Zanu PF goes for broke, gets tech-savvy to win polls


THE ruling Zanu PF party has embraced bulk messaging as part of its cocktail of campaign platforms to reach out to the electorate ahead of this year’s general elections.


After recently launching the #EDhasmyvote campaign, the ruling party opened a Twitter handle and Facebook page for its presidential candidate, Emmerson Mnangagwa, with the bulk messaging platform targeting rural supporters who would be provided with handsets incompatible with social networking site, WhatsApp.

Bulk messaging and WhatsApp have proved effective tools to win the hearts and minds of the rural electorate, according to the parliamentary candidate for Chivi South, Killer Zivhu, who beat the incumbent legislator, Mafios Wutete in the party primaries held recently.

And Zivhu, outgoing chairman of Chivi Rural District Council (RDC), says he sold the idea to the Zanu PF commissariat and hoped the party will adopt it for campaigning countrywide.

Speaking at a farewell for longest serving Chivi councillor, Alderman Tafirei Mhosva last week, Zivhu said: “It is no longer a matter of how much you spend on the electorate. Take the electorate seriously, because money is not enough. You can spend money and slaughter a beast, splash goodies yet you can still lose. That does not translate to votes. People just come for the food and regalia and you will be shocked when the results come, like what happened to many during the primaries.

“Now, it is about reaching out to the people, interfacing with them, talking to them and convincing them in small manageable groups. You do that through social media, creating WhatsApp groups for all the people in the constituency. For those not using WhatsApp, you turn to bulk messaging.

“This is what made me win in these primary polls. I thought of this strategy late after realising I was shooting in the dark despite being on the ground and donating a lot. Bulk messaging worked for me. This is the method we want to use. This method works. It’s effective and cheap. I appealed to many people and you also talk to them and answer questions if it’s WhatsApp, unlike at a rally where you may not have the chance to get people’s thoughts. Those who do not know how to do group messaging, we will teach you.

“This is no time for complacency. Start convincing your relatives, family and friends, don’t force them,” he said.

Mnangagwa is expected to slug it out against a record 120 other presidential aspirants, although the Zanu PF leader and his MDC Alliance counterpart have been touted as the front runners.


  1. Waste of time Killer(Muurayi) Zivhu.People are no longer interested in zanu pf.Your past performance is what we are judging you on not the method you use to reach us with your pack of lies.

    • By saying “WE”,who exactly are you referring to? learn to speak for your self – i will vote for Unity, the fight against corruption, development, re-engagement and job creation than someone who want to spent the taxpayer’s money on useless things like bullet trains and building air ports at every homestead. the opposition was necessary in removing Mugabe, now that he is gone (thanks to ED and Chiwenga), what use are they. Chamisa is now concentrating on attacking ED instead of telling us what he has to offer. He should go back to the drawing board and contract a new rhetoric otherwise when he lose this time around – which is set in stone – that might be the end of MDC

      • “i will vote for Unity, the fight against corruption, development, re-engagement and job creation” kkkkk. Dude now show me exactly where all this was implemented in your 38yrs in power? Mukunwa sewage, driving on potholes and selling airtime. Are you really this stupid? Maybe you’re just joking.

    • Who is talking lies here?
      Can you point out a single lie so far in the campaign message of ZANU PF? Meanwhile the MDC’s campaign is built on bogus, unrealistic and totally unnecessary promises.
      President Mnangagwa has only been in office for less than a year and he has definitely delivered to the people, good governance and stability in the least.
      Yes ZANU PF was lacking for 38yrs, but mind you it was presided by Mugabe!

  2. nxa tired of zanu pf we are no longer interested in you ,you have failed the nation at large and the people of zimbabwe in particular, no jobs no cash poor health delivery system,you have nothing new to offer

  3. Shame on you Killer, bizy kubira vanhu mari dzema Stands kuNorton uchinotenga mavotes kwaChivi,manje wanyangira yaona.

  4. Mpozo Saruchera, all people are tired of Zanu PF, . 38 years of plundering the nation, stealing, looting, rapping wont be tolerated any more. People for Chamisa

  5. Mapozho Saruchera, all people are tired of Zanu PF, . 38 years of plundering the nation, stealing, looting, rapping wont be tolerated any more. People for Chamisa

  6. Myself with my sober and careful mind, ill vote Zanu, I see better change even if it came late. In Mdc I just see misery

    • Your loss. Zanu busy talk talk talk but no action. Always empty promises & fooling the electorate. This time NO.

  7. Wakaoona uchivhitera Zanu Pf muna2018, iyo yakatadza kuita zvisvinu for 38years……bika doro

  8. Zanu pf has failed 100%, the Problem is there is no Alternative. Surely bullet trains, spaghetti roads, Airports? doesnt make sense at all. We dont wanna move from Bad to Worse, rather stay on Bad.

    • @Brian, How are spaghetti roads worse than potholes and trenches? If you cannot believe in transformation to where we should be if Mugabe and his croons had not destroyed the country then nothing Mnangagwa or Chamisa does can help you out of the rut you are in.

  9. Brian,thats why you are always trailing from behind,even at school i think you were always trailing from behind.If you do not have big dreams like what this young aspiring president Advocate Chamisa then you belong to the dustbins of history.You should dream big,nothing is impossible,especially here in Zimbabwe ,a country endowed with vast tracts of natural resources that are plundered and stolen everyday by the ruling party leaders with reckless abandon.Imagine we were only told of the missing 15 billion,what of the stolen diamonds that were never made public?15 billion is almost 5 times Zim’s budget iwe woti ma bullet trains haatengeki.Kutogutsikana nekuitwa varombo ne mbavha dze zanu pf.A big shame.Ko izvo zvamunongo promiswa nezanu pf kubva 1980 zvidiki zvacho makaitirwa zvingani?Chinovatadzisa kuti vaite zvavanopromiser kana mavavhotera iko zvino ivo vaine masimba mamwechetewo avachangowana kana mavavhotera.Mukaiwo mhani munotisembura.Kupusa kunenge kweshavi kudaro?

  10. Don’t lie to yourself that people are tired of ZANU just bcoz u r tired…some of us see a future esp now under ED….what exactly is chamisa offering???Bullet trains????Is that a policy???? And he does not even know how much a bullet train costs or how fast it goes claiming he will have a bullet train that does Harare-Bulawayo in 30 minutes…..Nyaya yekuti u go to Diaspora or pa Jozi and see dual roads and Gautrain and want to show of to us kumusha people kuti imi u know chirungu zvakapera kare……Better to tell me about inputs for me to use at my kamunda…..someone called Chamisa is going to commit suicide after losing badly bcoz of kubelieveiswa ne social media

  11. Doesnt matter bullet trains or not bullet train. Chamisa has my vote ❎ in 2018. I’m tired of zanu pf and these corrupt chrmberez. Endai munofa imi machemberr

  12. Some Zimbos are educated fools…If you are running a race and you dont aim to come number 1 ..then why bother with the competion..Why do we so bealive that Bullet trains and spaghett roads are unattainable..The main reason is we have been ruled by clueless and visionless people for 40 years ..its like children of Israel wondering in the wilderness because of their unwilliness to listen to God..Here we have ZanuPF people who will bring their president to preside over the commissioning of $2000 dollar worth of traffic lights in Chivhu..and we call that development ..And they blow $100000 in the process..We are so used to celebrating mediocrisy..We think development is getting handouts like fertilizer and maize seed from the same people who have impoverised us by stealing everything from us ..They made us so poor that we cant see that they took everything from us so that we can depend on the little handouts they give and we bealive they are God given…ZanuPf people’s development dream is to make us a 3rd world country for another 100 years ..whilst they loot with impunity..If you dont dream of seeing Zimbabwe as a developed industrialised self sufficient country in the next 30 years…So whats your dream…Vending,cooperatives and subsistance farming…Cry beloved country

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