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‘Vote out runaway, non-resident candidates’


HARARE East National Assembly aspirant Itai “Zvenyika” Munyoro, of the Joice Mujuru-led People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC), has boldly declared that he “fears none of his political opponents” in the dog-eat-dog campaign to win the parliamentary seat, because he believes he “is a child of the constituency”.


Munyoro, who is on a campaign trail in the constituency, claims he has already hit the ground running by repairing four broken down boreholes in Tafara and one in Caledonia.

He also asserts that it is possible for Mujuru to win the presidential race, as “she is well-versed and experienced in issues of national governance at the highest level”. Munyoro, popularly addressed by his supporters as “VaMunyoro Vemoyo Munyoro”, will contest against Tendai Biti (MDC Alliance), incumbent Zanu PF candidate, Terence Mukupe, MDC-T‘s Obert Gutu and five others, bringing to nine the number of candidates fighting doggedly in the Parliamentary race.
Below are excerpts of an interview between Munyoro (IM) and NewsDay correspondent Tonderayi Matonho (ND) about his campaign.

ND: Why do you think Joice Mujuru will win the elections ahead of the other leading presidential candidates?

IM: I believe that of all the 23 presidential candidates, Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru is a cut above the rest, because she is the most decorated liberation freedom fighter who has the most experience as the former Vice-President and in various capacities in government since independence.

She is the only candidate who has been acceptable across the political divide and even the notorious security sector, which claims that only a candidate who fought the liberation struggle is acceptable. Mujuru is a real mother, who is capable of uniting the nation and healing the wounds that have been created by the past and current administration.

ND: What motivates you to think you have the capacity to beat seasoned campaigners like Tendai Biti and Terence Mukupe all systems out?

IM: I believe God gave me the gift to work hard for the people. I have always worked hard in life to achieve my goals. Having been born, bred and working in the constituency for decades, I have realised that since the year 2000 until now, the community has suffered from a leadership crisis and I have also clearly understood that this is my time to stand up and make a difference in the community.

I have what it takes to be the greatest ever member of Parliament for Harare East. It is about time to make greater and visible changes in the constituency. I strongly urge the people to vote out run-away and non-residential candidates in our midst.

ND: Which areas are you targeting in your development and rehabilitation programmes?

IM: On top of my priority list is the availability of regular clean water supply to all residents without regard of their political affiliation. Water is a fundamental human right and denying residents access to water is a serious human right violation. This has now become a legislative issue and must be dealt with without any further delay.

I’m also targeting establishment of government secondary schools in Greendale and Mandara. Gletwin (Chamboko), Eastview (Caledonia) also require both primary and secondary schools.

I will also advocate for establishment of satellite and mobile clinics, across the constituency.

Road network must be revamped, good market places with adequate water supplies and ablution facilities must also be set up or even refurbished.

The first is the 3km road that links Arcturus Road and Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison (Pangula).

I will also target to establish a technical college in the constituency to empower the youths and women, offering welding, carpentry and mushroom-growing short courses, for instance.

People who stay in the Gunhill squatter camp and “Mkandabhutsu” in Msasa, must be relocated to proper settlements. I will also promote income-generating projects through introducing micro-finance schemes.

ND: Do you think there has been true representation in the constituency?

IM: From the year 2000, Harare East has not been properly represented in Parliament. The previous MPs have always been benefiting from protest votes against Zanu PF and the other one benefited from a sham by-election in 2013.

It’s so disheartening to note that we have had two MPs from the Finance ministry and they deliberately forgot community development. Given the vote, I’m ready to serve and represent the people of this constituency, with properly laid out results-based initiatives.

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