Zanu PF disowns ‘reckless’ Mukupe utterances

GOVERNMENT yesterday described as “reckless, unlawful and contemptuous” the recent statement by Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe that the military would not allow MDC-T presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa to rule if he wins this year’s polls.


Mukupe, who is Zanu PF parliamentary candidate for Harare East, made the remarks at a campaign meeting in the constituency on Monday.

In a statement, acting Information minister Simon Khaya Moyo said Mukupe’s statement was unconstitutional and contemptuous of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office.
“Apart of being unconstitutional and, therefore, against the laws of the land, the reported claims amount to direct contempt of His Excellency, President Mnangagwa, who is the sole Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces,” part of the statement read.

Moyo said the statement had the effect of impugning the elections even before they happen.

“Consequently, any pronouncements, which have the effect of undermining the supreme law of the land, and the authority of the Commander-in-Chief of Zimbabwe Defence Forces or suggesting that our well-respected security organs will act in a partisan manner in relation to the country’s politics, apart from being unauthorised, are unlawful, reckless, improper, uncalled for and thus totally condemnable,” the statement said.

“Besides, they imperil national peace and stability, and amount to a frontal challenge to the tenets and practices of democracy as understood and practised world-wide.”

United Kingdom deputy ambassador to Zimbabwe, Simon Thomas on his Twitter account said, as a confidence-building measure, it was important for all parties to pledge to abide by the constitution.

“A reminder of why putting a free and fair election in the front and centre of international engagement is so crucial. Vital that all parties confirm they will accept the results of a credible election. Getting the military to confirm they’d accept this too would be a hugely positive move,” he said.

Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo said while he had not yet verified the statements Mukupe made, there was a commitment by the Mnangagwa-led government to deliver a free and fair election which is credible.

“The policy of this new dispensation is that we want free fair elections, credible elections and we want elections that are going to stabilise this country,” he said.
“We believe that this new dispensation is the answer to people’s cry for stability, is the answer to the people for re-engagement and for the end of isolation and for economic growth, which then is going to result in job creation.”

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  1. But the security forces always act in a partisan manner. In all elections thay have always been partisan. Just last Nov they invoved themselves in a ZANU PF succession battle, which culminated in a coup on a sitting party and country president. To say Zim security forces dont act in a partisan manner is just utter rubbish!They have always be partisan. The likes of general Ambi and Sibusiso did not carry out that coup for the majority of Zimbabweans’ benefit. It was for them to move into country leadershiop and now they are happy shuttling between western capitals. Ungazovabvisa?

  2. mukupe is a kasukuwera project so with tyson now around one wonders what is going on

  3. We may be forced to treat it as brinkmanship and a security scare but where there’s smoke there’s fire. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

  4. The point that SK Moyo is surely trying to make to his wayward colleague, Mukupe is that when you go fishing, you do not advertise or confess to the hungry fish that there is a hook hidden in the worms you are casting out to them.

  5. It took 2 days for Khaya-Moyo to comment and to indicate this mukupe (lower case deliberate) said stuff that is “…being unauthorised, are unlawful, reckless…”.
    Why hasn’t he been arrested if his deed was “unlawful”?

    Next comes the vapid comment from Sibusiso talking as if “the people” had already chosen the “new dispensation” to rule them forever. Too much twaddle, hot air and pub talk but very little to say….

    Zimbabwean voters should expect foul play and make plans on what to do in the event that it occurs.

    1. Wezhira Wezhara

      @Sagitr it shows that you do not understand the country’s laws. The new dispensantion ia a result of a lawful process within Zanu PF which had the people’s mandate to rule until this year. Musangovukura because the leader / president was supposed to come from the party which had the mandate after resignition of the elected one.

    2. You can say that again

  6. Mukupe is just about the worst person to speak on any issue, everything that comes out of his mouth is generally negative energy & toxic

  7. Scope Donorro

    It might have been a staged utterance or act, so that they will come around repremanding it so that they appear as if they are very democratic in their conduct. How can Mukupe be so ‘naive’ in saying that without being ordered to do so.

    It have all been staged so that a desired outcome is acheived in their favour…

  8. Obviously the cat is out of the bag that’s why the Moyos are now trying to cover up. Zimbabweans very much know that their source of suffering comes from trigger happy zanuoids called zanla, they have not shed anything since they came from the bush. Reflect 2008, not even one person has been brought to court and that answers everything. They do not have any support but what they have are guns to kill anyone who threatens their ill gotten wealth, just ask G40. They will protect their wealth using state resources, forget about a free and fair elections if these guys are involved. Mukupe said it loud and clear, ” they removed Mugabe to hand over to Chamisa ?”

  9. Mukupe was not arrested maybe because he had the go ahead to do so maybe payed to do so from his bosses.In turn this will make them seem ‘the good one’s’ when Mukupe’s atterrences are later reproved.
    Later on Mkupe might even receive some fake punishment to cover up for the trick they cooked…Brace yourselfs for more gimmicks or political ploys. Don’t allow these pple to mess around with ya..

    1. understand your country`s constitution. what mukupe said its his personal opinion and the govt has already distanced itself from the statement. can someone be arrested for expressing his personal opinion . is this the democracy you want to bring.

  10. @wezhira off with your partisan politics. wezhara

  11. Princess Tali

    Politics politics politics the devil’s playground.Zimbabwe look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.These political games are just there to deter us from our God given mission Lets preach the gospel to all the world.Regai varwire upfumi hwenyika ino isu ngatirwirei denga rinouya.

    1. Princess Tali ,we live on earth 1st b4 we go to heaven or hell whatever, so when it comes to fixing issues that affect our earthly livelihood its fine by me & most. After all political activities are only for a while ,afterwards we go about our daily businesses and commitments.

  12. Mukupe must join his G40 cabal. Beware of him.

  13. Comment…The military has always been partisan from the day that General Zvinavashe proclaimed that they would never support anyone who did not to war.This mantra has been repeated by others including Major General Nyikayaramba who has dabbled in ZEC as well.
    When the coup was announced General Chiwenga said the military were stockholders.Only a fool does not know that the army is like Zanla the military wing of the party.This is why a general officer is now in charge of the Commisariat.It is also common knowledge that ED militarised the Justice Ministry by seconding so called retired officers to key posts.That is also why ED wanted Chiweshe a former brigadier general to be Chief Justice.
    The so called new dispensation sat and watched as Mai Mujuru was purged because ED was the beneficiary.They intervened because ED was their man and he had been fired (Mugabe had the right to fire anyone he appointed).
    Finally Mugabe did not resign voluntarily.The tanks came first and then he resigned under pressure.
    Mukupe just stayed the facts that any sane person knows.He just was not supposed to declare the reality in public.

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  15. Khupe and Mukhupe same same

  16. Tindo is spot on! ED has long been the military’s blue eyed boy. Why did they do nothing when Mai Mujuru was sent packing? Is she not a freedom fighter like ED? New dispensation my foot!!! These are just soldiers who are power hungry and want to protect their ill-gotten filthy wealth. A coup happened in November 2018 and was sanitised by allowing people to march who previuosly had not been given the freedom to do so by the same army.

  17. Mukupe we are ready for you guys that’s why we are going to vote in the opposition to form the next government then we see what you guys are going to do. we are more than ready this time around. makajaidzwa.


  18. ED should fire motor mouth Mukhupe. Mukhupe is undoing ED’s re-engagement with the Western countries. I once read an article which reported that Mukhupe said corruption is good for the country. Mukhupe must understand that he is a nonentity in ZANU PF and in the government. When people like VP Chiwenga, P. Shiri, S.B. Moyo, Rtd Lt Gen E. Rugeje e.t.c. are quiet who is this Mukhupe to make pronouncements on the relationship between ZANU PF, the ZDF, the government and the State of Zimbabwe? Is Mukhupe able to fire a gun?


  20. Mukhupe vs Khupe

    These two Kupes have been reading one too many power books. The need to stay relevant at any cost lest you be forgotten – political dustbin. Bad publicity is said to be better than no publicity at all. Ask Temba he knows and uses this sstrategy well.

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