Independent aspiring MP promises milk, honey for Magwegwe


BULAWAYO Independent Forum member, Nkosana Mkandla (NM), says he has set his eyes on the Magwegwe parliamentary seat.

Mkandla blames the constituency’s former legislators of neglecting the area as they were preoccupied with their internal party politics.

NewsDay reporter, Sharon Sibindi (ND) caught up with Mkandla who spoke about his expectations and passion for the constituency. Below are excerpts:

ND: Who is Nkosana Mkandla?

NM: My name is Nkosana Mkandla, I am 35 years old. I am married and currently employed as a project manager for an IT company. I am very passionate about community development, specifically the upliftment of the youth and their participation in politics and the country’s economy.

ND: What is your political background?

NM: Prior to this election period I was not active in politics. I was an armchair analyst, observing from a distance.

ND: You are said to be contesting, which constituency is that? What inspired you to represent the constituency?

NM: This year I have decided just like most youth to participate in politics contesting for the Magwegwe Parliamentary seat.

I chose Magwegwe because that is where I grew up and my roots are there.

What inspired me to enter the political space is my desire to serve the community I grew up in and the country as a whole.

I saw many leaders come and go, but bringing no change people’s lives, and with other leaders continuing to cling on to power and not mentoring the next generation of leaders, leaving a leadership vacuum.

ND: What are your plans for the constituency?

NM: What is most important is what the community wants not what I want. I am offering myself as a medium of transformation for my community, to be their voice in Parliament. I want to bring accountability for the people and show them that it’s not about politicking, but about their concerns.

I want to ensure that an environment is created for them to express their talents and skills, push for devolution that will ensure a fair share of the country’s cake.
Cultural development, as a constituency and as a city I believe we are the most culturally diverse in the country and this cultural diversity can be a stepping stone to culture export.

ND: Do you foresee yourself defeating candidates of major political parties such as the MDC-T, Zanu PF.

NM: The major parties have failed to deliver for the people as they are preoccupied witth their internal party politics, this has meant that for the past 37 years and 19 years respectively, our communities have had no real leaders, but politicians bent on securing and solidifying the political base with no people at heart. And yes definitely I will win because I am there and as independents we are there to work for the people, we have no political master to please.

ND: Why candidature under the Independent Forum?

NM: IBF is a group of independent candidates working together, by pooling together resources and sharing ideas and helping each other manoeuvre the political landscape.

ND: How far have you gone with the campaigns?

NM: We have managed to engage the community, but the limitation of resources is heavily affecting our progress. This is a sacrifice for the people and its one worthy, hence the self-funding and the also a few resources from well-wishers.

ND: How is the electorate responding?

NM: The response has been positive, they feel they have been let down by the big parties and are willing to give independent candidates a chance.

ND: What can you say to your rivals and the electorate?

NM: What I can say to my rivals is that this election is not about us seeking political office, but us representing the electorate to the best of our abilities. To them I say let the best person win.

To the electorate I say to them, the power to elect their leaders is in their vote and so is the power to remove them from office. Vote to bring change to Magwegwe by voting your son Nkosana Mkandla into Parliament.

Together, we can ngiyawamukela lowo mthwalo ilingipha wona. Vote Nkosana Mkandla vote for development, accountability, and servant leadership.