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Aspiring MP pledges sitting allowances to education fund


CHITUNGWIZA North independent candidate Assan Mtembo claims he stands a better chance to win the forthcoming elections as most of his rivals were making false promises to the electorate.


The constituency has 12 contestants, including the sitting MP Godfrey Sithole from the MDC Alliance.

Mtembo said the time for looking down upon independent candidates was over, as people were no longer interested in voting for political parties, but candidates with capacity to deliver.

“The institutionalism aspect of the current political parties in Zimbabwe doesn’t have people at heart. It is suffering from a syndrome where we have functionalism, tribalism and a lot of hatred is among the current so-called major political parties in the country,” Mtembo said.

“They don’t have the same school of thought. They are as divided and they fall short of meeting the expectations of the people of Zimbabwe. However, the good thing about the political environment is that the going of (former President Robert) Mugabe and (MDC-T leader Morgan) Tsvangirai has brought in internal freedom of choice and people now don’t just vote, but look at the attributes of the candidates.

“People are choosing the right people to lead their communities. The electorate now wants servant leadership, as opposed to career politicians who are only worried with retention of power.”

The businessman said for the past four years, he had paid school fees for 350 children, funded several women’s income-generating projects and improved medical facilities in the constituency.

If elected, he pledged that 40% of his sitting allowances would go towards creating an education fund for underprivileged pupils in the community.

Mtembo said his support base cuts across political parties.

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