Chamisa vows to lead protest from front

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has said he will today lead the protest march against Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s alleged bias towards Zanu PF ahead of this month’s crunch polls.


Chamisa said the electoral management body was losing credibility daily, as it continued to bungle in the printing of ballot papers.

“Zanu PF has never complained, not even once. Which team have you seen that plays a game without complaining, not even once to an impartial referee? It’s therefore clear that they are not players in this game and that the referee has picked a side,” he said ahead of today’s demonstration.

The MDC Alliance said it would not allow the elections to be held before reaching consensus on the printing of the ballot papers.

Chamisa said he would also demand from Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba to explain how Zanu PF managed to get hold of the database under its control.

This comes as more opposition parties and independent candidates raised the stakes, passing a vote of no-confidence in Zec.

In a joint statement yesterday, the MDC Alliance, Joice Mujuru’s People’s Rainbow Coalition, Elton Mangoma’s Coalition of Democrats, the Alliance for People’s Agenda (Nkosana Moyo), Build Zimbabwe and MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe agreed Justice Chigumba’s team had failed its mandate and had lost public trust for a free and fair election.

“Zec has refused to avail the biometric voters’ roll as required by law. It has, so far, distributed an incredible electronic voters’ roll with astonishing manipulations and irregularities that range from same identity cards on different faces, same identity cards for different people, many people on addresses that don’t exist, too many people on one address, too old people that can’t still be alive, candidates nominated, but not appearing on voters’ roll,” the parties said.

According to the parties, Zec seems to have been distributing “many different rolls” for this election.

“No one can be sure what version will be used on voting day. One version had a duly nominated candidate missing. The candidate was given another version in which their name now appeared,” the parties said.

But Zanu PF deputy secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana said: “We are on the ground addressing people who will vote. Only the MDC believes that an ‘X’ can magically move from one place to the other, we don’t win elections by magic.”

Meanwhile, the MDC Alliance threatened to picket at State House.

Addressing scores of opposition supporters in Highfield West, where youth assembly leader Happymore Chidziva is MDC Alliance parliamentary candidate, MDC-T organising secretary Amos Chibaya said there was no turning back on their demands.

“Tomorrow (today), if [President Emmerson] Mnangagwa and Chigumba don’t want to give us a clean election, we will go straight to the State House,” Chibaya warned.

MDC-T deputy president Elias Mudzuri, who was standing in for Chamisa, threatened that they would embark on a march similar to the one which preceded the fall of former President Robert Mugabe last November.

“On November 18, we joined forces with soldiers after we were asked by war veterans to remove Mugabe. Now we are saying Mnangagwa and Zanu PF must go. Our demonstration is just a highlight that we are not going to allow these people to steal elections,” he said.


  1. zec inonyadzisa zvinhu zvirikukumbirwa zvakakosha zvakanyanyisa

  2. Zec needs to rig elections for Zanu PF win.

  3. Mabori evanhu, ZEC is slowly becoming an enemy of the state.

    1. Just an opinion guys.. this chamisa guy is making a fool of himself.. ok he leads the demonstration then what? Zec is not likely to give in to his nefarious demands and is he going to boycott the polls.. if he does so then what? will boycotting get him into any political office? definitely not.. one should look at his objective before taking any action.. in as much as I do not find any substantial justification to this demo, I would want to believe that the demo is targeted not at zec but at the international community so as to prevent them from endorsing the poll results if ED wins (of which he will definitely win). if that is the case then Chamisa was never supposed to lead this demo .. for it was never supposed to be portrayed as an MDC alliance demo but as a demo of the Zimbabweans.. he should romped in someone to lead the demo and not under the MDC alliance banner but under the banner of the Zimbabwean citizenry. why don’t these guys learn from Zanu Pf? they mobilised everyone including mdc fools to march against mugabe and it was endorsed by the international community as the will of all this will be seen by the international community as a mere act of electoral cowardice (of which it is) by a desperate opposition camp which is not even supported by 21 other opposition camps. this will yield completely nothing I can bet my sweet life on that.. this alliance is full of political novices nxaa

      1. Iwe uri weZanu you may not understand it. If it gives more mileage to Zanu by having this march then its your plaz. why are you furious. Just wait and see the outcome. Our President said he will not boycott an election. Elections are not going to be done if the demands are not met.

      2. You’re right

      3. You’re right

      4. thank you for this educative article and to those who are gropping in the dark nothing is going to change march or no march i feel pity to those who are being hoodwinked to join these things instead of engaging in other productive activities during the day, unless if you are being paid and this is your other form of employment then you will be in it to while up time.

      5. Comment…hauna kuita nhumbu yevanhu vese iwe shut up chamisa is a heroe of our generation Paso newe

  4. Tkazvitaura izvi kuti Zanu imhandu yenyika yose tarisai muone mabasa avo aya aripachena. This time around nhubu dzanyangira yaona, toda kuona kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe. OOh remember God is in it and he is watching closely once again.

  5. newsday murimbwa dzevanhu

    1. Ko vanhu vaakutukirwei,,washaya point yekutaura,,,mabatwa ma Zanu manga majaira.

  6. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Machinja murikushandiswa naChamisa who is just in his personal fundraising campaign by useless and stupid grandstanding which will not achieve anything but infact properly potray Ed as a leader who allows the citizens to express themselves freely.

  7. Takesure Zvazviri

    As an aspiring President is a protest march the best solution. We have many observers, EU, AU and SADC why can`t he go their and present his complaints. Chamisa always thinks violence is the best solution.

    1. And why are u attacking Chamisa not ZEC

    2. dhoo**dhi rako, mh**ata yemhunu

  8. One Zimbabwe, One nation

    I support you Chamisa on this protest march. Don’t go to some useless organisations such as Sadc and AU to raise your complains.

  9. By and large, this entails institutional independence, an element that Zec lacks by composition and implementation of duties. The song on electoral reforms has been sung for years but the opposition slept on the job midway and now it has come to haunt them in the fullness of time. Without underestimating the opposition’s potential, what will this demonstration achieve a fortnight to the election?

  10. Masvingo a Govere

    Why do you want to stop Chamisa from demonstrating. It is his constitutional right as a candidate and as a law abiding citizen. Why ZANU PF ichida kunoredza iyo inemambure yoti vamwe shandisai zviredzo. Vachaiona nhamo yacho vavavo opposition what goes around comes around. Paiva nevaiva nemukurumbira vasisisipo nhasi uno vaizviti havabviri. Ngatisvinurei it is about our future and also the generations to come let us not be selfish. Let us also remember that God is watching unodzvara mhepo uchakohwa chamupupuri.

  11. ZEC yakatopedza kuprinter voters cards kuti ichaprinter mamwefuti, ko vamwe havasi kucomplainer wani, i think they have just accepted what ED is and the developmental package in him ngatichingovhota ED kare akahwina Pfeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. #handei tionei

  13. The whole world is always watching at what Zanu pf and its idiots are doing everyday and in every election. Zimbabwe will never ever head anywhere as long as these zanu pf black human baboons thinks zimbabwe belongs to them. Zanu pf government have chased away investors,thus simply destroyed everything to humanity. Zec and Zanu pf is one party tool that will never ever allow the emancipation of a Rainbow Zimbabwe Nation to develop. Wake up Zimbabweans.

  14. kid marongorongo

    who else did he want to lead his meaningless protests. do them we don’t even bother because they dont change anything in Zimbabwe ED has chsnged everything and the majority is content. you are just wasting people’s time doing nothing, Mnangagwa is going to win no matter what. He has shown that he is a real leader Zimbabwe has now the potential with ED, a lot of projects are underway some are in the pipeline, why should i sweat domonstrating when i have a reasonable mind that MDC is just chasing the shadows.

    1. ED is playing around our life.He has empty reforms which are not there to cater for the lives of the Zimbabweans. Also if he wins the elections nothing is going to change. look cash crisis, poor diet, etc. Even HE himself did not trust his hospitals, they are all treated outside Zimbabwe but they renounce the good things about Zimbabwean health sector

  15. Kana Madhuku asipo pagroup iri it means hapana nyaya coz ndiye anoziva zvemutemo muZim.

  16. Comment…its better to listen to new lies frm chamisa. Than to zanu stupid old lies. uyo we zanu anyora kuti chamisa is making a fool of himself. thats utter nonsense. Ko zec yacho ikango ita zvavarikudawo pasina kuramba kwavarikuta. tozovhota kana EDiot wenyu akahwina then toziva kuty chamisa is a fool . As long zec irikuramba zvirikudiwa nevamwe then dont judge kuty he is a fool.

    iwe hanty unodya ne zanu saka urikurwadziwa nevaenda ku demo seyi.
    tikada kuzviongora mushe hauna kana chauinacho. ukawana nguva ukwane . remove ma brinkers awakaiswa ne zanu.

    you dont need a doctor. you need doctors
    une error hombe

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