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Bulawayo public schools go digital


PUBLIC schools in Bulawayo have pioneered digitalisation with about 80% of them having embraced the technology as part of the government’s plan to digitalise all schools to improve the education system in the next three to five years.

A total of 164 out of 186 public schools in the province have gone digital, although some still do not have enough gadgets to ensure easy access to the internet and e-learning.

This was said at a launch of the digital transformation of primary and secondary education systems in Zimbabwe at St Columba’s High School on Thursday.

Addressing school heads, teachers and provincial education directors at the event, Higher and Tertiary Education minister Paul Mavima said the province had taken the lead in digital transformation.

“Bulawayo is an exemplary province with the majority of schools now connected although some schools may not have enough gadgets; teachers have been trained,” he said.

Mavima said other provinces and rural schools were yet to be upgraded, saying the ministry still had a long way to go.
“The government has to come in either through the Universal Services Fund, loan financing or through aggressive seeking of grants to make sure that every school in Zimbabwe has electricity, connectivity, computers and they are all on digital platforms within the next three to five years,” he said.

The Higher Education minister said the country needed to speed up to catch up with the generational loss that the country encountered during the economic meltdown.

Mavima said most of the problems being experienced in the country were due to lack of productivity in the country.

“There has to be change taking place now and as quickly as we can; otherwise the current generation of learners will move into a situation where they will lose and the so called Zimbabwean dream will not be attainable,” he said.

He added that his ministry had embraced the new curriculum, which has been mainstreamed and will potentially change the direction of the education system.

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