United States and the rest of the world is no longer the only game in town. So, proper investment is comming to Zimbabwe and i want to remind Chiguvare to keep watching this space. Britain knows these facts. Chamisa knows them too well and yet his mantra: Now Or Never.

    • so you think chinese will grow our economy. those guys are dealers like russians coming to buy our resourses at a cheap price. things we are to sell for a dollar to americans and the germanys we will sell at 20 cents. chiwengwa just went to russian to sell the great dyke for useless money to pay all the russians gave to zanu hefore elections. the problem you dont see is that zanu is richer than zimbabwe. all the 210 zanu mp aspirants get new cars while hospitals and police stuggle to get transport, mnangangwa at present and his family owns the makorokodza gold mines around midlands. mark my words fake economy growth will through the herald and zbc be told to us and fools like you will applaud. and come 2023 you and the rural folk will celebrate a bag of fertilezer beans, cooking, bag of rice while chiwengwa and his wife get fake tenders and the corrupt win the little russians and chines have given for the loot.

      • This sanctions thing will not work this time. Just allow the dust to settle and you will see investors flocking into the country. Capital goes where is safe and is guaranteed a return and not this human rights issue. A strong ED government provides that environment. Look at Egypt and Rwanda.

  11. What people (like the Ediots who have commented above) are failing to see is that the 30 July plebiscite failed to meet the free, fair & credible test which was a condition precedent for FDI into Zim. That will not happen at least for now & the foreseeable future. That AU & SADC have endorsed the election is neither here nor there. So my fellow compatriots, lets brace ourselves for another 5 years of the same old shit

    • You are so silly to the bone. So free fair and credible you want with your gay uncles is when chamisa the puppet wins the election? Your fellow compatriots are those you were running, looting, destroying and burning other peoples’ cars with in order for your gay uncles to sign your well celebrated achievement zidera. Don’t show us your foolishness. Why didn’t you ask yourselves what you were going to achieve and the impact to the country before doing your barbaric demonstrations.

  12. Yes ED can make some changes, he is not going to be like Mugabe, then Chamisa would be growing up at the moment he doesn’t have timing

  13. We wait and we wonder.Let the games begin.The Parties will have their chance in court.My single prayer is that the courts will treat this case with appropriate fairness and let justice prevail.ED and Chamisa must also listen to the courts and allow Zimbabwe to move on regardless of the outcome.

  14. Let the facts and evidence as and when presented by the MDC Alliance be evaluated by the ConCourt impartially and the nation will accept. As for the rest, it is all spin, misdirection and distraction. One is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But we also all know that if you go to 100 people accused by the law of serious crimes, based on facts, witnesses and evidence, 99 of them will insist they are innocent. It is what it is.

  15. I wish they would broadcast the court proceedings live on TV for everyone to see like they did in Kenya.

    • Zanu & ZEC will never open themselves for such international scrutiny & therein lies the catch…………Zanu has never been sincere. Its a wolf in wolfs clothing

  16. Some of the comments on this platform display stupidity pf some opposition supporters. You expect defence lawyers to create evidence against themselves. We all know that Chamisa’s evidence to the media before the court application was designed to manipulate the public into civil disobedience and that evidence is very different from the one provided in the court application. We now see sum ignorant supporters celebrating Economic Sanctions against their lives just because Their party yakazvambaradzwa pama elections.

  17. Let the courts decide there is no need of having this cold war. These newspapers are making their sales.

  18. Ed like Mugabe must just go,they are past their prime,we are past the war times all they think of is killing either they kill people or the economy.

  19. Hapana kwatiri kuenda senyika, with the likes of General Dhibhiritating and other vultures surrounding Mudhara Ngwena, tiri pamahwani chaipo.

  20. Elections do not determine the economy. It is the level of civilization in the country. Why do people not ask the banks and employers to give them their money as and when they need it?

  21. Change the Constitution and bar kids from dreaming to be presidents at 40 yrs even before they have never formally worked anywhere! Minimum age for aspiring presidential candidates 50 + 1 going froward.

    • When life expectancy is 39 years and 60% are 40- so stupid. Next time you will be banning women. You want the 40- to vote for people who will never understand their dream.

  22. These opposition people are good at cursing Mnangagwa for no reason. What makes you so sure Mnangagwa will not achieve anything when the five year term has not yet started? Mnangagwa’s failure can only be proved in 2023 after he has tried and failed, which is very unlikely though. This is the period we are about to enter. You cannot announce results of an examination which someone has not yet written yet simply because the results are not there.

  23. Nhai veduwee. Muneshuwa here kuti ndizvo zvatakadzingira mwana wamisisi 40 yrs ago, zvatakazoita nezvatichiri kungoita nanhasi kutadza kuwirirana ON DEFINITION OF FAIR PLAY?! Until and unless the legitimate ‘cockpit crew’ for millennium democracy is ULTIMATELY allowed to replace the current traditional bla bla crop and rightly claim its due cockpit space in global political and economic leadership, familiar global upheavals shall keep on spreading like uncontrollable veld fires thereby tragically exposing the millennium historical turn of world affairs as global civilisation zenith, leaving global subsequent expectations of only worse to follow. I HOWEVER HAVE THE SOLE EXHAUSTIVE GLOBAL REMEDY. IN THE FORM OF COMPLETE REVERSAL OF WHAT OUR TODAY’S LAWYERS ARE TRAINED TO DO WITH DATA. IMAGINE IF THEY WERE TRAINED ONLY TO DELIVER IT AS IT IS? THE WORLD WOULD SURELY BE FAR MUCH BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN,

  24. ED must just do the honourable thing & quit without wasting the nation’s time any further, trying to force himself on the people will never get him very far

    • WHO ARE THE PEOPLE, ED is forcing himself on. We voted for him, you did not, but not in sufficient numbers. Is that very difficult to understand. Stop SUPPORTING your candidates neMOYO, MOGWADZIWA ZVISINGAPORE, use your brains, for support and VOTING and live a life after the elections.

  25. extended dambudziko save it for the courts until then speak to ur lawyers n not the media.prove top the courts l say to the courts!

    • Hoo its only bad to talk to the media if it is done by ED and good when it is done by chanyiswa? Very funny that is not a just a user name g40 you are actually part of the Mugabe grace jona group. chanyiswa apo aiwawawata kuti any election outcome that doesn’t go his way is unacceptable and after election was saying I have evidence of rigging heee I am going to court akadini kungoenda akanyarara and why didn’t you ask him why he was making those statements before the court rules. Kamwewo kamupengo ako kanozviti truth kari kuti ED must do the honourable thing and quit. Who should do the honourable thing between a winner and a looser kaBig idiot kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. lets wait for the court to judge.what we only need is god to protect and guide us,we are still 1 family ,backward never .we need a good zimbabwe
    our economy should rise

  27. in as much as Zimbabweans are desperate for change I think the opposition parties in Zim have not done enough in their efforts to unseat Zanu Pf….they are confused and lack direction…..and now they are just wasting our time with these court case. There is no way chamisa will win this ….maybe Madhuku was right, Nelly is already preparing fr 2023 elections

  28. Zvidzidzo zvegore rino;1. Usatuka ngwena usati wayambuka 2. kuState House kure 3. dzungu hakusi kungwara 4. Rally haasi mavotes 5.Usashora mbodza dzimwe dzinozvimbira.

  29. With due respect, Chamisa is holding our country to ransom making lots of political noise in an attempt to draw international community and investors’s attention with false, unsubstantiated, hearsay, far-fetched, unfounded, and dangerous claims that the election was stolen. The young man lacks good advise, statesmanship and consistency in word and in action. He so far has exhibited signs of a power hungry, and directionless war monger. Ini I think from Novemebr 2017, ED has tried his best under the circumstances and with time he is likely to return Zimbabwe not only to full democracy but even to economic prosperity. Chamisa will need time to acquire political and economic maturity as well as learn and implement democratic principles in his own party MDCA, that is if its still in existence. The only chance Chamisa has is for the next elections, and so for now the young man should keep quite, keep his fingers crossed, his mouth shut, his eyes wide open and his mind running big time. Lets build our, Zimbabwe, our great nation, it is the only home we have.


  31. By the way they shot and killed people on August 1, and the rigging that took place, it’s clear that no election will ever unseat ZANU PF. They are not a democratic party, never have been. Best thing for now is what’s happening through the courts. If not, all Zimbabweans must simply and peacefully rebel against this evil empire. Zvanzi the voice of the people is the voice of God, my foot – that’s the same voice you are busy subverting. You can rig and cheat people but not God. And if you can imagine the evil of people who will arrest you for announcing the correct election results, while they announce fake results with impunity – just because they can shoot you – you get the full measure of the yoke around the necks of Zimbabweans.

  32. Is this the response to the challenge really? Im no lawyer but surely recognize lickspittle when I see it. Issue is simple, mathematical tally of V11 data. No thanks to recount of manufactured ballots. And what does what David Coltart at one point have to do with the arithmetic of counting votes and participation?
    Ndatenda hangu vedare.

  33. if investors don’t come we will do it ourselves you think if chamisa is the key to investors, he was thumped and if he is lucky to contest again in 2023 he will be humiliated more than he did this time.

  34. Comment…Zimbabwe is our country lets talk of how to built our country. talking of court in far as building of our economy is concerned is pointless .ndinoshamiswa navamwe vanhu vasingadi kumuka munhu anovaka msha nezvaari not kutsvaka kuvotegwa look America .in America ppl work under someone anehupfumi hwake . anogona kucreator employment haasi president only but every one .ndingaita mari yokuda loyer pasina chandogaina wake up kfara hanzi Tinoda submittion of v11.v11 haicreat employment .chamisa arikutsvaka kufuma.

  35. Such hate and vitriol on an issue that the principals themselves have placed before a tribunal. Both have committed to abide by the legal opinion of the court and yet the mob fights on undeterred. For the politicians involved livelihoods are at stake, while for 90% of us the fight here has no immediate impact on our lives. If there was rigging, intimidation, criminal conspiracy and so forth, we should now be focusing on making sure that the loopholes are plugged before the next election. The opposition and civic society will easily find international funding to pressure government into a reform of the electoral law and procedure.Lets not set the nation on fire out of spite.Peace be unto you brothers and sisters,life goes on.

  36. @ Troubled Shitzen “Both have committed to abide by the legal opinion of the court and yet the mob fights on undeterred” You must be more troubled than Grace Mugabe to think like that. Can Chamisa really be persuaded by the courts when he has already said they are captured by Zanu Pf? Can the courts be impartial too when all the judges where appointed when Garwe was Justice Minister? In a way do you think Garwe will say its fair that he be dethroned by a court order? Elections are never meant to change anything because if the could change, they will be banned. Elections dont always equal to democracy Chamisa should just go home and cry a little.

  37. They will support Mnangagwa because to them the life they have been living so far has become normal.Vajaira nhamo.If he can afford a plate of sadza ne soup for 5 rands and drive an x Jap car with a funny Toyota name , then to him life is good.

    Ask those who were working between 1980 and 2000 and they will tell that indeed life was good.

    Anyway what can you tell an idiot born and bred during poverty time and who only was born when ZANU was in power.Muchapfidza nenhamo.Mati madii.Some of us are out of the country tichikwenya mabook uku tichitambira mari svinu ende kumusha kwacho tichivaka good houses.When I come home in December ndinenge ndakakwana ne shagi iwe uri paqueue yekutsvaga $20.Chenjerai kuti very soon muchadya machunks nemanhuchu.

  38. He was so consumed with self-confidence that he even pledged his sister to me if I got 10% of the vote,” he said. That in an answering or contesting narrative sounds a bit childish, to say the least. Should the applicant bring on the mantra that, “munoiwanepi hurumende yakadai? Kana kudenga hakuna hurumende yakadai. Yangu hurumende yakanaka zvokuti heki.” And if that is twisted to mean ED is better than God, then what?

  39. Concourt should not waste time.

    It should ask for the V11 V23 forms forms for all 210 constituencies,ask the polling officers to verify them,add them up,and declare who is a winnner.

  40. @ Mesomana he was responding to a certain childish student activist purporting to be people’s favourite mobbed by street kids and unregistered crowd thinking that social media ‘Likes’ are equivalent to votes.

  41. The most important thing to note about these elections is that they were NOT free, fair and credible. The elections should have never taken place, not without first implementing the democratic reforms to stop Zanu PF rigging them. The elections went ahead because MDC leaders would not listen

    The elections went ahead because “MDC has stringent measures to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections!” Chamisa promised on countless occasions. Now it turns that was all the usual hot air from MDC! MDC would not be challenge the result accusing Zanu PF of rigging if the stringent measures had worked.

    “President Nelson Chamisa’s @nelsonchamisa court application to be heard on the 22nd of August 2018 at 10:00am. The evidence is overwhelming and victory is certain. Numbers don’t lie, so the President-Elect @nelsonchamisa looks forward to this day.” Twittered Chamisa’s spokesperson, Dr Nkululeko Sibanda.

    Even if MDC managed to get the Con-Court to reverse ZEC’s decision and declare Chamisa the winner the court will not be able to review all the parliamentary and council election result. It is true that:

    President Chamisa + Zanu PF controlled parliament, civil service, etc. = most dysfunctional government ever.

    Zimbabwe is in a real serious economic and political mess and the country need a competent and functional government a.s.a.p. and can ill afford even a few months of a dysfunctional government.

    Worse still, there is no reason to believe there will an light at the end of this Chamisa-Zanu PF political pantomime because we can be certain that the Zanu PF control parliament would ever implement any meaningful democratic reforms. The prospect of yet another rigged elections looms high and that frighten the hell out of me.

    We know there elections were not free, fair and credible given there 3 million or so Zimbabweans in the diaspora were denied a vote, there was no free public media, ZEC failed to produce a clean and verified voters’ roll, etc., etc. These elections should just be declared null and void and no be down with it. This will clear the deck for the appointment of an interim administration tasked to implement the democratic reforms and then the holding of free, fair and credible elections.

  42. @Mukonori unongovukurawo iwe. Why didn’t you register your own Party and Push for the reforms. Too academic. I wont ne surprised kuti uri based outside the country and you are just an armchair critic. GET AWAY

  43. @Mukonori unongovukurawo iwe. Why didn’t you register your own Party and Push for the reforms. Too academic. I wont ne surprised kuti uri based outside the country and you are just an armchair critic. GET AWAY

  44. All of znpf members are satanism god can not support satan nomatter what we don’t want to here about znupf in zimbabwe …

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