Water lily, the plant that fights like a real warrior


“My motto was always to keep swinging whether I was in a slump or feeling bad, or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was to keep swinging,” Hawk Aaron once said.

By Steve Nyambe

“That’s the best recipe to take you to the top.

Why this in particular?

Because people who always change survive.

A master class group of those who cause change are leaders and I am truly convinced that you are in that group, that’s why you are reading this article.

So get on board and let’s start our journey together.

Spice your life with adaptability

That’s the nature of life, it calls for change, spiced up with adaptability.

If you don’t accept change, you will be destroyed, handicapped or overpowered by life’s challenges.

You just need to change and play according to the melody that’s being played at the moment.

Be like a fish, it always swims against the current, it does not follow the flow of water.

You need to leave the normal channel and pursue the route towards the highest degree of resistance.

That is the route that leads to treasure.

Lessons from nature

There will always be resistance.

But you must remember that it is the same resistance that is used to build muscles that can be used to fight life’s battles.

Nature has all of life’s lessons splashed across it.

One preacher once said, his first bible was nature.

A statement that’s clothed in golden nuggets of wisdom, powerful enough to stay tattooed in your heart forever.

If you are an analyst, you will agree that nature has a lot to offer to humanity when it comes to imparting knowledge.

Peruse through the pages of nature and you will be a learned life student.

One who is prepared to fight and take the bull by its horns.

Never forget that, “persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement,” as was taught by Marv Levy.

This is what we also learn from a plant called the water lily.

It shows us that persistence is the best way.

Water lily, the plant that fights like a real warrior

There is a little plant called the water lily.

Its leaves are quite a marvel to see when they dangle above the water.

Its brightness is sort of soothing to the soul, giving energy and hope to anyone looking at it.

But have you ever wondered what the water lily goes through for it to be like that.

The water lily goes through an exciting experience.

A tiny seed finds itself at the bottom of usually muddy waters, where no one would expect life.

Out of desolation, where there is no hope, a beautiful plant comes to the fore and captures the imagination and rises to the top to showcase its glory.

So what lesson will the lily be giving?

It will be saying you must fight your way up until you get to the top.

A lot of things may come on your way, but you must conquer.

No matter how many arrows are pointing towards you, you have to have the courage to stand up and fight.

You are highly favoured, gifted and equipped to withstand anything.

Don’t underestimate who you are and what you can be.

It maybe be difficult today, but it can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He can be contacted on +263 784 583 761 or email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com