Turkish ambassador courtesy call on Kazembe

YOUTH, Sports, Arts and Recreation minister Kazembe Kazembe yesterday met with the Turkish ambassador to Zimbabwe, Hakan Kivanc and they discussed the need to strengthen cultural ties between the two countries.


Speaking during the courtesy call, Kivanc said Zimbabwe had a rich cultural heritage that needed to be promoted beyond its borders.

“Our excellent relations have reached another dimension and we spoke about promoting the arts industry in Zimbabwe since the country is strong and rich in stone art sculptures. I will use every possibility (to see to it) that the Zimbabwean art is promoted,” he said.

The two also discussed the need to sign a memorandum of understanding which will necessitate cultural exchange programmes following the availing of sport and cultural scholarships to Zimbabwe.

Kazembe said there was also need to facilitate participation in arts festivals within the two countries.

“We discussed a number of issues, amongst them the need to facilitate participation in arts festival in both countries and we also took the opportunity to lobby for the Turkish support since Zimbabwe and Malawi are planning on sending our nomination to list mbira, which will come under discussion in Mauritius during the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in December, ” he said.

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  1. Kazembe Mnangagwa and Tongai Mnangagwa are the first legs into the new Mnangagwa dynasty! we were trying to run away from the Mugabe dynasty only to quickly fall yet another family dynsaty!

  2. Kazembe Kazembe hanzi na Grace , “Wakandinyenga iwe”

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