Ex-Zanu PF official ‘exposes Mnangagwa shady deals’

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate, Daniel Shumba yesterday claimed that Zanu PF removed him from Parliament as part of a plot by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to silence him from exposing their shady deals.


Shumba, one of the former Zanu PF provincial chairpersons linked to the infamous Tsholotsho declaration told NewsDay that Mnangagwa’s government targeted him because he had lots of information on their alleged plunder of exiled businessman Mutumwa Mawere’s wealth at Shabani Mashaba Mines.

He claimed Mnangagwa’s henchmen were also involved in the externalisation of gold and diamonds.

The Tsholotsho Declaration of 2004 was, according to Shumba, aimed at propping up Mnangagwa while blocking former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s bid to succeed former President Robert Mugabe.

“It was not that I believed in Mnangagwa, but that I was then chairperson of the Masvingo province, and I was only implementing a resolution by the province that we should support Mnangagwa,” he said.

Shumba said Mnangagwa was a major player for 37 years in Mugabe’s government and had no moral standing to claim to be a champion of the new dispensation.
“I was neither G40 nor Lacoste in Zanu PF and they used those allegations to remove me from Parliament so that they dismember me because I refused to plunder and steal with them and, therefore, did not fit into their agenda,” Shumba said.

“I was fired because as chairperson of the Parliamentary Mines and Energy Committee, I raised issues about SMM, externalisation of gold and diamond revenue, and those were uncomfortable truths to the extent that I was exposing the whole coup operators and Mnangagwa whom you call President, but he is a coup conspirator whom I would not recommend as President for the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

The UDA presidential candidate said he was confident of winning the July 30 presidential race, after which he would introduce a raft of measures to jumpstart the economy.

He said his government would introduce a basic income grant for citizens over 18 years financed through revenue from minerals.

“I am going to win. I even request live debate with Mnangagwa because I know I will undo him in every aspect.

“He is not original and does not have thoughts for the citizens of Zimbabwe,” Shumba said.


  1. Brett Mendoza

    I have said it time and again that Mnangagwa is not people centric, he is just a power monger who is intrested in looting our mineral resources. He is the bishop of corrupt ZANU PF officials, he is the warlord and kingpin of the abductors and murderers. His greediness for power and money is the reason why the economy is on its knees. We must vote him out and if they rig our elections…he’ll go down like Gaddaffi!!!

  2. Luke Munya Bikaldo

    New dispensation cannot be championed by an old and tired person who has been part of the looting team with Mugabe for the past 38 years.What new ideas can he bring when he failed to have some positive influence in which they have been running the govt for the past 37 years.So you think he hasnt been stealing all these years?And you want him to continue plundering the economy?

  3. If you agreed that Mugabe was a dictator, why then do you think he would have allowed his so called deputies to have any say in how he ruled? Just saying

    1. He did not!

    2. If his deputies agreed he was a dictator they would have sided with the people to remove him back in 2000 but hey his dictatorship worked very well for them until they were threatened and removed him. They always had the power to remove him. Even zanu pf always had the power to remove him as shown by the move to impeach him before he ultimately resigned.Let us not be fooled by this lot. They are disguising their succession plan in motion as a new dispensation.What fool would expect zanu pf to be the country’s best foot forward. They are hopelessly trying to run a sleek marketing campaign to fool the younger generation but truth is they are selling bottled smoke.Buy at your own risk but you will only have a chance for refund after 5years.

  4. Farai Johnson Nhire

    As usual, the so called oposition supporters get along with anything that is said against the individual they hate despite the availability of absolutely zero evidence. What proof do you have Honourable Shumba for your allegations against Ed with respect to gold? Why have you been quiete about it till today? Was there anything wrong about Ed attempting to regain the position he had been unfairly deprived of after he had god a nod from eight out of ten provinces to take the Vp position after the death of VaMuzenda? The next time you try to lie to Zimbabweans, dont forget you are dealing with one of the most literate and already well informed populace.

    1. Silver Samurungu

      You are missing the point, Mr Nhire. ED was Mugabe’s right-hand man for decades. He shares the blame equally with his former boss for the sorry state in which our beloved motherland is mired. As sure as shooting, he shared in the gross economic and human rights abuses of his erstwhile comrade.

    2. iiiii mdara zviri pachena izvi

  5. P T Paridzira

    Mr Shumba you must be out of your mind.Who deos not know that you were a G40 member.Look how stupid you sound, you said you were chairman of the parliamentary portifolio committee on mines and energy what stops you from executing your job in the same way as what mr Mliswa was doing of late.You are fake politician with no ideology and no manifesto shame on you.Iwe wakadzingwa muZanupf because you were not Zanupf

    1. Munhumutapa XXII

      Kkkkkk. Ana Shumba. Why are you wasting your time. Busy pointing at individuals without telling us what you will do for the suffering povho. Iyo speech ndeyepa WhatsApp circulation to your network of fools. Hahahaha !!

  6. Prosper Murambwi

    Iwe uri shumba ipiko iwe .Unopenga iwe .Waidiyi kutaura .Bring back my totem .Sour grapes stupid g40

  7. Wezhira Wezhara

    Daniel Shumba it is you who was given US$50 000.00 by Grace Mugabe through Jonathan Moyo so that you would be lined up as a fake star witness against ED at the time Moyo and Grace almost grabbed State power. You were earmarked to lie that ED sponsored the formation of this rubbish thing you call a political party. Ndinotonyara kunzwa kuti you come from my province.

  8. #teamvarakashi shumba why are you trying to fight your grounds by tarnishing Ed? dyiwa wega kwete kuda kusvibisa zanu of.chero ukaukura sei He has my vote already .ED pfee mu office musi wa30july#cde madikizela

  9. Farai johnson Nhire you are a baboon, i have given you several comments regarding your evil supports to Ed Mnangagwa and Zanu pf.Zambabwe was not destroyed in 2013 by MDC OR ANY OTHER PARTY BUT BY ZANU PF,so don’t twist us into believing zanu pf today. Your head must click and we are visional people who sees light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Sandy you are very right. Nhire is a bootlicker who is angling for some post in the rotten government so that he can loot our resources. That’s why the moron wrote his fool name.

  10. I just have a feeling that certain comments originate from the same person who just uses different names for each comment.

  11. Dude, Zanu F does not silence you through parliament ejection. You get silenced eternally. Stop the B.S!!!

  12. We want new leaderships cadres who are fully committed in taking zimbabwe back into greater heights,cadres who have no political connections with zanu pf party and government so that we can be able to build a new zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is full of rotten people who sees darkness as their heaven of hidding and of gaining riches through zanu pf tickets.ED Mnangagwa,Mujuru and the rest rotten zanus staff can not and will not help us build a new zimbabwe because they destroyed it and have made us to suffer heavily for 38 years of non services deliveries. ED Mnangagwa, Mujuru Chiwenga,Zimhondi,Bonyongwe,Shiri,chihuri and the rest evil zanu pf party are all evil doers.

  13. fake Shumba kept all these secrets only to say them out after realizing his life in politics is on edge.Shumba ngavagare pasi nemusangano vawo hapana achavada zvakare.Ko chimbovhurai ari makambani tione chido chenyu chekuti nyika ibudirire kwete kumhanyira kuma political parties chete?

  14. Zanu(PF) is a rural party which lacks vision and is led by corrupt old men.This mess we are in right now is of their own making so why on earth would they call themselves new dispensation ?There is nothing new here, same old men ,same old policies .In actual fact they had 37 years to prove their mettle what makes them think they can deliver ?No normal or sane Zimbabwean will vote for this selfish and retrogressive party.Zanu(PF) is poverty and death.


  16. Uri baboon Agripa, a mindless baboon, an ancient old ape that keeps on believing that destruction,murdering vana Itai Dzamara and corrupting under Zanu pf ticket is the best tool to get riches easier in zimbabwe.Zvichaiwana ngwarati rimwe zuva nekuti chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa.


  18. ED Pfeee paretirement

  19. Farai Johnson Nhire

    There is this crazy idea about Ed having destroyed Zimbabwean economy for the past 38 years! Tell me fellow zimbabweans, which potifolios did Ed hold through which he destroyed our economy? Ministry Of Finance? Ministry Of Industry And Commerce? Ministry Of Mines? Ministry Of Agriculture? Did he realy hold any of these ministries and if not how did that happen? Did he destroy the economy by how he handled these ministries: Deffence?, Justice?, Rural And Social Amenities? If Ed destroyed the economy through those potifolios, then what a miracle performer is Ed!

  20. Newsday should take us seriously . How can you use Shumba to tell a story about ED ? Its a case of sour grapes . Your story has no facts at all . Its a shame that you put in a good headline and then you give us an empty story . Shame on you Newsday .

  21. ED havana kulanganisa maya chero mukapopota zvinengei there is noone like mnangagwa lets honour ne respect him #edhasmyvote

  22. Chizanu chauraya vanhu ichi shuwa mudakuvhotera vakaguta kare hamunyari mabonga evanhu

  23. Comment…I has been a prophetic icon in the matter of the future of our Zimbabwean panorama.I was given a vision in 2012 while in my O level that some old mean men are supposed to confess their hidden shabby cruelty & filthy bossom from among the shrubs .Oh!!!the so-called but not father of our new found land Zimbabwe,we wish we could dance while giving one another reposite and adequate opportunities in the reigning system. Why would you want to dance clapping hands for yourself?????Zimbabwe is an anointed land of God’s favour,gold and silver but people want to bear false witness about Zimbabwe and it’s people and become false prophets of hypocrisy and loot God’s riches and wealth into their own personal bank.
    Remember a Divine bank is a domestic not a foreign bank.
    We promised but no longer promise all the reinstated and lost foreigners that when they reign in A Godly not a falsetto way they are gonna be given another chance of driving the new shevrolet in the reigning system but they preferred to be other gods who have no eyes,no ears to listen to people and even to The voice of The Real God!!!Hence no other chance do such snakes,lions and cubs and their generations deserve. Neither one or/and a half. God told me that I must be the King and rule the whole world but I’m still silent and still coz I know the yoke is only easy with the voice commander who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth our Lord and Saviour. Our Provider of strength in our tender age,Youthful age and oldful adage….Let’s not lean unto our own understanding and filthy thoughts ey!!!!BT let’s seek the Divine counsel and voice of prominence with holy promise and embarking in reality not propaganda….Thank you!!!!Proverbs 22:29,18:19-22.

  24. It is a very hard thing to teach someone to think. You lack the prerequisites for that process to begin. You’re a mental write-off, rot or celebrate in your ignorance – they say ignorance is bliss! You’re one of the bricks of Zimbabwe ruins.

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