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Toddler seeks $16 000 for artificial limbs


Emily Nyamadzawo from Nketa, Bulawayo is seeking $16 000 to enable her daughter, Rosemary, (3), who was born with undeveloped limbs, get artificial limbs in South Africa.


The procedure costs $16 000, but the family will also require more funds to cover travelling expenses.

Nyamadzawo (35) said: “When I gave birth to my daughter I discovered that she did not have fully developed limbs and I was told that I must raise money to take her to South Africa to get artificial limbs, but I have not raised even a single cent towards that.”

She is the sole bread winner for her family.

“I am not able to raise the money because I do not have a stable source of income. I sell vegetables sometimes when I find someone who can babysit her because I cannot go with her to the market, but people are always afraid to look after her.

“She requires a diet that I cannot afford and she has allergic reactions to certain clothing materials and I cannot afford to buy all this,” she said.

Nyamadzwo said Rosemary’s father walked out on them after her birth because he could not accept her disability.

“Her father disappeared soon after she was born and I have not seen him ever since, rumours say he is in South Africa, but have lost contact with him, ” she said.

Nyamadzawo said she approached Isandla Esihle, a non-governmental organisation which focuses on people with rare conditions and diseases, the organisation partnered with Edgars and donated a wheelchair for the child.

“I am grateful to Edgars and Isandla Esihle for the wheelchair because at least now I will be able to take her with me to the market,” she said.

Donations can be sent to her through EcoCash on 0772 269059 or Isandla Esihle merchant code on 2 8803.

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