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Zim elections will not change Mthwakazi problems – MLF


SOUTH Africa-based Mthwakazi Liberation leader Churchill Guduza has expressed pessimism over the capacity of the recently held elections’ to change the lives of the people of Matabeleland, who have endured several decades of marginalisation under Zanu PF’s rule.


Zimbabwe on Monday held hamornised elections that were generally peaceful although there were few incidents of violence.

MLF is a Matabeleland-based political grouping, which is fighting for the secession of Matabeleland from the rest of the country.

Guduza yesterday said the July 30 elections had nothing new to offer to the electorate.

“As that reality begins to dawn on all the peoples of Mthwakazi, it is fundamental now more than at any other time that we do everything collectively to defeat the rule by conquest, with every tool at our disposal. We owe it to generations of our people that are yet to come, that never, never and never again should they also fall victim to such a Rule by Conquest that was imposed to the diverse people of Mthwakazi without a single shot being fired,” Guduza said.

“It is a historical fact that we have never, as a diverse people of Mthwakazi, been ever defeated in any battle by our rulers. Rather, it remains a fact that we suffered genocide and ethnic cleansing without defending ourselves. We cannot allow that to happen again.”

He said now that reality had dawned on Matabeleland residents that they will never achieve power in another country, they should join hands with the MLF to bring about real change in the region, through the establishment of the Federal Republic of Mthwakazi.

In 2011 MLF activists sparked controversy in South Africa when they demonstrated and burnt the Zimbabwean flag, calling for revival of the Mthwakazi nation.

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