Nkosana Moyo sets date for manifesto launch

Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) leader, Nkosana Moyo said he would unveil the party election manifesto on June 20, as he scales up his unique door-to-door campaign ahead of next month’s general elections.


“After a year of meeting Zimbabweans from all spheres, listening and learning their pressing challenges and their call for a new political and socio-economic alternative, I’m honoured to officially invite all to the launch of the people’s agenda manifesto by @APAZimbabwe on June 20,” Moyo posted on his Twitter page early this week.

Although Moyo has scoffed at the idea of joining opposition parties’ grand coalition to depose Zanu PF, he said he would invite all political activists of all colours and shades to his party’s manifesto launch.

“We open this invite to all democrats, members of the free press, Zimbabweans across all political divides beyond APA members who want to listen, learn, critique and stay informed in lieu of the July 30 elections. Dress, however, you like. Even in your favourite scarf or T-shirt,” the former Industry and International Trade minister said.

Moyo said the ruling Zanu PF party had no capacity to resolve the country’s worsening socio-problems, hence, the need for new political players.

“A new Zimbabwe run differently is not going to be attained by the same methods we have used before of patronage and divisiveness. Because a fish rots from the head, we have to do better,” he said.

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  1. APA another pure circus

  2. Interesting and ironical that even after refusing to join hands with other opposition leaders Moyo still wants them to join hands with him. Now he welcomes all regalia including scarfs, l wonder what his followers will be clad in.

  3. It’s sad such a learned academic man throwing away his gift to the political wilderness. If he had joined Chamisa & run on the sidelines like what Biti & Welshman Ncube are doing, he would be guaranteed a meaningful position in the forthcoming government

    1. whats wrong with him forming his party. people have problem of thinking that what they think is what others should do. everyone is free to do as he or she wishes. nkosana moyo is right in his own rights to participate seperately in the coming elections.
      you are also right in your own rights to vote for a party of your own choice. or even to form your own party and launch your manifesto you are also right. ndo ku exerciser freedom kwacho

  4. Ooooh this door to door doc fears to expose his shallow following now, so he is inviting everyone, even the scarf carrying ones. Well its your democratic right doc, so is ours to come or just watch from home and on social media, hope you screen it live. My advise, dai mangobatana nevamwe and forget about egos.

  5. Comment…Ndiyani chaizvo akanyengedza musharukwa ava kuti vapinde mune zvematongerwo enyika? Musharukwa, matopera semvere dzemumabvi embudzi, kuti PEPEPE.

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