VP Nkomo’s son cries foul over Zanu PF primaries

The late John Landa Nkomo

The late Vice-President John Nkomo’s son, Jabulani, has claimed there was rigging in the Zanu PF primaries for the Tsholotsho South seat, but his opponent, the legislator for the area, Zenzo Sibanda described the latter as a sore loser, as ructions in the aftermath of the poll continue to rock the ruling party.


Following his defeat, Jabulani accused the Zanu PF Matabeleland North executive of having a hand in his loss through ballot stuffing and other rigging plots in Sibanda’s favour.

“Cde ED (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) … I am Zanu PF to the core,” he posted on Twitter.

“I am hurt by Matabeleland North leaders, who rigged to protect a ZJC (Zimbabwe Junior Certificate) tsikamutanda from Mberengwa, who has no heart and capacity to develop Tsholotsho South.

“A mummy in Parliament and no development since 2013. Stealing from the community.”

Jabulani asked why Sibanda “does not go back to his place of birth”.

The late Vice-President’s son could not be reached for comment on his claims.

Sibanda defeated Nkomo and Ronald Tshuma in the quest to represent the constituency.

Zanu PF Matabeleland North chairperson, Richard Moyo dismissed Jabulani’s claims, describing him as a perennial loser.

“The primaries were free and fair and conducted by members of the security forces,” he said.

“The leadership was not there.

“We asked the security forces to assist us.

“He is always losing elections, and it is not our fault at all.”

Moyo said Jabulani must accept that he lost and stop casting aspersions on the provincial leadership.

This is not the first time that Nkomo has contested Zanu PF primaries and lost, as he was defeated in the party’s internal polls in 2013.

Sibanda said: “That is not true at all. He cannot accuse me of rigging.

“In Tsholotsho South, we have 12 wards, and out of those he clinched two, another contestant one and I had nine, that alone that tells you the true story of the voting trends.

“The problem is that he only shows up during the election period wanting to contest, and that is the reason why he has been losing.

“Politics is not inheritance; he cannot want to ride on the name of his father, he has to be with the people, and my advice to him is that he must start campaigning now for the 2023 primary elections.”

Zanu PF’s internal polls were marred by accusations of vote rigging and ballot tempering, with some candidates demanding re-runs.


  1. jabu you lost this one and reaffirming that you are zanupf to the core does not mean a thing as we even have a prominent young man leading a major opposition party who also pleaded being zanupf to the bone once upon a time

  2. The elections were managed by security services , this is interesting indeed

  3. J. Nkomo, Sibanda may indeed be a ZJC as you allege but consider this; that maybe its because your father and others destroyed the schooling infrastructure during the bushwar and never restored it after independence. And you were schooled (at the expense of taxpayers) at elitist schools that were protected by Smith during the war and now you want to continue unfairly benefitting Tsholotsho people and forsure citizenry have said NO!

  4. What do the security forces have to do with a political party’s internal business??? This is blatant abuse of State institutions and resources unfairly in party business. Will other political parties like the MDC have access to the same services or this is a selective abuse of power??? What is ZEC saying about this?

  5. thats the way of doing things in Zim my friend .you are not new to that
    now you see it for your self

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