Zanu PF youths storm MDC Alliance rally, scores injured

Scores of MDC Alliance supporters were seriously injured on Wednesday after a group of suspected Zanu PF youths stormed a campaign rally at Royal KK in Caledonia on the outskirts of Harare, indiscriminately assaulted them.
By Cliff Chiduku

Election agent for MDC Alliance Harare East candidate Tendai Biti, who is also the People’s Democratic Party provincial spokesperson, Emmanuel Gumbo, said two activists were hospitalised following the attack.

“Several people were injured, two were hospitalised. What surprised us is that members of the Police Internal Security Intelligence did nothing to contain the situation despite their presence at the rally,” Gumbo said.

“This is typical of Zanu PF. They are scared of a fair contest. We are confident of winning despite the threats, attacks and intimidation.”

He said before violence broke out, Zanu PF youths, led by one Mohammed, camped at the venue and started singing derogatory songs, dancing and waving placards denouncing the Alliance.

“We are a peace-loving party. We condemn in the strongest terms these acts of wanton violence that were unleashed on our innocent and peace-loving party cadres by some unruly elements in Zanu PF,” Gumbo said.

The MDC Alliance activists reported the matter at Mabvuku Police Station under IRB3615443. Ads

Biti, who addressed the rally, accused Zanu PF of resorting to violence when it cannot keep up with political competition.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said she was unaware of the incident.

Harare East, which has been a hotbed of political violence, will see MDC Alliance principal Biti and Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe, of Zanu PF, battling out for the ticket to represent the constituency in Parliament. Obert Gutu, who is deputy president of the breakaway MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe, is also eyeing the seat.


  1. You have to take this story with a pinch of salt. From an outsiders view ,i can’t believe that a few opposition supporters from either storming at a rally and attack people. How very brave can they be. I wouldn’t dare cross path with ZANU PF or MDC supporters unless i wanted to end up admitted in hospital.

  2. Doctor Future

    This story is meant to concide with the visit by by UN emminent persons or elders.Desperate Tendai Biti you suck

  3. Saka makatorohwa nevanhu vashoma ivavo rally yakazara vanhu sure…..ummmm i smell a rat vabiti makutikuwadza ngenhema manje

  4. Where is the video evidence as i have always said in this day of technology camera on phones and videos any report of this type must be dismissed from word go and the media must wary of such reports and demand such evidence before rushing to print

  5. I believe in the present day, citizen journalism is storming the media, here it suffice with enough admissible evidence to accompany the conceits of editors. Videos and images are missing , why ? how could everyone fail to take ? taking into consideration that the mobile penetration ratio is as big as uncontested.

  6. ana elisha tibvireipo hapana asinga zive kuti kana musangano wasvika unorohwa ukafira mahara machinja ane rudo haarwe zvinoitwa nemapenzi ko police sei isina kudaidza support unit it less than 5km from caledonia.muchikuyeuka gore rekubase uchida usingade waienda otherwise iwe elisha vanhu vakafa usataure kwausina kuswera

  7. When they attacked Khupe they said nothing, when they re attacked they are peace loving. Foolish statement.

  8. This is true. This happened and unfortunately the area is so full of arrogant youths who think they are untouchable. They myt have been few but obvious being those “untouchable” mafia who spend the whole night beating drums, they was no need to fight them back because u don’t fight a gun with a gun. The area is full of unemployed youths who drink bronco daily.

  9. Farai J Nhire

    How would then Mai Charamba have no information about it if it was true? Chamisa wenyu arikushaya marambiro emaelections thats why you are coming up with a lot of nonsense each and every day.

  10. Comment…you stupid guys from Zanu pf me am in South Africa but I saw it those who have money for you tube the rally is downloaded there .there’s a guy who has been injured on his face with a stone from Zanoids supporters.So why the police is saying they don’t know that…all I was thinking Sometimes Zanu pf inozonyanyawo kunyeperwa but now ndaona coz I saw the up to end they were singing lifting Mukupe placards inside mdc supporters,the leaders control their crowd not to retaliate…

  11. Comment…Biti u have run out of ideas ,u want to find excuses to postpone elections bcz u know defeat is imminent at the hands of ED kkkkkkkkk

  12. Comment…Nguva zhinji hunhu wakadayi ndehwe vaya vanoita seshiri iya inonzi hoto. Vaingopisa nekushurudza vamwe kubvira nguva yeZHANDAH neDZAKUTSAKU. MuWARD 15 mandinogara vanhu ava ndivo varikungokonzeresa nevana vavo. Uye avo vane NGOZI dzekuponda vanhu pose panoitwa sarudzo. Hoto dzevanhu dzinoshurudza. Unonzwa voti, “ndaitsvakira magandanga zvokushandisa ini. Zvekwaani, ndohunhu hwavo, havatyi kudeura ropa remunhu. Vonotoshuvira sarudzo gore regarega kana mwedzi wegawega.

  13. pakaipa

  14. When you think of Zanu Pf, think of thugs. Its runs in the blood; right from the leaders to the brainwashed zanu supporter in the street.

  15. kid marongorongo

    kkkkk ceee wenharo wandionesa zvandandisina kuona apa.Rally nemawandiro anenge akaita vangu veMDC kwakurohwa nevanhu vashoma shoma hamunyari here imi. makaziva sei kuti ndevezanu, kokana vari vanhu vaKhupe vari kudzorera zvamakambovaita paya.

  16. Wezhira Wezhara

    This is a blatant lie by the MDC Alliance. Their youths are violent as seen on a vedio released by ZTV on Friday evening. They stormed a Zanu PF Women’s league meeting in Bulawayo and played their music full blast. The women were restrained by the male person who asked them to remain calm. At Chikwanha on Saturday I was actually provoked by some youths who had seen me putting on my party regalia (zanu) in a bar. I challenged them for contructive arguement as to why they should vote for Chamisa while I also told them why I would vote for Mnangagwa. I had just spoken for less than 2 minutes when they started to hail insults. People who were listening to my arguement were actually convinced that Zanu PF has come of age and the young men were left with no choice but to drive off in their navy blue BMW. Had other patrons not seen sense in my short presentation I bet you I would have been in hospital now.

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