Zim not ready for free elections: Observers

REPRESENTATIVES of two international observer groups yesterday presented their pre-election assessment report to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), where they highlighted the need to urgently implement outstanding electoral reforms demanded by the opposition to guarantee credibility of next month’s general elections.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

The delegation comprising of officials from the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) consists of former US congressman David Drier and former chairperson of the South African election commission, Brigalia Bam.

In its key recommendations submitted to Zec chairperson Priscilla Chigumba, the two observer groups demanded that the military should publicly commit to recognise a winning presidential candidate, despite their political affiliation.

They also called on Zec to allow all political parties to observe the procurement, printing and storage of ballots.

“We, this week have had a wide range of meetings and we hope that in the next 52 days we will be able to see successful resolutions to the issues that we raised in our report that we have given you,” ex-US congressman Drier told journalists in the capital yesterday.

Catherine Noone, deputy leader of the Irish Senate, added:“The reality is that there are certain things that can be improved in this period, so there is some work to be done in this period and I think that there is some atmosphere of hope that it can be achieved in the country, so it remains to be seen.”

This comes on the backdrop of a demonstration earlier this week, organised by the opposition MDC Alliance in which it was pressing for key issues to be addressed before the elections, among them being demands to Zec to promptly distribute an analysable final voter’s roll.

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  1. Comment…I second u observers zec nd zanu doesn’t wnt to implement crucial reforms .

  2. Comment…I second u observers zec nd zanu doesn’t wnt to implement crucial reforms .Ask veku kenya they will tell u how important these reforms are to a free nd credible lection

  3. JUNTA PF can not reform itself out of power, ED did not win presidential election and was not a member of ZANU PF when the JUNTA take over,

  4. CONDESCENDING NONSENSE. Do political parties administer elections in America ? Has anyone been denied observing ballot management ?

    1. rihanna


  5. David Drier and Brigalia Bam must pack their bags and leave Zimbabwe! In which country do political parties take part in ballot paper procurement? Do Americans do that? Where on earth do political parties gather to observe ballot paper printing? Do Democrats and Republications observe the printing of ballot papers in America? Do we say elections in America were not fair because The Electoral Management Body does not invite parties into the ballot procurement team? Why are our newspapers not challenging this garbage? Is it because it’s a white person saying it? Is that the mentality of the white person about Zimbabwe? How can Observers come in bad faith like that? Mr. President, don’t tolerate this nonsense. Vaudzei vayende havo kumusha kwavo. Treat us the way you treat any other country. We are not your subjects. This myth about Chromatography ballot paper is silly. Where on earth was it ever used? If you google Chromatography Ballot Paper, only MDC-T stories come up. Fear ina Chamisa yekuti Mnangagwa akapinda mumba, Chamisa ofona America, hanzi, “apinda mumba we suspect avakutoriga ma elections”. Iyo America kusanyara, kwasvukwasvu, vachimanya. Stupid Politics. We are educated. We know where interference goes beyond nonsense. Trump call back your dogs, please! Kana Mwari vati Munhu anowina, anowina chete varungu vasingadi kana vachida! I lament the death of journalism in Zimbabwe. We are only left with “Reporters”. No thinking just reporting. Garbage in, garbage out. Shame!!

    1. Sorry buddy, you seem to be blinded by anger but for your own information the American electoral system is more transparent than ZEC’s. For starters the American electoral administration does not deal with shady outfits like the NIKUV and the Chinese. Can you ask yourself why ZANU PF campaign is being bankrolled by the Chinese when the law does not allow political parties to receive foreign funding. Again chromatographical paper is not a myth, its real and it was used in 2013. That is why everyone should know who is supplying the paper. On issues of “whiteman mentality” that you fondly refer to, ask yourself why the paper can’t be procured locally. Its all because someone has something to hide. Anyway gona rako radyiwa nemwa this year. Everyone angwara….. except you of course

  6. Comment…up up reforms peoples voice is the voice of God

  7. Comment…modern zim you are foolish. america there is democracy institutions which protect that here there is no such thing thats why there is need for proof u must benefiting from this corrupt govt but tell u somethin with time u will feel the heat when democracy comes we wont ask for ballot revelling but there isnt democracy at all

  8. Morden Zimbabwe, it is so sad how you are fuming over the reports presented by the poll observers. Whether you like it or not, your President ED is so desperate to be recognised as legitimate and a different leader to the regime led by Mugabe that is why he invited the International community to observe the elections, no one asked him to do that, he did it because his career depends on it. He counts on the credibility of those Elections for him to be declared a different leader as he claims to be. So whether you like it or not, Your president ED will Jump without asking how high when the international community tells him to do so or else he knows that the Mega-deals that he has been preaching and the “Zimbabwe is open for business” Mantra is as dead as it is. Another important issue to note is that the International community is not here to dictate how the elections are run, but to table their views on the Issues that will affect the economic and political environment that will be good for their business in case they want to Invest. For your own info, NO Investor wants to invest in a government that lacks credibility and accountability in major issues.No investor wants to place their capital at risk by giving it away to a corrupt Government. So if ZANU PF wants to prove that it is the People’s Party and has the People at heart, then it should Jump Now and not later. Hahaha SO WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT ED WILL JUMP WITHOUT ASKING HOW HIGH.

  9. Comment…rihana na modern zimbabwe pfutseki wenyu, ndini ndadaro fokofu, makajaira vanhu vezanu, manje chakatanga ndochakachenjedza, rwendo runo munoona moto

  10. ABSOLUTE NONSENSE, DO THE OPPOSITION RUN THE ELECTIONS IN THE US or SA, very suspect, give us a chance to corrupt the election is what these crooks are asking the security needs to sarrest and deport them we dont need more crooks in Zimbabwe, we have enough.

  11. FYI for those saying the electoral process in America is 100% transparent I urge your little brains to cast down to 2016 allegation of voter rigging via digital machines which now led to the whole Us election Russia meddling debacle. So if you have forgotten the facts we will remind you dementia forgetful brains of it since you people think all things West are perfect. The first demand sounds doable. ZEC should administer that request, but not sure why MDC feel the need to be present for the printing unless MDC themselves want to get the blue print to rig the elections by printing their own papers. The second demand is also doable but we all know that African armies have minds of their own, they can salute someone today and implement a coup the very next day. They did it with Mugabe with all his allies and foes across Africa it won’t take much to remove little no African allies Chamisa. So that request is just a waste of time to be honest if army don’t mean well in the electoral system they won’t mean well after. And this instigation by MDC is not going to help their case. I think MDC should be woeing the army not threatening them. Just some advice..

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