Zanu PF chefs accused of jumping fuel queues

MOTORISTS in Chinhoyi have accused top Zanu PF officials of jumping fuel queues to fill up their vehicles at the few service stations operating in the town.


Clifford Mutopa, one of the affected motorists, accused Zanu PF members of perpetuating the spirit of “Mugabeism” into the new dispensation — in apparent reference to former President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

“These Zanu PF guys preach new dispensation when they are still in the old dispensation. They should be ashamed because their government is failing us politically and economically. We now doubt whether the shortage is genuine,” he said.

Zanu PF youth leader Tapiwa Chitate, who was commandeering the petrol attendants to prioritise ruling party vehicles in the queue, declined to comment.

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    This despicable and uncaring behaviour does not resonate with the much acclaimed pro people Zanu pf philosophy.These chefs’behaviour is un Ubuntu which in normal circumstances especial in a crisis situation ensures that children are fed first,but these seek preferential treatment.

  2. why is the petrol attendant agreeing to fuel up a vehicle which has jumped the line? why are the other motorists allowing someone to jump the line. zimbabweans want everything done for them by someone else. why??????????
    people at large are to blame for such behaviour. i myself would also jump the line if i see that people are docile.

  3. The famous stone that yielded so much diesel was out near Chinhoyi was it not ?
    maybe time to revisit comrades ?

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