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New Nox emerges across Limpopo


SOUTH Africa-based Zimbabwean singer Enock “Nox” Guni (pictured) who launched his music career in the early 2000’s during the peak of the urban grooves is one of the few artistes from the genre who has stood the test of time when others were swept away by other emerging music genres such as Zimdancehall.

By Winstone Antonio

The Masvingo-born artiste became a household name after he released hit single Maria that probably propelled him to stardom before he later released his debut album Wandipengesa in 2004.

Off the stage, Nox has had his share of controversy that saw his sex life with socialite Paida Zvirikuzhe popularly known as Amai Gamu brought onto the public domain with his nudes being shared on Facebook.

NewsDay Life & Style reporter, Winstone Antonio (ND), spoke to the musician (NG) from his Mzansi base about his career and below are the excerpts from the interview:

ND: How is life across the Limpopo?

NG: It is not easy, but we are doing all we can to be comfortable and successful.

ND: I understand you were once a business development executive for a training and recruitment company, are you still doing that?

NG: I left that job some time ago to fully focus on my music career. However, I recently joined the corporate world again as a brand ambassador for a certain construction company. We will furnish you with further details in good time.

ND: A lot has been said about your love life, have you settled down now? If yes, who is the mistress?

NG: I am in a relationship, and because of lessons learnt in the past, I prefer to leave my love life out of the media.

ND: A lot people probably don’t know about you off the stage, how best can you describe yourself off the stage?

NG: I am a born again and devoted Christian. I love my family and always put family first.

Sadly my father lost his 10-year battle with cancer on March 17 this year, but his spirit lives on through us.

That event changed me and I made a total turnaround regarding some choices I have been making in life.

ND: What are your hobbies?

NG: I like cooking, I am a very good cook. I also enjoy watching movies and also spend most of my free time watching news, because I want to always stay up to date with what’s happening out there.

ND: You are a university graduate, was your degree music related?

NG: I got my first degree in 2007 at Midlands State University and I can safely say my honours in marketing management has helped me a lot to stay relevant up to date.

Education, however, is very vital to any human being, as it is something that will be with you till death, music might not.

ND: I understand you once launched a clothing label Ice ‘n’ Roses, is it still running?

NG: We put the project on hold.

ND: Your love life once sent tongues wagging on social media when your nudes were shared on Facebook, were you affected?

NG: It’s one incident I wish never took place, it affected my career to an extent that I almost reached rock bottom.

I regret that the images were made available to the public, but it’s something I cannot undo.

I lost a lot of business, I lost a lot of my artistry, but I forgave myself and the person who did that. Because of that, I have managed to pick up the pieces and soldiered on with my number one love, which is music.

ND: There have been reports that you don’t see eye to eye with rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, do you have any beef with any artist in the country?

NG: Those statements come from people who don’t even know us at a personal level.

Stunner is a friend and a colleague in the industry. Friends fight from time to time, a smooth friendship is likely to be fake.

I do not have any beef with any artiste in the industry and I think, I am one of the artistes who has collaborated with a lot of young and established artistes.

I love art, and I always put art first before money, which is why I have helped a lot of artists to the best of my capability at no cost.

ND: What has been your secret to success?

NG: God. I put my creator in everything I do.

Patience and hard work are also vital to success. I believe there is nothing impossible, because what God has done, man cannot undo.

I also subscribe to the philosophy that “just because something works, it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved”.

Having this mindset has taught me to better myself in every aspect of my art.

ND: What is in store for your fans?

NG: This year marked the introduction of the re-branded Nox.

We have decided not to release new music, and to stay out of the public eye for a while, together with my management as we work on the brand Nox.

We have not been accepting shows for the same reason and when we launch the new Nox, everyone will know about it, all in God’s time.

ND: Your parting shot?

NG: Never give up, winners are not quitters, and quitters are not winners.

Most importantly, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
Artistes stay away from drugs and all intoxicating substances, discipline and character is what will take you far.

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