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You don’t belong to the chicken barnyard!


“Be faithful to that which exists within you,” once noted Adre Gide. Fulton Oursler went further and clarified this by saying, “many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves — regret for your past and fear for the future.


Remember you are forced not to reach your full potential because of your continuous echoing negative environment and the limited thinking mantra.

Change the music

But it mustn’t be like that. Change the song and you change the music. Don’t sing from such outdated hymn books. Open a new chapter and paint a new picture. Set yourself on fire, for you are more than a conqueror, you are just blessed coming in and blessed going out, goes the Holy Bible.

You were made to conquer not to be conquered. Yours is to be a victor’s game not a victim play. To be at the top not the bottom. To lead while others will be following you. Truly, that’s where you belong.

The little eaglet

A story is told of a farmer who stayed in a certain land. His business was chicken farming. He kept chickens for egg production.

When his chickens laid eggs he had one important role to play. His role was to ensure they were brooded well.

So one day during his routine field visits, the farmer saw a lost egg. To him it might have appeared like a chicken egg, but it wasn’t so.

Something had happened for it to end up in the field of this farmer.

The farmer picked that egg and put it under a brooding hen. As usual, the hen provided the ideal temperature for hatching to take place.

Later on, the hen hatched. But one of the chicks was really different. It was just a funny-looking little creature.
As is the norm, the hen used to move around together with its chicks.

So whenever the hen would do the usual “clucking,” this little eagle could not understand the sound which was being made. The chicken “clucking” was really a foreign language. It was something that brought confusion to its little mind.

The eaglet would say, “I don’t know what that thing sounds like, but I am following it anyhow.”

Never forget to follow the path of this life even if you don’t comprehend the “life clucking.” Persue it anyhow. Keep navigating, proclaim your territory and possess your valuable possessions.

Don’t be like other chicks

Most of the times other chicks would go to the barn yard for the usual scratching of the feed. But that little eaglet could not eat that stuff. The feed wasn’t just good for this wild bird.


As time went by, it dawned on the mother eagle that sometime ago she had laid two eggs. Of the two, she managed to get only one. So what had happened to the other egg? She began to hunt for the other egg.

She would fly and search around with high precision as an eagle does, knowing that one day she would find his lost egg.

So there’s a day she flew over the barn yard. She looked down and saw the little eaglet. What a miracle?

It dawned on the mother eagle that it must be its little one. As a mother ,she screamed a loud reverberating and thunderous voice. It was a voice that echoed from inside. That voice caught the attention of the little eaglet.

The mother eagle then shouted and said, “Son, you don’t belong to that group, you belong to me. You are mine.”

The eaglet responded: “Mama that sounds real. How am I going to get out?” it queried.

“Just make a jump, I will catch you,” the loving mother responded.

So the eaglet did just that and the rest was history. Let this not pass through you, that “the potential of an average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channelled toward the same great good,” observed Brian Tracey.

You are an eagle. Eagles must eat eagle food. So don’t eat anything. Enjoy the skies and fly high.

Eagles were predestined not to be on the ground like chickens. If you stay with chickens, you will always be influenced not to realise who you are.

But there is voice that tells you that you can do it. And for sure you can do never mind the hinderances.

Don’t forget the Asian proverb that says:“You can only enter halfway unto the dark forest before you begin to come out the other side.” It can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com

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