Harare sets aside $4m for ED’s roads

HARARE City Council has set aside $4 million to repair roads used by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputies, Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi at a time most roads in other parts of the city are in a sorry state.


According to latest minutes of council’s environmental management committee, the $4 million set aside for VVIPs (presidential routes) was released to coincide with Mnangagwa’s first 100 days in office.

“He (town clerk) reported (to the committee) that the city was allocated $12 977 546 for road and storm water [drains] maintenance from Zinara (Zimbabwe National Road Administration) for the year 2018. In addition a request for $4 013 033 was submitted to Zinara to fund VVIP (presidential) routes and the list of the routes was included on the 100-day programme,” read the minutes.

Most of the city’s roads are now virtually impassable following several years of neglect, while roads leading to top government officials’ residences routinely receive touch-ups.

“Zinara was delaying in disbursements of funds and this has scaled down operations due to delays in payments,” council noted.
Last year, council received $26 million under the Emergency Rehabilitation Fund to repair the city’s 5 000-km road network.


  1. Which roads?. Sounds sensationalist without roads being named Mr Editor

  2. Collnt…Some things needed to be clarified Mr Editor, no wonder muchizonetsana naana Mukupe. We are witnessing roads in our areas even in Buduriro, Glennorah and Highfields, being worked on , nicely done to the Highest standards. The council is doing a splendid job.

    1. umm i think mr editor, you need to be serious on some of the issues you write for readers, which VIP uses the road to Mereki which was recently done, and the one from Highglen fly over to Budiriro and the road linking kambuzuma road and glen eagles road viag GMB, and the road from highglen shopping centre to glen view? Haa amana lets be honest uku kumajecha but roads are being fixed wani amana

      1. hanzy there is 4 million set aside for VVIP routes hazvina kunzy there is no allocation for other raods. the issue is yakawandisa only to those considering other Zim roads wch also need to be attended to with urgency

        1. Anonymous kwahi ata atime other roads are in a sorry state. ZVoorevei izvozvo. kusatenda huroyi. kwedu warren paka kwakagadzikwa kwedu westgate takanasigwa road, kirkman to byo road nicely sorted its being done in phases but very encouraging. Svodaivo mhani

          1. Verenga zvakare. Ndaona sezvanzi “at a time most roads in other parts of the city are in a sorry state”.

  3. Editor, give yourself enough time to go through what you are writing about? $12.9m allocated for roads, plus $4m requested for VVIPs’routes!!

  4. Why not simply dismis the paper for the real trash it is rather than trying to correct it?

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