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#TBT: Army won’t let Chamisa rule: Minister


Only three months ago deputy finance minister Terence Mukupe said there was no way those who were behind the military intervention that ousted former President Robert Mugabe, can let MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa lead Zimbabwe.


Watch video below:

Addressing a Zanu PF cell meeting in Mandara, Harare on Monday, Mukupe gave the first sign yet that Zanu PF is not prepared to lose the upcoming general elections.
“How can we say, honestly, the soldiers took the country, practically snatched it from Mugabe, to come and hand it over to Chamisa?

“A child talking about spaghetti roads, who is talking about impregnating all women?

“This country, where it is now and where it is coming from, needs a grown up, a steady hand, a person who can stabilise things.”

Mukupe said while he also wanted to be President of the country, he was not yet mature enough to handle the office or even to have soldiers saluting him, the same manner Chamisa wanted to be saluted.

“Look at me, I also want to be a President, there is no one who does not want to seat in the (Mercedes) Benz while sirens are sounding all the way, but everything has its time,” he said.

“I don’t think that I am mature enough to be given the country to run and all the soldiers in this country salute me saying ‘the commander in chief is here’.
“But I heard Chamisa, at another rally, saying in the morning he wakes up and practices how to inspect a guard of honour.”

MDC Alliance spokesperson, Welshman Ncube said Mukupe’s statements were extremely worrying going into an election given that the military then led by the late former commander Vitalis Zvinavashe, once declared the presidency was a strait jacket only for people who fought in the liberation struggle.

“The statements by the civilian beneficiary of military rule are most unfortunate and should be withdrawn with immediate effect,” he admonished.

“This is clearly why we have been calling on the military element to withdraw the statements made by the late General Zvinavashe, Mukupe is just repeating the statements by that command, he is a pawn in the scheme of things.”

Ncube said the threats could be real because the late MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai was blocked from assuming power after winning the 2008 presidential poll.

MDC-T spokesperson, Tabitha Khumalo has said Mukupe’s statement amounted to a threat against democracy and instilled fear in the electorate to the extent that some of them might not vote freely.

“This is why we have been calling for the demilitarisation of the elections in this country, these statements coming from a deputy minister and Zanu PF politician are most unfortunate and should be condemned,” she said.

“These are statements being uttered by people who know they have lost and now want to bring the fear factor into the elections.

“We also call on the military to be professional and stay in their barracks.”

Mukupe’s statements are in sharp contrast with those made by Vice-President Kembo Mohadi, who said Zanu PF will hand over power if they lose the polls.

Military interference in the country’s elections has continued to be a dominant theme, with some Zanu PF officials in the past reported to have said the army will assist the party to remain in power.

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  1. Shame on you Mukupe .the biggest thief who should be in jail.the background of such is not what he is saying but that he needs protection for the loot he made.its only a matter of time you will be in jail soon

  2. Comment… Kupenga kwezunu pf vakatojaira zvekukwatisa vanhu ediots dzamnangagwa mondi dzevanhu same to mugabe no change

    • “…the soldiers took the country, practically snatched it from Mugabe..” this was a coup the man has confirmed. “… to come and hand it over to Chamisa?” this is also a clear statement that the military is in full control of the country.

  3. Comment…mukupe is talking the truth do you think chiwenga can do coup to hangover power to chamisa never.zanu PF will win the election either free or by rigging but they want win at all cost. So to dream chamisa ruling Kkkkkkkkk I hope dzechando this will never happen unless mdc launches armed struggle like what happen to smith regime

    • Comment…hausi kutonyarawo kusimbisa umhondi ihwohwo ummmm ,ndimi vanhu vanoda rubatsiro imi.

    • Yes, Mukupe is exposing the truth that there was a coup, that there is no democracy in Zim with Zanu PF at the helm, that the peoples vote is nothing, that we should not waste time going for elections. So why cant the Army just carry on ruling and leave us in peace. This the reason why ZANU PF should be thrown out of office. MUKUPE is a criminal a thug and worse than demagogoue.

  4. hey leave chamisa alone and concentrate on other issues for the betterment of the nation,iwe mukupe chamisa is not a soldier and neither does he want to be saluted, there is no war in zimbabwe and Chamisa is not joining the Zimbabwe National Army so why should he be worried about your saluting wakasara wakarara .At this time in age 38 years post war you are still talking about saluting when the nation has no fuel, no cash , unemployment rate standing at 95 percent ,the health system is in shambles ,inzwa tiri kutoda Chamisa for President .

  5. We have a penchant for making the wrong decisions as a people. Regardless the amount of rot we may wish to attach to Mukupe he has stated fact. If as a people or race of people, if we were strategists and wanting Chamisa to take over one day we would be advising him to hand on in the wings. After all these people do not have long to live something the metallic colour of their skins attests to. Neither do they have that horrible longevity gene Mugabe inherited from his mother. Then as they start dropping of like dead maggots Chamisa will then make his concerted push for office. He is still young and has many years ahead of him. Otherwise this Chamisa 2018 euphoria will only result another disputed outcome, or the army telling the rest of the world to go hang and ultimately sanctions. These sanctions will affect me and you the povo and not Chamisa or those army buffoons who continue to hold the nation to ransom because at some point they served as soldiers of fortune in a bush war.

  6. Mukupes dream is way too childish. The reason he wants to be president is to be driven in a Mercedes Benz listening to sirens. And he is scared to be saluted as the commander-in-chief. Then he unwittingly admits the ouster of Bob was a coup, by saying they snatched the country from him. He is not even aware he is simply saying there should be a war for power to change hands.

  7. Kusada maspagetti road ndizvo zvatirikuda kudyira zanu ,iyoyo backward mind ine zanu vachazviona.unofunga kuti munhu akaita sewe mukuphe ungaite president hapana anokuvotera sazitawako thoko akazvionera nesuturday rally yatadza kuatendwa even nevezanu vanomusapporter.you mukupe fuk

  8. Utterances of hooligan,thug,looter and etc, he will never win a seat come elections in two months time. He is in parliament by default, remember he is in there because the opposition recalled its sitting member then

  9. @hondo unonyepera vanhu iwe its not war time shamwari,we need someone who can develop this country not war poor thinking.you are displaying high level of backwardness

  10. Comment…iro rinonzi (hondo)rakajaira kupihwirwa rice mucup ndosaka achifunga nyika ndeyemasoja..munonyeperana fukura musoro ugeze kumeso mabori akakuwandira ugotarisa vanhu vaunoudza izvozvo. udza mawarvet nevana vavo maybe ndovanoteerera mbanje dzawasvutiswa Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans not for warvets saka zve history kumba kwenyu kwedu tinorarama necurrent situation plus reality

  11. John F Kennedy was 43 when elected President of The United States of America and Theodore Roosevelt was just 42. They were not regarded as too young and Presidency of the USA is a much bigger job than Presidency of Zimbabwe. If the army interferes in forthcoming elections then the displacement of Robert Mugabe will be confirmed as a military takeover.

  12. Iye Mukupe ibenzi anofunga kuti nyika ndeye Army here. Nyika ndeye munhu wese we Zimbabwe. If he wants to bring Zimbabwe in to a war country again will see fire to fire. This is a new Zimbabwe that is going to be lead by a young Chamisa not olds.Hondo muchaiona vakomana muno. Munofunga kuti kunyarara kwangu handidiwo mare dzamunoba dze madiamond. Ndaremba kunaka ini.Iye Mukupe ita mushe usaita se mwana mudiki tibvirepo kura iwe.Ini hondo ndokubasa. Ko iwo Masoja havadi kuona zvinhu zvichichinja here.Musoja munhu hapana chinoshamisira apa.

  13. Mukupe is the one dreaming. If Mukupe feels he is not yet ready to be president then fine,but if the people want Chamisa to be president then the ballot will prove that. It is so funny that when developed countries like France have a president who is 39, we have Mukupe saying that Zim’s president must be 80 years old. This time it won’t work. ED has been saying that the voice of the people is the voice of God; so the people will speak through the ballot. Furthermore we have leaders who are against this meddling by soldiers in politics i.e. Ramaphosa of SA. Otherwise what is the use of holding elections if the winner is not allowed to govern. The soldiers are not the ones who took power from Mugabe, it was the people of Zim from all political divide otherwise if the people had not filled the streets the Chiwengas and company would have been accussed of a coup d’etat and all the SADC countries would not have let that happen. So let the elections be free and fair and let the winner govern. But all in all l hope Mukupe loses his seat.

  14. The press reports in our newspapers are so soooo poor that you wonder if the journalism institutions in this country are worth it or maybe the journalist are merely partisans. The headlines and the reports are so disjointed. But again politicians should by now know the pathetic reporting and avoid being careless with words to avoid ambiguity, lest they are misconstrued.

    As I read this Makupe is talking about Chamisa’s immature utterances not his age but the Deputy Minister has been careless in the way he has included the issue on the army and has totally been misconstrued, in my view.

    • Very poor reporting. Mukupe is only emphasing the point that the army did a great job but it would be unfortunate to handover power to such a mentally immature person like chamisa. Mukupe is just expressing a regret but he is not saying that the army will resist. We now have very poor reporters whose command of the English language is very questionable

      • Exactly what I read, Mukhupe’s point and headline do not agree. Chamisa has his own weaknesses that will make him loose, One of them is over excitement, caused by immaturity.
        Our dear politicians, be careful what u say. rehearse your speeches before you address the public, we cant afford to make this election seem incredible. The election has our future whoever wins, Cant wait for casting my ballot

  15. I am a ZANU PF supporter but condemn Mukhupe and challenge him to withdraw his intimidatory statement to allow democratic processes to prevail. His stance is opposite that of his Principal, His Excellency the President who clearly indicated that elections must be free, fair and credible and that he was ready to hand over power if he losses in the upcoming elections. Our soldiers are professional and will not allow chaos to super-cede public security and peace. Be warned that there is no room for military rule in this modern world.

  16. If zanu as mukupe ( sorry I don’t know this idot) has said is what they want t do then it is better not t waste any money by masquerading a plebiscite, they can just do what they did to Mugabe, continue with the status quo, but as the people’s leader once said ” You can rig the elections but not the economy”. Whatever zanu touches gets rotten. Nothing good will ever come from zanu.

  17. Hapana apa mukupe anofunga kuti army yese irikufara nekushaiwa mari muma bank. Iyi ndiyo mboko iyi

  18. Mukupe has just de-campaigned himself. The electorate in his constituency will show him the middle finger for the rubbish he said. He is literally telling the electorate that, “Look stupid people, I am here because of the Army, and do not expect me to do anything for you because the army will be in charge!” What rubbish is this from a supposedly US-educated person!?

  19. the foolishly excitable boy beneficiary of junta rule. better shut your little mouth boy. your utterances don’t do any good to what ED is trying to achieve. you don’t become a President so you can be saluted by soldiers. Instead, you are elected the President so you serve the interests of the people. Saluting? what value does that bring to a nation? you truly have a corrupted mindset boy.

  20. Lets wait and see, we wait and see. We cant listen to this rabid maggot mukupe. By the way is he related to the wild thokozani or taku zanu khupe kupenga?

  21. Mukupe you a a millennium fool. I wonder how you ended up being a deputy finance minister with such stupidity

  22. So you think Zimbabweans are still backwards like you Mukupe. You need to be civilised . If you have nothing tosay just shut up. You nonsense

  23. chamisa chete the fall of a virus called zanu pf is near that has been destabilising our beloved zimbabwe

  24. We will revolt with you Zanus if you think behind your rotten brains,i tell this will happen in zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is not for zanu pf only,your useless mentality must be chucked into the fiercely flooded river.Fuck you Mukupe with your evil mindless party-ZANU PF. ZIMBABWEANS,don’t ever go and attend to useless zanu pf meetings and rallies. Zimbabwe was not destroyed by Chamisa, but by Mujuru, ED Mnangagwa,Robert Mugabe,Chiwengwa, Chihuri and their zanu pf party and supporters.Down with all these heartless vampires.

  25. Uku ndokunonzi kushaya zvekutaura, asi musoja ndiye asingadewo kufamba nebullet train chero kugara zvakanaka, uyu munhu anopenga chokwadi. ED part 2 chaiye, saka zvekuti restore regasi inhema zve, inonzi Operation Continue Regasi

  26. Mukupe should have said it more clearer that he is “not mature”, yes, and “not civilised” at all otherwise he would not have gone the barbaric route of beating up a respectable Finance Director of the Ministry Of Finance.

  27. He is a deputy finance minister,by the way which finance is Mukupe accounting for,yet zimbabwe is totally cashless? Zimbabwe is full of useless idiots.

  28. countries aren’t static, they move either in the positive direction or the negative one, Zimbos are fed up with the wrong lane that we have been led by the selfish government, once Chamisa is voted into power, he is bound to lead this country. How can someone dream of spaghetti roads when he is the one who z busy enjoyin that money. pliz do rem tht even soldiers are tired this government

  29. These utterances are indeed most unfortunate. Mukupe is just showing his political naivety and immaturity.

    It’s good that the reporter has noted what VP Mohadi has declared on the matter, the same thing that the President has also said. I would be worried if Mukupe was a military guy, fortunately he is not. In this instance I choose to follow what the President and his VP have proclaimed and not put too much weight to what Mukupe uttered.

  30. Comment…lt ceases not to boggle my mind how on this earth we have such a shallow fellow for a whole deputy minister for such a strategic ministry as finance. Such should be a deputy minister of fools in Foolishland. lf l where the president l would fire such a careless moron soon after the rally. l hope we wont have enough fools to vote back this impecile unto office, he stinks like the staff we flush in the toilet.

  31. In as much as what MuKHUPE said is deplorable, is worth of the brickbats he is getting and should be condemned by all rational people across the political divide, truth can still be gleaned from the otherwise reckless and frivolous speech. ZANU PF and the army have got a symbiotic relationship and indeed, tanks can roll back into the streets if rigging fails. ED is the civilian face of a fully fletched military leadership currently ruling the country. History and perennial wisdom suggest that incumbent revolutionary parties only go after a blood shed. It is my sincere hope that Zimbabwe will follow the democratic trajectory of a few revolutionary parties who accepted defeat and relinquished power.

  32. Very poor reporting. Mukupe is only emphasing the point that the army did a great job but it would be unfortunate to handover power to such a mentally immature person like chamisa. Mukupe is just expressing a regret but he is not saying that the army will resist. We now have very poor reporters whose command of the English language is very questionable

    • My brother or sister you are spot on. All the others are failing to grasp what he was trying to say. Its all about the immaturity of Chamisa. And other go to the extend of comparing the like of Rosevelt, Obama to Chamisa on the basis of age. The enrvinoments and the countries are totally different. People should wake up and not just advocate for change on the basis that Chamisa is still young. He is very very immature as evidenced by his reckless statements

      • Hi Luar Basketi, you have a sickness. Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. What the people have after 38 years of total disaster is Nelson Chamisa. Why should anyone be on the way of the people? Didn’t ED say the voice of the people is the voice of God? Then who are you to talk about Chamisa’s immaturity? Hasn’t Joseph Chinotimba been a member of parliament, who has questioned his maturity. Judge yourselves and count how many people you killed for disasterous rulership. Shame you loser

  33. Do not hate the player, hate the game. Of late, diverse words and deeds can justify Mukupe the whistleblower’s remarks. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. No wonder the questionable recruitment of the army in ZEC. Without fear of contradiction, the coming election is a done deal. That we are just going to be treated to an electoral hoax is clear to all and sundry. You can take this statement to the bank.

  34. ummmm this Mukupe guy is sick gentlemen. He must be fired and join Webster Shamu before he puts our elections in disrepute.

  35. Chamisa is now 40 years old. It is therefore very unconstitutional to say that Chamisa is young. Mukupe should apologise to Chamisa and the nation at large

  36. MDC-Chamisa people are so funny. all sorts of insults towards Mukupe. challenge is they are all victims of mob psychology. Mukupe never said if zanu loses elections they wont hand over power, never. but that they have the juggernaut to retain it since they managed to remove RGM. Mukupe is not army or anywhere nearer its hierachy. saka ngatisangovukura nhai. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuu

  37. Comment…What the army did to the Dictator last November is impossible to be done to a democratically elected president. Zimbabweans will not tolerate that, even SADC, AU,UN, EU, etc. Last time the coup plotters had headaches legitimising their soft coup. Mukupe thinks like a party activist who has not been to school. His idea won’t be accepted by the general membership of the army .

  38. From the looks of it, its clear that Mukupe was only expressing his own opinion. He never claimed to represent the system in those utterences. Interestingly, he is mistaken to think that Nero may win free and fair elections against Murambwi and then sidelined by the millitary. Clear statics point to a comfortable win for Ed without any tricks. 1:This game is like farming where by the farmer does not just work up one day and go to reap. He would need to prepare the land, plough, plant, water and clear the fiel of weeds antil the plants mature for harvesting. Chamisa has figuratively not done any of these but is expecting to reap on the polling day. Mdc did not get serious in mobilsing his support base in registering and the Mdc strongholds has miserably fewer registered voters than that of Zanu Pf. 2: Lake of financial resources due to lack of interested wealthy sponsor will seriously impede mdc’s perfomance. Hukama igasva hunozadziswa nekudya. The Mdc would also need to spoil its followers with gifts.

  39. Mukupe is an ancient fool,he must stop commenting what is happening in 21st century.he does not deserve to be around.

  40. The nation should be grateful to this Mukupe guy for bringing the truth into the open. Whether intentionally or otherwise, Deputy Minister Mukupe has let the cat out the bag!!! Once the proverbial genie is out of the bottle, there’s no way anyone can put it back in the bottle!

    Terence Mukupe has said it plainly – the military and the administration that they are currently a part of HAVE NO INTENTION of letting ANYBODY ELSE other than themselves to get into political office! Period!!! All other talk and/or actions are simply shenanigans.

    This government (or dispensation) just has NO honest intention to allow the genuine will of the people to see the light of day. In short, they have no will to allow the nation to have a free and fair choice of who to be in government. They have anointed themselves to be permanent rulers of our country.

    They do not intend to respect any Democratic process. The army will seen to that. Read Mukupe’s pronouncements carefully.

    What a sad situation that we find ourselves in.

  41. We not interested in spaghetti comments made by any Zanu pf…when the elections are over…they surely be eating spaghetti..Nelson Chimisa will lead the new

  42. We should learn to direct our anger on the problems -not people; our energies on the answers -not excuses. We may pour scorn on Mukupe for his ‘honesty’ but he may be a blessing in disguise. He indeliberately may be exposing what is cooking behind the scenes, who knows? We ought to heed the message first instead of shooting the messenger. Now that it has been brought in the spotlight, let us first read the ‘prescription’ carefully lest we aim indiscriminately and kill this ‘goose laying the golden eggs’. Such ‘evidence’ is worth documenting for ‘future reference’. We should learn to study the ‘signs of the times’ lest we are caught off guard.

  43. Mukupe Bob Marley sang you think you are living in heaven but, you living in HELL time alone time will tell , Isu tichaimba pidigori waenda anga achinyanya kuvhaira Goliath akarohwa ne one STONE NA David ,chenjera kuvhura hapwa dzako dzino nhuwa ONAREBHURU DEPUTY MINISTER OF CASH LESS MINISTRY OF FINANCELESS UNCIVILISED SCUTA CUTA DRUMANOSLESS.

  44. What Mukupe is saying cannot be tolerated any more. He is opposing the fairness state of the electoral field this year being preached by ED every now and then.

  45. It is only people with shallow minds like Mukupe who think spaghetti roads are not achievable . They are quite achievable as long as Zanu Pinyongo does not steal monies like 15b $ .Mukupe is more than dull to compare himself to Chamisa .

  46. It is for the people to decide whether Chamisa has matured enough to lead Zimbabwe.Why are we having the elections in the first place if the army has already stolen them?Why waste the meagre resources on election when you know you are not prepared to hand over power if you are beaten?Was it not prudent to use all the funds that you are wasting on a predetermined election to feed the nation and repair the roads?This party is a mafia organisation like i always say.The elections are just a ploy to hoodwink the international world that Zim is a democracy when in fact the country is under cruel dictatorship.If Dambudzo does not react to this hogwash positively then all his barking about a free and fair election is just a pie in the sky and i hope all observers are recording all this drivel.Thats the first evidence of an election which is not free and fair yet you will hear some good for nothing SADC countries saying the elections were free and fair.Chandoziva ndechekuti God will will never leave his people in jaws of these vampires.Ndosaka Mugabe aktosvika pakuchembera achikutongai imi muchingoti i am not yet mature to be a president.Chicken shit!

  47. Mutakura,who are you fooling? Do you and you masters zanu pf think that we were born yesterday? What goodies are you trying to emphasis on us when we are full aware of the true madness zanu pf evils has done? We are tired of living stone age life when South Africa is far far ahead in development.What do you zanus think you are on this earth? Zimbabwe was not destroyed by Chamisa or Tsvangirai. 38 years on zanu pf can not see and believe that the world’s environment is changing and anything is possible come what may.

  48. hey stupid guy who a u inthis world?? dont take chances to talk like that .cz we a not belongs to u .stupid fuck uuu

  49. There should be no surprise in what Mukupe has said; this is the ZANU-PF we should all know very well by now. The only surprise is that he has said it openly, when the ED government and ZEC are trying to convince us otherwise. The two main challenges for the opposition are to do what no-one has ever managed to do: 1. Catch ZANU-PF red-handed and expose the vote tampering. 2. Use that evidence to mount a response that annuls the fake result.

  50. MOst of your comments are senseless. Can you revise your comments again, do you think its a comment from an intelligent person? Everything has its time, if God allows your wishes, it will be that, you dont force the destiny that is not yours, some are destined to win

  51. is this an army or brutal killers of civillians the zimbabwean soldiers think they are untouchable they act like vana vemahure asina vabereki

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