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Music producer GtBeats riding high


Titus Gambiza, popularly known as GtBeats, has been making waves in the music industry across the region. Having started out at 15 years, he has grown to become one of the biggest names in the local and regional music industry.

By Anesu Mushawatu

NewsDay Life & Style Reporter Anesu Mushawatu (AM) caught up with the producer (TG) who provided scintillating insights into his music career.

ND: Who is Gt Beats?

TG: GtBeats is a music producer, artiste and entrepreneur born in Harare and based in South Africa’s Johannesburg city.

ND: A bit of background and how it all started?

TG: I started rapping at 15 in school and recorded at 17, and my then producer left for the United States and I couldn’t find anyone that understood the type of sound I wanted. That was when I started messing around with production software, so I would make a guideline and show the producers what I wanted.

Someone suggested that I use my beats and before I knew it, clients also wanted the same sound and I started working for free to finish my album and learn about production.

Two years down the line, I moved to Cape Town and I did a sound for a church and then moved to Johannesburg for my sound engineering course while doing side jobs.

ND: When was your big breakthrough and how did it come about?

TG: I never believe in a big break moment. It is always a consistent journey. There are significant times I met people that I learnt a lot from and got to the next level each time.


Firstly, it was when I worked with Roki at my first studio job where I connected with most established artistes then. I met Nox through Maskiri, who taught me more on making Zimbabwean compatible music, then Buffalo Soldier around that time, who became my gateway to the regional and international market.

He introduced me to powerful people such as DJ Waxxy and Scratch who are very powerful.

ND: Did you get any schooling for what you do?

TG: Yes, I did a sound engineering course at Academy of Sound Engineering at SABC, although I had already made a mark as a professional music producer.

ND: So you moved from just doing music to producing it, too?

TG: I either produce a song, make a beat or mix a song. It’s been 10 years in production. I last dropped a single in March titled Don Gaya, but my production side is currently doing well.

ND: What are some of the popular tracks that you have produced locally?

TG: Seh Calaz’s Wandibilivisa, Ice and Roses Zimdancehall riddim, Nox’s song Whatsapp, Soul Jah Love and Freeman’s Munamato.

Regionally, I have produced Buffalo Soldier’s Basawine, which has more than one million YouTube views and whose remix features Casper Nyovest, DJ Waxy, Nadia Nakai, Queen Vee, 2Face, Da Les and more.

ND: Have you bagged any awards yet?

TG: I have been nominated several times for the best diaspora producer at the Zim Hip Hop Awards.

ND: To whom do you owe this success?

TG: My parents sacrificed all they had to send me to sound school. They allowed me to live my dreams.

ND: Lastly, what would you say to upcoming producers?

TG: Trust in God, work hard and be consistent.

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