Panicky Zanu PF targets independents

THE ruling Zanu PF party has deployed its politburo members and top officials to various parts of the country to decampaign disgruntled party members who chose to stand as independent candidates in the July 30 general elections.


Several Zanu PF aspiring candidates last week filed their nomination papers to contest as independent candidates in protest over the chaotic party primary elections concluded last month.

On Saturday, Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs minister Cain Mathema addressed Zanu PF supporters at Dombwe in Murewa South, where he urged them to ditch former central committee member Noah Mangondo who has opted to contest as an independent candidate against Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Joel Biggie Matiza.
Efforts to get a comment from Matiza were fruitless yesterday as his mobile phone went unanswered, but provincial youth league boss Kelvin Mutsvairo confirmed the visits and said they were meant to unite the people and strengthen the party.

“It is true that our politburo members were in the province. I know that Comrade Mathema was in Murewa and director of commissariat [Kizito] Kuchekwa was in Goromonzi West. In Seke, Comrade Aplonia Munzverengi [women’s league commissar] came on behalf of [Finance] minister Patrick Chinamasa. The idea was to campaign for the President and unite the people. The constituencies visited are the ones with independent candidates and as you know, once you fail to listen to the party you automatically expel yourself,” he said.

Yesterday, Zanu PF leadership in Mashonaland East reportedly summoned central committee members and war veterans in Marondera constituency to decampaign the former deputy secretary for the indigenisation and empowerment portfolio, Richard Mavhunga, who is contesting against party candidate, Sphiwe Mukunyaidze.
Mavhunga confirmed the development yesterday.

“Today (yesterday) I am in Marondera West to kick-start my campaign. The Zanu PF leaders have summoned the central committee members and war veterans from the constituency, but that will not deter me from standing as an independent,” he said.

Senate president Edna Madzongwe on Sunday reportedly addressed a rally in Caledonia, Goromonzi South where two Zanu PF losing candidates Oswald Gwanzura and Eugene Makore will stand as independent candidates against Petronella Kagonye.

According to Mutsvairo, Kuchekwa was deployed to Goromonzi West constituency where former party heavyweight Biata Nyamupinga is contesting against Zanu PF’s Energy Mutodi.

Nyamupinga was recently recalled from Parliament together with former Higher and Tertiary Education deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa, who is also contesting as an independent.

Addressing party supporters at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo on Friday, Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa threatened to fire all rebels from the party and challenged them to accept primary election results.

In Masvingo, three Zanu PF members Darlington Chiwa, Pascal Mudzikisi and Francis Moyo will stand as independent candidates on July 30.


  1. Comment…Its not panicking, it has been the norm in ZANU PF that once you contest as an independent automatically you have expelled yourself from the party. True cadres must accept defeat , these constituencies are not a personal property, let others get their chances, if they feel you are better next time you will be voted back.

    1. Dombo Rakaomarara


  2. Comment…The culture in zpf is you can constent as an independent and reapply to re-join after you win eg Prof Jonso Moyo, Jonso Samukange and Kereke. In Goromonzi South, Oswald Gwanzura is an independent, Edna Madzongwe who is supposed to be decampaigning him happens to his mother’s sister. Their mother is sister to Gushungo. All are G40. Pasi nejunta

  3. Can we call such kinda people leaders? True leadership is when you acknowledge that someone deserves the job better, and you rally behind them.They don’t deserve to be in a party as excellent as ZANU PF.

  4. Newsday and its anti-Zanupf banner headlines. You are the opposition’s Herald for sure.

  5. Can we call such kinda people leaders? Genuine leaders acknowledges it when there is someone who deserves the job better than them and rally behind them. Such characters do not belong with a party as excellent as the rejuivinated ZANU PF.

  6. Pasi neZanu pf and its support base

  7. Where’s the panic? Some of these reports aren’t worthy our time. It’s campaigning time whether there are independent candidates or not. Ivo who have gone independent are selfish and deserve whatever comes their way.

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