Local authorities lash out at ‘reckless’ Chiwenga

Local authorities have warned Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga against inciting residents to boycott paying rates, saying his recent call for a rates boycott was “reckless and retrogressive”.


Outgoing Harare mayor and president of the Urban Councils’ Association (Ucaz), Bernard Manyenyeni said Chiwenga should concentrate on solving national problems than dabble in council matters.

“The responsibility to determine a waiver on payment of service delivery is the sole responsibility of those who fulfil it. It is being reckless for a central government official to advocate for such when they themselves are not being accountable with the taxes they are in charge of. People must pay for service delivery and hold the local authorities accountable for their money. I think whoever is advocating for that needs to re-examine his mind and be serious,” Manyenyeni said.

“Each layer of government should thrive to complement the other and not to sabotage the works of the other. As local government sector, we have a duty and we can only perform when people are paying. Just like central government, it can only perform when taxes are paid. So such a wish, whether populist or just reckless, should be ignored by right-thinking Zimbabweans.”

Addressing a Zanu PF campaign rally in Hatcliffe recently, Chiwenga said council should stop forthwith the collection of rates from areas they were failing to collect refuse, supply water and provide sewer reticulation services.
This came as councils have accused ratepayers of accumulating in excess of $1,5 billion in unpaid rates, thereby stifling service delivery in most urban areas.

Most local authorities are yet to recover losses incurred in 2013 when former President Robert Mugabe’s government unilaterally ordered a debt write-off as a vote-buying gimmick which saw Harare alone, losing close to $166 million in potential revenue.

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Manyenyeni said mayors and town clerks under the Ucaz body, were exploring ways to make residents pay their bills and this included discounts to consistent ratepayers.

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  1. chiwenga uri dofo rakadzidza

  2. Shut up Mr Mayor you are a failure including the party which ushered you into that position because even the road which lead to your house has potholes here and there and refuse has not been collected for three weeks and during this campaigning period any politicians would latch onto those glaring shortfalls and feast upon you and your party its totally acceptable to the electorate.

    1. eliasha. in your wisdom or lack of you can not even spell your name.

  3. kid marongorongo

    if you want residents to pays rates you have to delivers the services not to continue swindling the poor residents of their hard earned cash. there is no inciting of any sort except that these councils are corrupt. pamberi na Chiwenga Pasi nekubhadhara zvisipo

  4. The majority of these black politicians have got many properties which they do not pay rates for. They do not pay for anything. White politicians should be hired to help in running our country. Same with councils, whites, indians, coloureds etc should be given top posts and compete with blacks. BLACKS ARE CORRUPT, SELFISH, GREEDY, LAZY AND INCOMPETENT.

  5. Useless politicians.

  6. Basa rekubhadharana ma $30,000 nema $50,000 a month from ma clerk to directors while mota dzapera kufa suspension, mvura yepa tap takapedzisira kumwa 2010.

  7. In the surbub where I live, there are no street lights
    Dangerous potholes
    I will use the money for rates to change the shocks of my car
    to buy all the members of my family torches to find our way through the dark streets

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