Zanu PF abusing State resources: Zesn

INDEPENDENT electoral watchdog, Zimbabwe Elections Support Network (Zesn), has accused the ruling Zanu PF party of enjoying an unfair advantage over its rivals by abusing State resources such as vehicles, land, food aid, buildings and the State media to oil its campaign machinery ahead of the July 30 general elections.

BY Blessed Mhlanga

Zesn, in its pre-election report, said: “Use of government buildings or land by only one party while other parties could not use the same, use of government public address system or staging that other parties could not use; government officials speaking at party events campaigning at government-held events; and government food aid, or equipment that was given out at political party events.”

The report also disclosed that Zanu PF forced people to attend its meetings.

“Some of the incidents include Zanu PF youths who were reported to have gone door-to-door forcing residents of Zengeza West to attend a party meeting, while in ward 17, Chikanga-Dangamvura constituency, people were forced to attend Zanu PF political meetings. These cases mar the political environment that has generally been noted to be relatively peaceful,” the report read.

“Zanu PF was the most dominant party in terms of campaigning by the various means. The LTOs reports show that the most commonly used method of campaigning is posters or banners on free sites for all political parties. Political parties have also used door-to-door campaigns more than other ways.”

Zanu PF held 206 meetings attended by less than 100 people compared to MDC Alliance’s 173, and New Patriotic Front’s 29 and another 29 for the Joice Mujuru-led People’s Rainbow Coalition.

In rallies attended by over 100 people again, Zanu PF was in the lead with 150 meetings compared to MDC Alliance’s 101, while Mujuru’s party only held 15 meetings recorded by Zesn.


  1. rega vaite kana mugabe nevana nevazukuru vakuziva pekuvhota

  2. kid marongorongo

    Let it be known to you that ZANU PF is the government so its is at liberty to use its resources. did MDC build any school. the grounds that it uses for its rallies belong to the government which is Zanu Pf. some groups are just a bunch of fools who when they have nothing to do they specialize on talking nothing.

    1. You’re an idiot. “Government” is made up of money from tax payers (you don’t sound like you even know how govt works, nor even pay tax). If taxpayers stop paying taxes it would be interesting what this monolith would amount to with all its zero IQ supporters. This is why anything this “govt” touches turns to dust!!

  3. ZESN , Hamunyare, kuda kungozivo mataura. ZANU PF is the current GVT HENCE CHERO BENZI rinozviziva kuti they use the resources available. Chero Mugabe ndozvaaita and Chamisa is going to do the same.

  4. When the government receives the tax payers money it means it collecting this from various political groups. The gvt is not ZANU PF neither is ZANU PF the govt. Govt property will remain govt property irrespective kuti ndiani arikutonga. For this very reason the reserve bank, the courts even ZEC cannot function well when there is no dividing line. Garai maziva kuti zvinhu zvehurumende hazvisi zvemusangano. When people are paying taxes they are not paying to ZANU PF. This party has no mandate to collect any tax or levy from any citizen except from its party members.

  5. zanu ichingoiiinda ichingoiiinda imi muchingovukura muchingovukura

  6. Mwari vada havo Zimbabwe will Prosper

    Its a shame that Zanu pf supporters don’t know the difference between Zanu pf and Government…. Honestly you cant expect such people to know that their vote has an effect to their future…. its like supporting a team with no super stars for 38 years and expecting it to bring you a trophy

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