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Campaign billboards a waste: Nkosana Moyo


Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) presidential candidate Nkosana Moyo has lampooned his rivals, accusing them of wasting large sums of money on campaign billboards instead of using the resources to improve the economy for the benefit of the electorate.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Addressing a business conference in Gweru on Saturday, Moyo, who has also scoffed at hosting lavish campaign rallies and dishing out T-shirts, challenged other presidential aspirants to set their priorities right.

“You mentioned that you are facing water problems here in Gweru, but look at the expensive huge billboards erected by some politicians in this city,” Moyo said.

“If those politicians had the people at heart, why don’t they just channel such money (for billboards) towards solving some of the problems you have been facing for years?”

His remarks were in response to issues raised by participants, who complained over erratic water supplies in most parts of the city’s residential areas.

The business conference was organised by Gweru Urban independent parliamentary candidate, Nkosikhona Ndlovu.

Moyo also blamed the electorate for voting for people who were “not fit to hold top positions”.

“There is need to vote for the best candidate and not necessarily because of their political party. Over the years, voting people into office along party lines has exacerbated the problems faced by the country,” he said.

Zanu PF presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa and his arch-rival Nelson Chamisa of the MDC Alliance have erected huge campaign billboards in most cities and towns to lure the electorate.

Although analysts argue that elections are a costly business which need a big budget as politicians compete in marketing themselves, Moyo, however, chose to differ, saying money used for campaign materials could be rechannelled towards development.

Moyo also said nepotism had destroyed the country’s economy as key government jobs were not being given out on merit, but along tribal and ethnic lines.

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  1. Truth hurts – Nkosana is being very honest and truthful. It’s a pity Zimbabwean voters are used to dealers not leaders and cheaters instead of teachers. Voters will always be shafted as long as this shifty, dishonest mindset persists.

  2. Nkosana has no money, neither has he gathered any momentum in his sad quest for the big office. He ought to have appraised himself honestly, and joined Chamisa. Zimbabweans are party supporting voters, not these struggling and hardly known individuals, riding on c.v of having once resigned from Mugabe’s banana cabinet.

  3. In as much we are concerned about these promises made by rutheless pilitician,the truth is all politicians are the same.Everyone has flaws and l see it as inappropriate to depict other’s flaws.Just play the game smart.I can’t remove a chip inside my friend’s eye yet l have a log in my eye

  4. Nyangwe uri kupfimba mukadzi chaiko pane nguva yaunofanira kuto buritsa cash kutaridza kuti uri capable kuzomuchengeta ave mumba. ED ane ma policy arikufambirana ne the current situation iri munyika saka totombofamba naye this time tivake new Zimbabwe tese

  5. love him or hate him, for someone who doesn’t have much campaign regalia he has drawn the most attention from the electorate

  6. This guy might have money but he is not sure of his win and decided to keep it for his family. It is very clear that he will not yield even 1% of the total votes

  7. What can Nkosana say? He doesn’t have the money to erect the billboards. Billboards the world over are used to let the electorate know who you are and so help in the election process.

  8. Comment…Sagitarr taura hako. VaNkosana Moyo munhu weEconomics. Hupfumi hwenyika hunogadziriskwa neEconomists. Kwete politicians.

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