‘You cannot kill God-anointed Mnangagwa’

VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga has warned those behind the alleged assassination attempt on President Emmerson Mnangagwa that they will not succeed as the Zanu PF leader was “anointed” by God.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Addressing Zanu PF supporters at Vugwi Primary School in Shurugwi on Wednesday, Chiwenga said the explosion which rocked White City Stadium in Bulawayo last Saturday, was the work of people who did not understand the sanctity of human life and a peaceful country.

“You cannot succeed with a plan to kill someone who was anointed by God,” Chiwenga declared.

“Such actions to cause harm to innocent human beings can only be carried out by shameless people. Even if they had killed me or the President (Mnangagwa), what would they achieve from such actions?”

Mnangagwa came into power in November last year after Chiwenga led a military intervention which toppled former President Robert Mugabe.

The blast which took place as Mnangagwa was leaving the podium after addressing a Zanu PF rally, left 47 people injured and two State security agents dead.

Chiwenga said the fatal explosion in Bulawayo would not deter the country from holding elections on July 30.

He said the new dispensation that ushered a new administration under Mnangagwa, could not be stopped by a mortal being and that perpetrators of the bombing would be arrested.

“What happened (in Bulawayo) would not stop elections. The elections would go ahead and the (bombing) culprits would be hunted until we get them. Justice is awaiting them. We wish those in hospitals a speed recovery.”

Chiwenga urged ruling party supporters to campaign in peace, saying violence had no place in Zimbabwe.
“We don’t want to hear about violence because violence is past,” Chiwenga said.

“People in this country are known as a peace-loving. They are known as educated and endowed with high intellectual capabilities to understand that violence would not achieve anything.”

Chiwenga said after winning next month’s elections, his party would build a united and a prosperous Zimbabwe through fighting corruption and engaging other countries to attract foreign investment.

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  1. “God-annointed”, I see this with most Africans who are cheats or dictators. Does the phrase have any meaning anymore?

  2. josphat mugadzaweta

    the God mantra doesnt apply in politics in general and in zimbabwe in particular where the politics about murder and intrigue. in zanu it is even worse saka musatinyaudze nezveu mwari pausiri

  3. We heard similar statements not so long ago in praise of one Robert Mugabe & not long afterwards the man was sent packing into retirement by the same Gods

  4. These guys may be right because there are so many man Gods although there is one God who created heaven and earth. It is not the one who created heaven and earth they are talking about, but their God.
    So let us not fight over that issue.

  5. @Gonzo.It could be the same God that made them believe pure diesel could come out from a rock in Chinhoyi with Mr Bin leading the new discovery.

  6. The reality will come that he is God- annointed come 30 july 2018

  7. Anointed by WHO? Utter garbage.Why do u drag God in your dirty deeds and make it seem as if God is in it. You and ED continue to mock God and you are truly trading on dangerous ground. God does not anoint foolishness. You Chiwenga is the one who anointed him { ED} by holding Mugabe at gunpoint and then u elevated ED and yourself. How quick you forget.

  8. Sizwe Ka Nare

    GOD is not a GOD of confusion. zanu is a party of confused people who are bent on trying to eliminate each other in the name of power.The white city bomb blast is an inside job. A zanu person trying to eliminate another zanu person and replacing him with a zanu person. Unkulunkulu abesengena ngaphi khonapho

  9. Some would say that because of His love, God gives us free will: to sin or live sin-free lives… to choose wise, God fearing leaders or to choose self-motivated rulers. But perhaps above even these commendable teachers are those who say that he or she that claims to know God’s thoughts and wishes knows nothing.

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