MDC Alliance partners fret over ‘weak’ candidates

THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-T yesterday ruled out further negotiations with its MDC Alliance partners crying foul over grabbed Local Government and parliamentary seats.


MDC-T chairperson Morgen Komichi said the alliance partners must be content with the seats they got.

“We want to be practical. When we say alliance, it is suicidal to put a candidate that is not popular when we are only left with less than 40 days before the election. We are just one family and in the spirit of the alliance, we are just one organisation and we want the spirit to win the elections,” he said.

“Good alliance partners are those who will say let’s look at the reality on the ground because there is no time to start marketing those people.

“In terms of decision-making, it will be prudent for an organisation to say whilst we would have wanted a certain person to stand in the alliance, will that person produce the desired results.”

Komichi said it defied logic to field weaker candidates for the sake of observing the coalition deal.

“Yes, we did the right thing there is no time to start marketing other people. We encourage our partners to understand the bigger picture and it is about winning the elections. If you are playing soccer, you don’t substitute a good player and replace with a weaker one.

“The manager will recommend the best player to replace a weaker player. In terms of popularity on the ground, in terms of areas where we had double nomination, the alliance partners are weaker compared to the MDC-T candidates,” Komichi said.

MDC-T youth leader Happymore Chidziva weighed in saying the opposition party “breached” the agreement by just giving out seats to less popular candidates from the alliance partners.

“Our alliance is mainly on the president and there is no reason for people to cry over seats because what is important is to win the presidency.”

But MDC Alliance spokesperson, Welshman Ncube disputed that there were weak candidates from the other partners.

“How did they judge the weaknesses of candidates? They don’t know and whose CVs? After all at least two of the candidates whose seats they seized were very strong sitting women MPs of whom they replaced with a man who has previously lost 2 consecutive elections,” Ncube said.

“One woman they removed in Mashonaland East had the full backing of traditional leaders and structures of the MDC-T on the ground and yet she was removed even after the traditional leaders had pleaded that she not be removed.”

He added: “In any event, who removed their own weak candidates some of whom are barely literate and others are so under-resourced that I personally have had to help them fund their campaigns?”

“The truth of the matter is that the seats were seized for and on behalf of specific individuals for not so legitimate reasons. Dishonesty, deception and treating colleagues and allies with disdain, disrespect and contempt can never be water under the bridge,” Ncube said.


  1. zvichakunetsai izvi chenjerai kuzoita ma zero akataurwa nababa Mugabe

  2. apa kana 50 ma seats haabudi

  3. Emanuel Chinyaukira


  4. “Nelson Chamisa led MDC-T…”. I tought Chamisa is leading Alliance.Speed mukuiwanza pakunyora

  5. Leopard haichinje maitiro

    The divisive Zidyavanhu Mugomo political mentality of MDC T is nothing new.

  6. Ncube got zero in 2013. He should sit down. These guys should be very greatful to mdc chamisa for breathing life into their dying outfits

  7. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    kkkkkk, you are now seeing the true coulours of chamisa. Didnt we tell you. kkkkkkk. Anyway dont worry, even Chamisa will not win. Surely can we give the country to such a bunch of confused people?

    1. Comment…I like it , chimisa will never win . kkkkkk

  8. Comment…Chamisa is going to win.

  9. Misheck Bvundu

    Haaaaaa. There is no Alliance partner that must be treated as not necessary if in the first place and in the agreement they were deemed necessary

  10. Misheck Bvundu

    Seriously, how will Chamisa turn out as a president if before he is, he behaves like that. Imagine how he treats Alliance Principals and spare a thought for how he will treat you and me on winning. Is that not what we are criticising ZANU PF for. And what does that do to the confidence of the potential voters including those sitting on fences?

  11. MDC is destroying itself. It’s impossible to believe these liars.

  12. if the other alliance partners were weak why did you go it alone? u just wanted to ride on them for yr party and members benefit. How will u embrace everyone when you fail to only stick to your agreement? As I always say all political parties are crying for our votes for personal gains, not for us all.

  13. Hahaha poor Professor Ncube. Only a month ago you were busy acting like an MDC-T pseudo spokesman, defending Chamisa for raping the MDC-T constitution just because you hate Khupe. How does it feel now, with Chamisa’s boot of faeces in your mouth? Sour taste that can’t be water under the bridge. You were busy putting lipstick on the mouth of a pig, and now that it has gone to its foraging ways, you cry foul. If you didnt know it, Chamisa is not different from Morgan, they are all insincere, have larger-than-life egos and like to be seen as fountains of wisdom, which they never had. But dont worry Pro, Chamisa wont win. Like Morgan who ended up dying of AIDS (with cancer as the opportunistic infection) Chamisa will die an aspiring candidate. he will be back in his sorry state, with a deflated ego, on August 1, 2018. You will still have the last laugh!

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