ED still has grip on Zec, State media: Chikwinya

MDC Alliance parliamentary candidate for Mbizo constituency, Settlement Chikwinya, yesterday described President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a sly politician who pretended to promote peace, yet he maintained a firm grip on the State media and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to disadvantage his rivals.


Chikwinya claimed that the State media was still dominated by Zanu PF broadcasts, adding that several electoral rules were being flouted.

“The Mnangagwa dispensation has approached his rule in two parts: which are hardcore and softcore issues, and the softcore issues are to do with that there should be minimum or no violence during elections, where he is saying that I am a good leader, Zimbabwe is open for business, and I have withdrawn my previous deeds of beating up people, yet we all know that he is the culprit that used to unleash violence,” he said.

“The hardcore issues are that he has maintained a grip on State media, and even though they covered the MDC Alliance manifesto launch, we cannot compare it to the coverage that he is allotted together with his wife Auxillia, who even appears on television buying tomatoes. What it means is that Mnangagwa has 27 days to rectify issues and ensure there are credible elections in accordance with Sadc and African Union norms.”

Chikwinya lashed out at sitting legislator Vongaishe Mupereri (Zanu PF), saying he lacked political clout to effectively represent the constituency.

“Mupereri has been in Parliament only to register his name and he never uttered a word in Parliament. It is high time people recall him and put a true representative of the people because I set a high bar for him during my tenure,” he said.

Chikwinya promised several projects for the people of Mbizo in line with MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa’s Sustainable and Modernisation Agenda for Real Transformation” (Smart) programme.

Some of them, he said, include renovation of single quarters in Mbizo, where families are overcrowded, and establishing a new clinic.

Chikwinya said donors already pledged to support the projects given his good record during his tenure as MP.

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  1. This is the problem we have with African politicians, where does Zec and peace preached by ED link, aspiring candidates must stop talking about their rivals in their campaigns just stick to your ideas and ideals. Just sell yourself to the people for them to know who is better than the other not mame dropping.

  2. It is not news that Mupereri has never uttered a word in parliament, he has not been seen in his constituency as well. He only showed up this last weekend in front of a convoy of vehicles that included ambulances which he states were bought using CDF. All this while he was in hibernation.

    1. nhema, mupereri is always by mbizo 16 shops buying and drinking beer with makorokoza who daringly smoke mbanje sitting on the wall of chana primary school…

  3. zimbabweans,it is up time to change permanently the goal posts zanu pf has been holding undeservedly for decades years of destruction. Viva change pasi nemhunza nyika zanu pf and supporters.

  4. Hondo Zvenyika

    Uyu anorwara uyu

  5. these mdc people r.just as useless as zanu what single thing of importance did settlement say when he was in parliament? what development did he bring to.his area ? 2
    what did he use the cdf funds.for? so his donors are only willing to fund development if he.is mp ?

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