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Prepare to pop champagne: Chamisa


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday urged his supporters to start preparing victory celebrations, claiming Monday’s poll outcome will be in his favour even if Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) connive to rig the results.

By Obey Manayiti/Nunurai Jena

Addressing thousands of party supporters in Norton, Chamisa made fun of Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga for flying a military helicopter to the town about 40 kilometres from Harare to only attract a handful of Zanu PF loyalists.
Chamisa said he had plans to transform the dilapidated infrastructure in Norton and improve the socio-economic outlook of the country by introducing modern technology.

He said the Zanu PF leadership had no clue on how to address the problems which they co-created under former President Robert Mugabe.

“This is a delayed match. The election was decided a long time ago and we are winning,” Chamisa said.

“Prepare for celebrations. Even if Zanu PF apparatchiks try to rig, they will not win. Even if Zanu PF connives with Zec, this is already a done deal.”

Chamisa poked holes on Zec, claiming the electoral body had just failed a credibility test.

The MDC Alliance leader said Zanu PF had no support as evidenced by the poor attendance at Chiwengwa’s recent rally.
“I thank you Norton because you taught him (Chiwenga) a lesson that you don’t want lies. I am happy that our rallies are not forced, no one is forced. You have turned up in your big numbers. From Tuesday, we will be celebrating into a new Zimbabwe.”

Chamisa said he will do away with the bond notes as soon as he is elected into power.

Speaking earlier at Murombedzi in Zvimba, Mugabe’s home area, Chamisa said Zec was working overtime to rig elections in favour of the ruling party, but vowed to beat the two − the referee and the other player, Zanu PF.

“Even if Zec had a demon to rig the elections in favour of Zanu PF, we are going to trounce the referee Zec and Zanu PF together next Monday,” Chamisa said.

He also took a swipe at Mnangagwa and Chiwenga for wasting State resources, travelling in helicopters when the rest of the population was suffering.

“Now you see the insensitivity of the current leadership of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga who have a penchant of traveling in helicopters wasting resources when the country’s larger population is suffering.”

He warned politicians intimidating and harassing opposition supporters in rural areas that their days were numbered.

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  1. You believe this and you can believe that there will be a bullet train which touches Byo in 30mins time, pure undiluted Hallucination and i feel pity for the youngster and the hoards of unregistered voters who are misleading this bubbling young politician, ZVIROTO.

  2. At last freedom & development is around the corner, we are tired of stone age politics of hate & exclusion of others by the zanupf cult

  3. Chamisa has the numbers and ED is relying on the military. I urge you Zimbabweans to vote out the military rule come 30 July 2018. Show them the exit door by giving them a “red card”.

  4. While it is a good thing to be confident, it is another to be overconfident. Stop misleading people Chamisa, life is not all about fantasies. Even when you dream, you still have to wake up reality.

  5. Good thing is Chamisa has conceded defeat to ED.He should concentrate his energy in gaining a majority in parliament and councils then at least there can be someone who will ask that guy to say NDOMBOLO

  6. For warned for armed. ED anorovesa when it comes to election yegore rino saka garai mune ma stop pains because 30 July muri kurakashwa

  7. @Goldfingure would rather keep dreaming that wake up to the nightmare Ive lived in the last 38 years under ZanuPf also Mnangagwa and his junta would actually be living hell on earth

  8. ED truly deserves a good rest after 57 years in politics and helping us to remove Mugabe last year, while Chiwenga should be grateful to have more spare time to attend his favourite beauty parlour and attend his skin bleaching sessions in peace

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