15 ministers only for Chamisa

MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa has pledged to appoint a lean 15-member Cabinet to avoid overburdening the taxpayers, adding he would not hesitate to expel incompetent ministers and public officials if he wins next month’s presidential election.


Addressing a campaign rally in Mutoko yesterday, Chamisa said his administration would not tolerate corrupt and incompetent public service officials.

“We are going to have just 15 ministers in Zimbabwe, that will be enough. You can’t have lots of ministers, as if you want to address a rally. I will also make sure that those who steal are not recycled, but are fired from government. My government will not have stealing and corrupt ministers,” he said.

“Government today has become a feeding trough, only those in power are the ones who are wealthy. The people who are appointed into government become rich overnight, that has to stop. One can’t be a minister, a businessman, a farmer and an employer, just that one person. No! We need to share those roles for effective production and wealth creation.”

Chamisa took pot shots at top government officials who shun local medical institutions and sought treatment outside the country.

“No minister will be allowed to seek medical attention from outside this country because we are going to upgrade our hospitals to the standards that will ensure our people access quality medical attention. Here in Mutoko, we will upgrade the facilities to the point that just walking into a hospital you will feel better, not the current situation where you have to bring your own water and pills. What kind of hospital is that?” he said.

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  1. Dr Nkosana Moyo is the first I heard talking of that number of ministers. copy cat Chamisa???

    1. What wrong in copying the good nhaiwe Man?

      1. If you want the best go to the original source. Copying will never get you the best of results. Ask those with imitation products, or those who copied their home work

    2. Right thinker

      Chamisa has spoken about this for donkey years baba. Even before Nkosana came from wherever it is that he came from. Pay attention baba.

  2. Honestly !5 ministers over 15million people, When Smith himself had more than this over a smaller population, Rwanda Kagame denies Chamisa’s claim to have helped the ICT policy of the country, 15 billion from Trump admin, Bullet train that travels over 400km in 30 min.. faster than Morocco’s fasttest…

    I mean is Chamisa a real politician or a mere liar

    1. you crazy dump zanoids..you’re only seeing the lies by H.E PRESIDENT N.CHAMISA ,what of those by ZANU ..2mil jobs..investors….billion dollar deals….38yrs tichinyeperwa…haa mukai mhani imi..wasting time kutsvaga kuti CHAMISA ati kudii….i think u’re happy with situation we’re in today….mhandu dzevanhu you ZANOIDS

      1. Kumuka takamuka bt we jus want to be sure kt watichaisa pachigaro achava munhu bhoo here?Remember Mugabe akapinda achidiwa.

      2. Thts true cz we are sorphocating

    2. So what strike you most is the number of ministers not the proposal of firing all thieving official which is outstanding here as opposed to the 38 year recycling norm done under ZANU leadership. zvimwe vhurai meso zvese nenjere musiye shanje kunge makapfuhwirwa nemsangano uyo we ZANU. taimboveko uko, asi takabvako hakuna chiro woye,,,

    3. Hapana zvamunondiita

      Wat an EDiot! Wats UK’s population n how many ministers (secretaries) do they hv?

    4. No he is a dreamer, if your child says they want to go to space do you then crush their dreams or you help them get that dream, technology shouldn’t just come from other countries who said we can’t dream to make our own train that will do that..

  3. Silvester Matambo

    This is silly and no one will take this guy seriously. He will surely lose this election by a wide margin.

    1. the problem with us Zimbabwean is that the zanus spell has got hold of us. we have been kept in poverty that we cant believe we can be better. you go to a guy in mbare and tell him I can make you stay in Borrowdale he tells you, you are mad. thats what we are seeing here. chamisa is pleading with people to open their eyes to see how rich this country is and they say he is mad. Zimbabwe is rich fellow people. thieves have stolen and told us we cant make it. please lets open our eyes and stop these thieving people. I did not say vote for chamisa but I believe my country is rich. I cant vote for ed and chiwengwa though. great thieves themselves . trying to redeem themselves. poverty can be terrible

      1. Chamisa Chete

        I agree with you there people can’t see anymore we keep going and thinking like this and we are down the same hole

    2. Chamisa 57 percent and ED 38 percent and the rest shared among other candidates.

    3. How big is US cabinet with over 300 million pple. Google it

  4. Comment…the problem of zimbabwe ppl are jealousy esp the young they don’t support each other ,chamisa is still young but he can deliver better compared to zanu PF bcz we know them for a long time they are good only at campaign and propaganda.where is #this flag, tajamuka, these ppl they are power hungry they wanted to hijack opposition supporters and form their outfits leading esp pastor evans mawarire we support him but he can’t support other young leaders ……..what a generation failing to solve their own problem bcz of jealousy .the older generation united and fight for independence

  5. chamisa you have my vote

  6. Chamisa chete chete, garwe ranyangira yaona

  7. Chamisa chete chete, kutaura kwenyu koratidza muri kurwadziwa

  8. Chamisa chete chete

  9. newsday, your website is so poor. you even don’t get posts published, I have posted twice and am not on

  10. Zanu pf propaganda is sickening. ED also promised a lean cabinet of only 21 ministers. What is wrong with having a lean cabinet. Right now we have senators, Do we really need all these senators? Are you not sick and tired of poverty? there is absolutely nothing that Zanu can do to transform this economy into a modern economy except giving you maize, fertilisers if its election time. zanu pf cant even build one good road and then you talk of zanu pf transforming all sectors of the economy.

  11. Comment… yes it’s better to wait for another person not the current government which is ruled this country for 38 years without anything only the suffering of the people we mustn’t

  12. Comment…nyika haitongwe neasina kurwa hondo…saka uchavhoterwa nevakarwa hondo vese vasina tovhotera asina kurwavo hondo.

  13. Ian Smith had 12 Ministers only and governed Rhodesia under strict sanctions,so where did Chamisa went wrong? Zanu pf and die hard supporters just don’t have brains and are heartless ,they are very easy to point with wrong fingers. With 12 Ministries, Ian Smith’s economy was vibrant because he was transparency in governing the country unlike zanu pf which is heavily loaded with murderous and thieves.

  14. 15 ministers is a good number.Mr Chamisa keep on spread the message of hope,light and revelations.Those who are engulfed with spirit darkness are always thinking about their own stomachs have no sleep over your .They are defending the status quo for selfish gain.
    Forward with Change.

  15. 15 ministers is a good number.Mr Chamisa keep on spread the message of hope,light and revelations.Those who are engulfed with spirit darkness are always thinking about their own stomachs have no sleep over your .They are defending the status quo for selfish gain.
    Forward with Change.

  16. how many people did Ian Smith’s ecomomy cater for sustainably when all blacks were relegated to tribal trust lands.who was holding that non productive trust land?

    1. Can u google about how big is USA cabinet.

  17. chisa mbama chisa rwendo runo anopinda mufana wechidiki muchida musingade.taneta nekubirwa nembavha dzezanu.

  18. #Chamisa has my vote and ukaona uchimhanya na EDiot enda unoongororwa pfungwa dzako!Majaira kugara muchirumwa nechekuchera

  19. Comment…p

  20. That’s the most refreshing thing I’ve heard this campaign season. I now know where exactly to place my vote.

  21. Ed has my vote,

  22. Well said Chamisa. Majority of the current ministries are departments that need to be merged to become fully fledged ministries. You should appoint experts who would then be vetted and undergo a polygraph test to end up with the most suited to deliver. Politicians should be shelved to avoid them from comprising. Its only then that the comatose economy can resuscitated and service delivery guaranteed. Let us argue reasonably.

  23. Bravo Chamisa, you have my vote striking the right tunes, austerity measures must start from the top, you will also need to have only 1 VP no need for deputy ministers no need for permanent secretaries and provincial ministers.

  24. ma mdc mese muri mhati hakuna chamunowana

  25. We really need change but as for Chamisa now noo try next time kana wave matua enough to lead Zim nhema hadzina kuipa hadzo when it comes to politics its not only Chamisa who lies all of them inhema chete but Chamisa lacks maturity this is the truth

    1. sorry guys for the dirty words. Haa ndazogaya manje, Honourable CHAMISA HAS MY VOTE ++, izvi zvema zano pf taneta nazvo izvi

    2. what about you stupid Anony

  26. Comment…south africa have 35 ministers with population of 56million ,zimbabwe has got 16million pple so they is nothing wrong about 15 ministers.even ed wanted to reduce number of ministers.only Mugabe want many ministers some of them without portfolio.

    1. “Today, the Cabinet is comprised of the vice president and 15 department heads, as well as a handful of Cabinet-level positions, such as White House chief of staff.” (talking about the USA cabinet: United States·Population 2017: 325.71 million)

  27. Advocate Chamisa you have my VOTE we are tired of these thieves who parade as sheep but they are wolves

  28. Ahh Super Chamisa doesnt need ministers ,he can do everything alone. Who is that person who can work with such a person. Spare us your dreams.

  29. Vanhu ve Zanu pf were all brain washed. Just think of the number of trips which were done na Mugabe and what did we get out of that ZEEEERRRROOOOO, NOTHING instead he brought the country down vachingorova slogan chete. There is nothing wrong with Chimsa having 15 ministers because it is the logical thing to do.That shows that he thinks. You want him to do the wrong things then you start pointing fingers at him again. Nkosana never said pfungwa dzangu handzifanire kushandiswa by anyone, he never said. If you were Chamisa so how many ministers were you going to take, tell us , MAN.


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