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Juntal promises ‘hot’ video


CONTEMPORARY rhumba music star Farai “Juntal” Serima is set to grace his fans this week with a new video for the track, Singuru, released in February which he hopes would also become popular like Wangu Mutupo video produced last year.


Serima promised his fans that the video, which was shot last week, was “the best” and encouraged them to look for it as soon as it was released.

“Last year it was video that headlined the music circles now I am bringing Singuru video shot last week. Don’t miss out, be the first to listen to it. Expect nothing, but the best, it’s going to be out this week,” he said.

The self-proclaimed king of rhumba said singing was a gift from God and he was committed to making his music reach greater heights.

“Some critics thought maybe Mutupo was popular because it sounds alike with another guy. I am not doing music to prove anything to anyone, but it’s out of passion. I was designed to be a musician by God,” he said.

A few years ago, Juntal was accused of plagiarising the beat on Wangu Mutupo, which sounds very similar to that of Ivorian singer Bebi Philip’s 2014 hit Balaumba.

“I will leave Singuru to speak for itself. This is just the beginning of me and the new sound that will soon represent Africa. I will not stop until my music gains respect.”

The video directed by Willard “Slimaz” Magombedze was shot in Chitungwiza.

Serima said, while people often wondered why he chose to feature Chitungwiza in his videos, the decision was influenced by the need to connect with his grassroots fans.

“Sometimes it’s not just about the place, but your creativity counts. If you are creative any place can do for a video,” Juntal said.

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