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It’s all systems go: Zec


THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has ruled out chances of postponing next Monday’s national elections, insisting it was all systems go despite complaints by opposition parties that the ground was not yet level for a free and fair contest.


Briefing accredited observers in Harare yesterday, Zec deputy chairperson Emmanuel Magade said they had handled the election preparations in a manner that did not warrant a disputable outcome.

The opposition MDC Alliance has threatened to block the holding of elections until Zec has guaranteed transparency in the security of the ballot paper.

Magade said if anyone had problems with the Electoral Act, they should go to Parliament because the commission’s role was to implement the law.

“We pride ourselves in being servants of the law,” Magade said. “There is no way we can subvert the Constitution. I think if there are things that are humanly possible for us to rectify, to intervene in the time left between now and July 30 then that can be done, but postponement of the election is out of the question.”

“In terms of the Constitution, we have to abide meticulously and religiously by the provision of the Constitution.”
With regards to the “shambolic voters’ roll”, Zec commissioner Qhubani Moyo said it was in a good and usable state.
“Our position as a Commission is that we are satisfied that the voters’ roll is in perfect order. It is a new voters’ roll that has been under construction since last year in September,” Moyo said.

“We gave it out for people to check their names or any errors and omissions that needed to be corrected. We went on to check for ourselves using the AFIS system to see if there were any duplications and we are very much satisfied that the roll is very much in order.”

Moyo admitted that there could have been some typographical errors, adding that those had since been rectified.

Moyo said Zec had been engaging the parties so that they could point the exact areas where there were inconsistencies.

The commissioners also expressed disheartenment over the nature of abuse spewed against the female commissioners, especially on social media.

Meanwhile, the police elections commander, Senior Assistant Commissioner Erasmus Makodza, promised that the force would be thorough and professional in their work during the polls.

He said there had taken the officers involved in the polls for retraining in areas of elections.

He said they had been reports of both inter-party and intra-party violence.

For inter-party crimes that include assault, 51 suspects had been arrested, with another 33 arrested for defacing of rivals’ political posters.

Thirty-three suspects had been arrested for tearing of political posters, intimidation and threats and for malicious damage to property.

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  1. ED FUTI murikumashure vasamora this time hakuna wait maresults anamirwe pamapolling station uchashokwa zvausina kumboita muupenyu under mugabe.ED is like whatsupp bundles asara ne week kuexpire.zvimadhara kumusha nomore zanoids futi

    • Kana uchiti zvimadhara kumusha uri kutuka pamwe nekushora vabereki vako nekuti hauna pfungwa. Chamisa hasi baba vako. Saka urikureva here kuti muMDC VANHU VAKURU VESE VAVAKUDZINGWA? At times it leaves me to wonder if some of you people have brains in your heads.

  2. So ZEC itself is patting itself on the back? I thought the political parties concerned and the voters are the ones to judge? What sort of people man this outfit?

  3. I doubt kana kuchizowanikwa voters roll inenge iri 100% perfect but as it stands kushanda nezviripo. Inini zvangu ndiri kuona ku MDC irikuzoroverwa nyaya yayo yekuisa vanhu two mu constituent uye their split saka ED apinda mu office this time

  4. Everything is very proper thank you ZEC i dont know why Kudzayi Edmund has abused mai Chigumba to such an extent. i hope justice is going to prevail sooner or later. ED will resume with his projects of creating of employment road construction and re-engagement process come 30 july.

  5. THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has ruled out chances of postponing next Monday’s national elections, insisting it was all systems go despite complaints by opposition parties that the ground was not yet level for a free and fair contest.

    The opposition parties are being naïve, to say the least! What meaningful changes can they expect to be implemented now, a few minutes before midnight! The opposition have been warned that with no reforms in place, there is no chance of holding free, fair and credible elections.

    What the ordinary Zimbabweans must do now is boycott everything to do with these flawed elections because any participation will be seen as giving credibility to the process. The people must start demanding that these elections be declared null and void, now and not after the elections are rigged!

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