MDC Alliance women fast for Chamisa

MEMBERS of the opposition MDC Alliance women’s assembly are currently fasting to ensure their presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa emerges victorious on July 30 when the nation goes to the polls.


Chamisa is seen as posing the greatest challenge to Zanu PF’s near four-decade rule and will face off with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and 21 other candidates in general elections later this month.

Addressing thousands of people at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera on Sunday, MDC-T national women chairperson Lynette Karenyi called for more women to join in the fasting programme.

“As women in the MDC Alliance, every Friday we are fasting for president Chamisa, asking for God to be with him. I call upon all the women in our country to join us in fasting. We want victory on July 30,” she said.

Karenyi added that on July 30 women would camp close to polling stations until Chamisa has been given keys to State House.

“I say to women, the battle is in our hands. On election day, the men will go back home and sleep, but we are not going to leave the polling stations. We want to accompany our president to State House,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chamisa who was in the company of his wife Sithokozile, said it was wrong for leaders’ wives to get involved in politics like their husbands.

“Today, I brought my family. They are supporting me in their own way. We have wives of these other leaders, they are everywhere. It is their husbands who were elected into leadership, not them. It is a misappropriation of the people’s mandate,” he said. Chamisa’s wife first appeared in public during the #RunForChange marathon held in Harare a few months ago.

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  2. MDC Alliance has only 7 parliamentary candidates out of 210. Its more anti-women than any other parties


  4. Lizofa ngendlala kungelalutho lina

  5. Farai Johnson Nhire

    This reminds me of one bible story in the final part of acts when a certain group of jews bound themselves with an oath that they would take no food nor drink until they had managed to kill Paul. I am now curious whether these men died of hunger since Paul was sent to the roman governor under extremely tight security and they failed to kill him. The bible does not give further details about these fasters. Chamisa, uchenjere kuruza zvese election nemasapota acho ne indefinite fasting. Acts 23 Verse 12 To 15.

  6. Vakadzi ava vanofira mahara

    1. Ko vanenge vachiurayiwa naani nhai Brighton?????

  7. Vanofa Nenzara

    1. I think you are confusing “fasting” with “hunger strike”.

  8. ngavano vhota kwete kufaster God will not come down from heaven to cast the vote for chamisa most of MDC ALLIANCE supporters are not registered voters basa ndere kugwauta

    1. you are wrong. we want GOD to be involved in this one and HE will. if He can chose leaders is he not involved.

  9. muchadyiwa mugoti Mwari hakuna iye ariko,chamisa haahwine,Ngwena is in.

  10. zvokwadi vamwe vanhu vachazvisungira chokwadi, hanzi we are not going to leave the polling stations we want to accompany our president to the state house, this is madness at its highest level i used to love Chamisa so much but hey zviri kuenda zvichibuda nekumwe kuita lets hope by 30 July anenge asati aduda zvachose

  11. This is blasphemous to say the list. Look at yourselves first before you start beseeching God. Be careful, keep watch, husbands of these women, i suspect they are up to some shenanigans dishing out the forbidden fruit to other men. They are known to be experts in this area.

  12. Its their religious rights to fast. Mwari vakapindira unogona kuzoshamiswa uriwe.

  13. “Chamisa is seen as posing the greatest challenge to Zanu PF’s near four-decade rule.” Asi matokangwana paye Morgan won, not once but twice?

  14. This is blaphemous

  15. if they love the man they must just say so and i hope they are not married

  16. Good spirit Lynette

  17. chamisa is going tu win the election

  18. So if is going to win why fasting then because here they are fasting for chamisa to win the elections

  19. pathetic lazy women who still kowtow to men are a heavy let down to the whole human race, a liability to womankind. Think about it.

  20. Comment…by comrade Chamisa chete chete musatifinhure

  21. Comment…iwe vhotera size yako chete Chamisa atowina pamberi rudzii pasingasvikwi

  22. Comment…vhotera age yako Chamisa akawina

  23. Comment…Chamisa In E D Out His A Place Holder Only Promising People Lies Fokof Lezanu Yako Wena Mhan Xaaa Uzasbhowa

  24. Comment… Msila Yenu Mashona Liyanya Lo E D Wenu Yikho Befuna Ukubulala Ulizanga Lomdala Now We Are Suffering Ndiwe Duzvi Kkk by Mantengwane Ngenkani Uchamisa Phakathi Wena You Follow Your Former

  25. Comment E D ngeke awine wethout rigging all of us we know that.phambili Chamisa phambili phansi ngo e.d umbulali labalandeli bakhe amatsotsi

  26. Comment E D ngeke awine wethout rigging all of us we know that.phambili Chamisa phambili phansi ngo e.d umbulali labalandeli bakhe amatsotsi

  27. Women fast for Chamisa and he basically says they should not involve themselves in men’s politics….and then zimbos say Bob was bad but we r so stupid for all our education….the best candidate by far is Nkosana Moyo but we obsess about ED&Chamisa???? We are the typical abused woman who even after leaving an abusive relationship finds solace with another abuser(ED/Chamisa)….Manje I hope whoever wins zim goes thru hell….we don’t even deserve to vote until we show we deserve the repsonsibility and we can use it well…

  28. This woman forgets that 128 years ago a certain fella by the name Cecil John Rhodes came to our country with some wagons and some men.What was he holding? A gun in one hand and the other a bible. People should not mixed politics with religion.Pray to God if you want but don’t take people’s emotions by using God. Politicians go to church and the send people to wars for their benefits .

  29. chamisa chetet chete

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