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Carex distributor spices up Fantasy condoms


ELECARE Pharmaceuticals has launched a “scented and cost effective” condom called Fantasy which they say will assist in bringing pleasure and fighting against HIV and Aids.


In a statement yesterday, Elecare Pharmaceuticals said it was excited to pursue its mandate to fight HIV and Aids and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Zimbabwe through the new quality condoms.

“There’s simply no other dotted and scented product on the market that compares with Fantasy condoms which truly offers increased pleasure, comfort, safety and value to its users,” the statement read.

“Fantasy condom is taking strides in working hand in glove with women in terms of empowering them to have a say when it comes to condom use.
“In order to build a healthy nation, it is important to note that it is not only the sole responsibility of the men to buy condoms in any setting, but women should also be responsible.”

“Society at large should not frown upon women when they buy condoms and men should also be open-minded when a woman suggests condom use without accusing them of infidelity.”

The HIV prevalence rate in Zimbabwe currently stands at 14,7%, down from a peak of 30% in 1999.

Elecare said they intend to make condoms a socially acceptable part of everyday life.

“The brand’s mandate is to make condoms a socially acceptable part of everyday life by creating a product and programmes that make it easier to learn about, talk about, and practice safer sex,” the statement said.

Elecare said the colourful green and fruity artwork on the fantasy condom wrapper serves as a conversation starter, makes condoms more accessible, and helps break down stigma around condom buying, sexual health education and outreach.
Each pack of Fantasy retails for 50c.

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