Ncube mocks Nkosana Moyo

HWANGE — MDC Alliance spokesperson, Welshman Ncube on Friday last week insinuated that some politicians in the country were suffering from cannabis effects.

Ncube was speaking in reference to Alliance for People’s Agenda leader Nkosana Moyo whom he said was contesting for the presidency without a single aspiring House of Assembly candidate.

Ncube made the remarks while addressing supporters in Hwange.

“To give you examples so that you see that in Zimbabwe we have a problem of mbanje, there is Nkosana. He wants to be a president. He is alone. He has no other candidate,” he said.

“Where will he appoint ministers from? In Parliament, who will vote for your laws? If you go to Parliament without MPs they will chase you away.”
He said it would be a waste of votes for the electorate to vote for such people and they should be wary of them.—Agencies

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  1. Very true, a human being’s worst enemy ever is pride, many ex-zanupf politicians think they are too special to be seen joining up with others in the struggle & soon bring their careers to an early demise by trying to go solo

  2. Comment…There is Brian Mteki who is alone, no manifesato, no campaigning but has already garnered over 100 votes as a presidential candidate one needs at least 100 votes. The opposition should have united into one grand coalition. ED has the advantage.

  3. kid marongorongo

    kusekana kwana Kamba Ncube you are the most confused politician of the land i have ever seen. you are not sure of yourself, you doubt you leadership and you will not dispute this one. you failed to lead MDC when you broke away from the main MDC and you sort for the leadership of Prof Arther Gusseni Mtambara, then recently your your cowardice is manifesting in joining chamisa, he being your leader. you always want to follow but you want to claim to be so clever. Moyo believes in himself so is better than you by far.

    1. You are a big fool

  4. Moyo is far much better. Idzi dzinongotenderera. UCHASIIWA PACHENA NA CHAMISA. You will never get a post mu new gvt. Vakavata.kkkkkkkkk

  5. I see Ncube as a gentleman with no pride. There are few people accept that someone can deliver better than me and choose to support the person in order to achieve better results. He tried it before and he learned that united we stand and divided we fall. You are laughing at him but we least that there is a man called Ncube but as for you who knows you by name and uchiita nezveyi. Watsuna warwa

  6. Ncube .Check one of Nkosana’s interviews.He said he will advertise and interview for his ministers, probably after he has changed the constitution. How without cabinet?Only he knows.

  7. Chigumba Devil

    Vana Moyo ava ndiro team raana Zec Chigumba asi hamuna dot com racho you guyz

  8. chakaipa chii?

    Ministers come from parliament. He will pick from there

  9. Ncube just keep quiet.i thought Mdc t wld go it alone and leave you in the cold.Mdc alliance was only brought to life to accomodate failed politicians like yourself,Biti and many.As to where Nkosana will pick ministers from,simply from winning canditates.Your statement exposes the folly of a professor who puts party interests ahead of national interests.There is a saying that in politics there are no permanent enemies but permanent interests.There are people in different political parties who share the same interests with Nkosana Moyo.

  10. Nxa ungaguli uphambene wena Ncube. Its a democratic right for anyone to campaign for presidence in Zimbabwe, it only seems in your own world its mbanje. I guess you smoke yourself, leave Moyo alone. He hasn’t insulted anyone due to desperation for votes like you.BIG failure, anyway thanks for campaigning for him, ill now vote Moyo. As for ministers, he has more than enough choice in Parliament, yes except you.

  11. Campaigning is about selling yourself, tell us what you will improve or add to our values not De-campaigning others, mind your own business.

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