Man appeals for financial assistance to undergo kidney transplant in India

A 41-YEAR-OLD Plumtree man, Hloniphani Ndlovu, is appealing for financial assistance to enable him to undergo a kidney transplant in India.


Ndlovu said he was diagnosed with severe kidney failure in 2015, which has left him unable to fend for his family.

He said his brother is willing to donate his kidney, but the procedure requires $25 000.

“My brother said he will donate a kidney for me. So basically I am pleading for funding to go and do the transplant in India. The amount needed for all this is at least $25 000. I was diagnosed with severe kidney failure in February 2015. It has affected me in so many ways — I can’t urinate anymore. I no longer take fluids, not even water,” he said.

“I’m unable to fend for my children like I used to because I’m now weak, especially when it’s hot. The doctors said if I drink water I will have what is called an overload, where the lungs would be immersed in water and I won’t be able to breathe.”

Ndlovu said he is surviving on dialysis and he is shuttling between Bulawayo and Plumtree twice a week.

He said well-wishers can contact him on 0772730355 or 0719730355 and his bank details are: 4511-731226-200 (ZB bank).

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  1. Huzaif Ansari

    Someone please inform this guy that kidney transplant in india costs 10000$ maximum in one of the best hospital in India. And not 25000$ .. Some doctors are probably thugging him . :/

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