Zec meets all aspiring Byo candidates

THE ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (Zec) on Tuesday held an induction workshop for all aspiring candidates from various political parties in Bulawayo to apprise them on the nomination court requirements and procedures.


The nomination court is scheduled to sit on June 14 to receive candidates’ nomination papers.

In an interview on the sidelines of the workshop, Zec provincial elections officer, Innocent Ncube said: “The objectives of today’s (Tueday) meeting were to help our constituency that is our stakeholders — aspiring candidates — to be able to complete their forms and be able to lodge them in a proper manner without any hassles.

“We are trying to assist the community to be able to find the best way forward in terms of addressing the issue of nomination court. People have fears about the nomination court. We want them not to have fears, but to be professionals and do things professional in the court room and even during the submission of their forms.”

Ncube said Zec was always open and willing to assist people seeking election-related information.

“As their election manager, we advise them to bring the forms in advance so that we inspect them, check and make sure that they have successfully completed them and they are now ready just for successful lodging.”

Aspiring candidates who spoke to Southern Eye commended the commission for keeping them abreast of the nomination court’s requirements.

Nketa Constituency aspiring legislator, Crispen Ndlovu (MDC-T) said the move by the commission to engage them is plausible.

“We are happy because we are seeing an almost transparent process because they are also saying they will give us the voters’ roll and all the requirements that are needed for the nomination court. As a candidate I am happy and I am almost seeing a road that is clear to a free and fair election,” he said.

Aspiring council candidate and outgoing Bulawayo Residents’ Association (Bura) chairperson, Winos Dube (Zanu PF) echoed the same sentiments saying the exercise will reduce chances of their being turned away on nomination day.

“This engagement was very educative to all aspiring candidates and we now know what is expected of us and at the end of the day if one finds him or herself disqualified it will be very unfortunate after having been given the opportunity to know what will be required,” he said.

Zapu spokesperson and Bulawayo Central candidate, Iphithule Maphosa said: “The engagement was good although it was wrong timing. They were supposed to do it on time and have a problem that we do not have a voters roll and it looks like it will take time for us to have it.

“Such engagements should come when we have a voters role and knowing how many people have registered and knowing the people that will nominate us are registered or not and are there in the voters role. But it looks like we will get it after the nomination court so this is another problem.”

The workshop was attended by aspiring candidates from all political parties in next month’s elections.

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