Police raid Kasukuwere home

FORMER Zanu PF political commissar and Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s fallout with law enforcement agents continued to unfold with police detectives raiding his Harare mansion yesterday hunting for him.


The raid, whose purpose could not be ascertained, came shortly after Kasukuwere was acquitted on “border jumping” charges.

Kasukuwere, who is in South Africa, confirmed the raid which he said involved five officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

“Yes, they were at my house. There were five officers from the CID who arrived at around 5am. They did not have a search warrant and were told I was not home. They went away only to return three hours later this time demanding to be allowed onto the property,” he said.

“They forced their way in. I was indeed not at home because I am outside the country. I was called so I talked to them and advised them to talk to my lawyer (Jonathan Samukange).”

Samukange said he was not aware of the police raid.

“I am actually hearing it from you. We had agreed that if they wanted him for anything, they would call me first so I could bring him in. Maybe, it is because I have been busy with campaigns, that could be the reason they may not have been able to get hold of me,” the Zanu PF lawmaker said.

“I am going to make inquiries so I get an understanding of what exactly the police are looking for.”

CID spokesperson Portia Chinho referred questions national police spokesman Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi who said he was out of Harare.

“I am out of town and only back on Thursday. I have no information on that,” Nyathi said.

Kasukuwere was part of a Zanu PF faction known as G40 reportedly then under the tutelage of former President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace. The faction was until November last year locked in a bitter political tussle for control of Zanu PF before the military intervention that forced Mugabe to resign paving the way for Mnangagwa’s rise to power barely two weeks after he had been fired as Vice President.

Along with his acolytes, then Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao who was then serving as Labour minister, Kasukuwere skipped the border into exile as the military closed in on them.

However, the former Zanu PF national commissar made a dramatic return to the country two months ago, dragged to court on “border jumping” charges but later acquitted.

The military intervention code named Operation Restore Legacy reportedly targeted “criminals around” Mugabe, who according to insiders included Kasukuwere, Moyo, Zhuwao and former First Lady Grace.

Moyo and Zhuwao have accused Kasukuwere of “selling out” to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “military junta” government.


  1. only guess is that there could have been looking for the bombers

  2. Am sure this is the result of the President making his hunch about the BOMB known in that BBC interview. What type of democracy is this? An issue which is under investigation and the President goes on LIVE TV making his hunches all but public. Obviously the police will act on it lest they be found wanting?

    The new dispensation sure coming with new ways of justice.

  3. Farai J Nhire

    Let bygones be bygones manthra needs a serious review Mr President. Mwana wenyoka inyoka chete.

  4. Comment…Mondy Moyo is on point.it is ridiculous indeed.ED voiced his suspicions soon after the explosion and the security services detained 2 people for slightly over a week.These people were released without charge on Monday.Yesterday we learnt that another 2 people were arrested.It could be the same 2 people who were released on Monday being rearrested! Alternatively it could be 2 new suspects altogether.Another possibility is that the same people apprehended last week were only released because they had been illegally detained by security services who don’t have arresting powers.It is common cause that the police were looking for them.Since the military or the C10 cannot arrest civilians the two people arrested this week are probably the same suspects now being arrested in terms of the law.Maybe they mentioned Kasukuwere.

    1. And who told you it was about the bomb? Kuvhunduka chati kwatara. Kasukuwere imbavha yemakoko and CID will definitely investigate him for those crimes so it could well be anything chavaimutsvagira

  5. Jonathan Moyo is a possible culprit considering his tendency to want to cause unrest in the country.

  6. Kasukuwere sandiye akacoordinator terror attack here

  7. Hondo Zvenyika

    Kasukuwere can b answerable futy kunyaya yeGrenade potse kwaakaenda ikoko akatonotora mamwe

  8. guys we never why the police are looking for him,,,but we hope its related to anything bad ,,boz this guys are very dangerous especially elections time like this you might be slaughtered

  9. kutaura kwamusina kuswera

  10. Comment…ndimi makati adzoke muchaparara munoti moyo wake muchena

  11. U arrest them and acquit them then start looking for them again munozivhana imi mbavha ze Zanu

  12. U arrest them and acquit them then start looking for them again munozivhana imi mbavha ze Zanu

  13. kid marongorongo

    kuti angadaro akauya nemabhomba regai police iite basa rayo hatidi kugara nemadzakutsaku munyika isu we want our kids to attain their education like they did they should not threaten the peace that they grew up cherishing only because they are power hungry.

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