PV Sibanda facilitated ED’s escape: Chiwenga

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga yesterday disclosed that the military facilitated President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s escape to Mozambique following his expulsion from both the party and government by former President Robert Mugabe last November.


Addressing mourners at the burial of Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Valerio Sibanda’s mother Yowana Kubvoruno Sibanda in Mashayamvura village, Dera in Gokwe, Chiwenga said two soldiers were deployed to whisk Mnangagwa out of the country, as he fled from Mugabe’s “running dogs.”

He said Sibanda organised Mnangagwa’s escort team.

“Today, I want to say something I have never told anyone, a secret that has been kept between me and General Sibanda,” Chiwenga said.

“General Sibanda is truly a brave hero. When the then Vice-President was fired from the government last November, I was away in China on national duty. General Sibanda called me to advise me on the sad developments.

“I told him that Cde Mnangagwa’s life could be at stake, so please make sure he is safe. General Sibanda is the one who orchestrated our President’s escape through the Mozambique boarder and he sent two soldiers, one of them did not have a passport.

“They managed to safely whisk him away through the border and they left him in Mozambique and came back using the same border. When I came back, we sat and insisted that we want this to be a peaceful operation. Sibanda coined the name Operation Restore Legacy.”

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  1. Everyone sane thinking Zimbabwean knew that EDs escape was facillitated by the army so there are no surprises here, well done Commander Sibanda for playing that pivotal role.

  2. Cde Gabarinocheka

    kkkkk ERISHA is a pure ZECPF ,i dnt think he has ever walked the Streets of our beloved Capital City, its now vendors all over the place and i wonder if ERISHA has got all the five senses….

  3. HAHA

  4. Collins Thole

    But didn’t Mnangagwa tell us that he went through the bushes, lies lies lies.

    1. Mnangagwa and son claimed they were alone in the bush now they had 2 bodyguards from the military. Liars

  5. With these zanupf pf guys there’s always a new ‘truth’ always coming out sooner or later to every story we hear, it’s really confusing

  6. After all being said, how does that solve the cash crisis?. We are not interested in history but rather the future. Mugabe used to bark about how he rescued this country and 4got how he has captured it.

  7. And whats left is for Chamisa to facilitate his exit to retirement.

  8. ED exit plan?In your dreams.

  9. Mnangagwa wont be exitinb he is just warming the seat for the next president he is acting president a zero just a place holder telling lies he has been running the country for the last 7 months after the millitary coup Mnangagwa knows his time is up he should have left Mugabe to self destruct on his own and lose the elections anyway Im not voting for Junta not now not even a gun to my face can convince me otherwise…

  10. Comment…Iniwo ndinomuyemuyemura baba ava, matauriro, mafungiro ake. 2011, ndakasangana naye paWilliam Smith & Gourock muna Mazorodze. Remekedzo yavakandipa pavakandikwazisa. Takataura kwemaminutes anosvika gumi. Hongu muuto, asi mawonero angu, munhu munyoro. P.V, muri mumwe wevanhu vandinoyemura munyika muno. Zvisineyi ndisiri muuto. Mawonero anguwo, sewenyama.

  11. Chiwenga is lying. ED failed to enter the Forbes border here in Mutare, hence returning to Harare. Gun shots were heard at the border when police tried to arrest ED.
    The version of ED that he border jumped into Mozambique is correct.

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